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Sonu Nigam (born 30 July 1973) is an Indian singer whose songs have been featured mainly in Hindi and Kannada movies. He has also sung many songs in other langu... Read More

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Lyrics That Make You Feel Sad and Happy With the Tune of Time

The renowned singer and composer of Bollywood Sonu Nigam started his career at the age of four when he accompanied his father on the shows. His first song was "Kya Hua Tera Wada" at the age of toddling. The original soundtrack was sung by celebrated artist Mohammad Rafi. Apart from Hindi, the versatile singer signed numerous melodious songs in Bengali, Assamese, Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi and Oriya. Sad songs of Sonu Nigam have the distinct voice of the singer that you recognize immediately. It is a rare quality found in contemporary singers.


Déjà vu feeling

His musical lineage comes from his parents and renowned Hindustani classical singer Ustad Gulam Mustafa Khan. Sad songs of Sonu Nigam like "Wo Shyam Kuchh Ajib Thi Song" from the album "Time Travel Journey" gives you a déjà vu feeling. It carries you back to the romantic evening, mystifying you whether you are in the present or the bygone magical moment. The song "Qurbaton Mein" from the album Caravan-E-Ghazal, published by Saregama, the elite Indian musical company in 2009, is an exquisite Urdu Shayari embellished in contemporary music notes. The voice texture of Sony Nigam had added a new dimension to the ghazals and albums. This album is a gem loved by conventional admirers of ghazals and a new audience of the Saregama caravan.


Sonu Nigam is one of the most acclaimed, finest, startling playback singers of this age band. The versatile singer presented many gems, "Suraj Hua Maddham', "Ye Dil Deewana", "Tanhayee", to name a few. Songs like "Ankhiyon Ko Rehne De' from the album "Time Travel journey" makes you sob in silence. Sonu Nigam sad mp3 songs such as "Suraj Hua Maddham", "Uth Meri Jaan" are spell-bounding. His voice speaks the unuttered felling between the two ardent lovers. Sad songs of Sonu Nigam have a magical effect on listeners. His voice paints the intimacy, pain, suffering from the couple in a sorrowful fashion.


Living Legend

Sonu Nigam is one of the living legends of Bollywood. He is unquestionably a talented and versatile singer of this generation. Sad songs of Sonu Nigam take you to another dimension of the world through the simple, effortless melody and voice tone. The sweet, soothing voice of Sonu has won millions of hearts, and Sonu Nigam sad mp3 songs have consoled many aching hearts. Sonu's classical voice depicts the painful emotions aptly and gives soul to the songs. When Sonu lends his passionate voice to the song, the lyrics start flowing to the highest level. His expressive singing style captures million hearts.


Sad songs of Sonu Nigam are moving and stirring. The song "Kal Ho Na Ho" won many national awards for its playback singing, lyrics, and music. The different pitches and well-toned voice in sad songs of Sonu Nigam paints different flavours. It stages the emotion of love and pain perfectly. Most great songs showcase a sad theme because the pensive, low mood is more powerful, lingering than a joyous mood. Sonu Nigam sad mp3 songs stir that strong emotion with his simple yet out of the world voice. The buoyant, triumphing moment fleets the heartbreaking moments linger and digs more profound in mind.


Music is present everywhere in nature, in the rustling of leaves, the thunder of storms, roar in an ocean, and pedestal on pitch, rhythm and harmony. Music has an uncanny ability to communicate emotion, both from the listener and the music performer's perspective.


Your reaction to Sonu Nigam sad mp3 songs is subjective, depending on your persona, mood and ambience. Neuroimaging exhibits brain regions associated with cognition, feeling, and aesthetic response to sad songs of Sonu Nigam. While listening to these soulful melodies, you journey back to those heartrending memories, where you stop, breathe and retrospect those feelings.


Get Liberated

As you close your eyes and listen to Sonu Nigam ka sad song, those tragic memories surface in your conscious mind, giving you a chance to comprehend those feelings once more. With a better understanding over time, you can control those intense emotions. Paradoxically Sonu Nigam sad mp3 songs trigger pleasant emotions as many psychological aspects become activated. As you appreciate the beauty and aesthetic of the music, the brain releases dopamine, the hormone responsible for the upbeat, feel-good factor. As you intensely feel your deep, shackled emotions while listening to sad songs of Sonu Nigam, those emotions fade, diffuse, giving you calmness and gentleness.


Sonu Nigam ke sad songs express the madness, passion of love and loneliness. The touching lyrics, the grief-stricken voice of Sonu melts your heart in no time. As the last verse approaches in the title "Chalo Ek Baar Phir Se Song" from Time travel Journey, the artist gives his best. The alaap followed by blissful lyrics and a profound tune. Your heart beats for your lover even if he is not beside you. But at the same time, the heartfelt sorrow brings divine joy. Sonu Nigam ke sad songs give a glimpse of unconditional love. The stillness, flowing quality of Nigam's voice moves you in the river of music, experiencing ecstasy as tears flow from your eyes.


Abet reflection and repose

Hearing Sonu Nigam sad mp3 songs makes you nostalgic. The floodgates open, and memories of cherished ones rush to you. The human brain develops between twelve to twenty-two years; when you recall memories of that age period through a song, it makes a robust neurological connection. Joy and sorrow are wax and wane of life. Listening to sad songs of Sonu Nigam validate your emotion. It provides solace to a turbulent heart, enriches your emotional experience, abet reflection and repose.



The melancholy melodious songs of Sonu Nigam provides support when you experience utmost instability, emotional insecurity in your life. With the sad songs of Sonu Nigam, you express, identify and comprehend the situation. As you understand the emotion, you accept it and cope with it. The classical Gharana in Sonu Nigam's voice is a chamber that is evergreen. After hearing those soulful, mellow Sonu Nigam ke sad songs, you feel liberated, balanced from those intense suffering. You gradually start understanding life is certainly not only about roses but also of thorns.

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