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Saregama brings to you, an updated and fresh list of Kannada hits from the latest movies. The tracks on the list of  Kannada new mp3 songs will make you smile, dance and sometimes cry. The list is an ocean of emotions, so just dive in!


The first album that will make your Kannada latest songs playlist rather interesting is from a movie titled ‘Bow Bow’. The film was released in 2019 in seven languages and won many national and international awards. It is a huge hit and so is its album. The song ‘Inky Pinky’ by P.G Ragesh and Baby Jennifer is an excellent start for your Kannada new songs list; its music is composed by A. Denis Vallaban. This song is full of happy tunes and makes your days more comfortable. ‘Hey Kele Radhamma’ by Suchith Suresan and Jeffry George Biju is another such track with melody and tunes that will put a smile on your face. The entire album of ‘Bow Bow’ is recommended for your playlist of Kannada new songs. The songs are ‘Navu Geleyaru’ by Rahul Nambiar, ‘Mundhe Naanu Odi’ by Jeffry George Biju and ‘Oadu Oadu’ by Madhu Balakrishnan. Watch the movie and make sure to add this album when you download Kannada new songs.


The song ‘Rasika Rasika Balu Mellane Song’ from the 2019 movie ‘Yada Yada hi Dharmasya’ is a rendition of the old song by the same name from the movie ‘Bhoopathi Ranga’. The song is sung by M.M Manasi, and the music is composed by Christopher. The song is best of old and new. This song is a must-have in your playlist of Kannada latest songs. It has a remixed version as well. This song is going to add a zing to your Kannada new mp3 songs list.


Now, how can we discuss Kannada new songs without mentioning the hit KGF- Chapter 1. ‘Jokae Song’ by Airaa Udupi became a huge hit as soon as it was released. You must add it when you download Kannada new songs. It has a jazzy feel of the ’80s and makes sure you watch the video if you are a Tamannah Bhatia fan (Who isn’t?!!)


Munde banni Song’ from the romantic comedy ‘Rajarath’ is one track that should make it to the top of your Kannada new songs playlist. The song is sung and composed by Anup Bhandari and has very spirited music and tunes. Remember this song when you look for Kannada new mp3 songs.


Next, we bring you this fantastic album from the movie ‘Neenena Bhagavantha’. It is a family-centric movie and has some beautiful songs in its album including devotional songs like ‘Baba Baba Sai Baba Song’ by Nakul and ‘Sri Jagadeeshwara Song’ by Ajey Varier. These songs will make your morning prayers more melodious. Add these to your Kannada new songs playlist to make it versatile. Other songs from this album are ‘ Chandamama Chandamama’ by Rajesh Krishna and Shwetha Mohan, ‘Eno Manasali Eno’ by Anuradha Bhat and Rajesh Krishnan and ‘Kaapaadu Kaapadu’ also by Anuradha Bhat and Rajesh Krishnan. The album will make your playlist of Kannada latest songs more moving.

Now, moving on to ‘Lakshmi’, a movie that raises the issue of terrorism. It has gorgeous Priyamani featuring as the leading lady. The album is directed by Gurukiran and has pretty impressive tracks.’Come Come Kamanna’ by Shamitha Malnad and our very own Udit Narayan is a hit track deserving a spot in your Kannada new songs list. Udit Narayan has also given his voice for another track titled ‘Neenene Neenene Neenethane’ along with Anuradha Bhatt. We are listing the songs from the album, so it becomes easy for you when you look for songs to add in your  Kannada latest songs list. ‘Pusy Cat Pusy cat’ by H.G Chaitra, ‘Naanu Foot Pathnalli Ninthu’ by Shivrajkumar and H.G Chaitra and ‘Lakshmi No One can Touch’ by none other than Sukhwinder Singh. The entire album is a gem to add in your Kannada new mp3 songs list.


Manasina Putadali’ is a romantic movie that has some beautiful and melodious tracks in its album. ‘Kadala Anchininda Song’ by Lakshmi Nagaraj is one song that you should not miss adding to Kannada latest songs list. ‘Kanna Mucche kade Gode’ by H.G Chaitra is very tuneful. Other songs from the album are, the title track ‘Manasina Ee Putadalli’ by Badari Prasad, ‘Metthage Mellage’ by Harsha and ‘Nadithide Gaadi’ by Reena Rajnarayan Dash. The music of the entire album is composed by Rajnarayan Dash. The songs from ‘Manasina Putadali’ have a variety in it, and every track is made to make you fall in love with the story. The album of this movie is a must add to your Kannada new mp3 songs playlist.


The songs in the Kannada new songs list are gripping. One such album is from the movie Kalpana. Kalpana is a remake of Tamil hit ‘Kanchana’ which also inspired Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Laxxmi’. It is a horror-comedy, and its album adds zing to the story. ‘Bandhelu Bandhelu’ by Chetan and Shamitha Malnad is a fantastic track. All the songs in this album must be in your  Kannada new songs playlist. ‘Bayanno Bambada’ by V. Harikrishna and Priyadarshni, ‘Hei Madana Kamaraya’ by Lakshmi Vijay and V. Harikrishna and saving the best for the last. ‘Nillu Maga Nillu Maga’ by Shanhar Mahadevan made the album quite a huge hit, and this is why this goes in your list to download Kannada new songs. The music of this album is composed by V. Harikrishna


The Kannada Music Industry has massively flourished over the years. We at Saregama want to keep you updated, so you never miss a hit. We hope you enjoy this list of Kannada new songs that we curated exclusively for you.

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