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Filhaal Song

Album : Filhaal
Singer : Asha Bhosle
Lyricist : Gulzar
Music Director : Anu Malik
Star Cast : Sushmita Sen

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Filhaal Song Lyrics

Ai jindagee yeh lamha jee lene de
Oh pehle se likha kuchh bhi nahi
Roj naya kuchh likhti hai tu
Jo bhi likha hai dil se jiya hai
Yeh lamha filhal jee lene de
Yeh lamha filhal jee lene de

Masum si hasi bewajah hi
Kabhi honto pe khil jati hai
Anjan si khushi behati hui
Kabhi sahil pe mil jati hai
Yeh anjana sa darr ajnabee hai
Magar khubsurat hai jee lene de
Yeh lamha filhal jee lene de
Yeh lamha filhal jee lene de

Dil hi me rehta hai
Aankho me baheta hai
Kacha sa ek khwab hai
Lagta sawal hai shayad
Jawab hai dil phir bhi betab hai
Yeh sukun hai toh hai
Yeh junun hai toh hai
Khubsurat hai jee lene de
Yeh lamha filhal jee lene de
Yeh lamha filhal jee lene de
Oh pehle se likha kuchh bhi nahi
Roj naya kuchh oh likhti hai tu
Jo bhi likha hai dil se jiya hai
Yeh lamha filhal jee lene de
Yeh lamha filhal jee lene de.

Filhaal Song Lyrics in Hindi

"ऐ ज़िन्दगी, ये लम्हाँ जी लेने दे
हो पहले से लिखा, कुछ भी नहीं
रोज़ नया कुछ, लिखती है तू
जो भी लिखा है, दिल से जिया है
ये लम्हाँ फ़िलहाल जी लेने दे
ये लम्हाँ फ़िलहाल जी लेने दे

मासूम-सी हँसी, बेवजह ही कभी
होंठों पे खिल जाती है
अनजान-सी ख़ुशी, बहती हुई कभी
साहिल पे मिल जाती है
ये अनजाना-सा डर, अजनबी है मगर
खूबसूरत है जी लेने दे
ये लम्हाँ...

दिल ही में रहता है, आँखों में बहता है
कच्चा-सा एक ख़्वाब है
लगता सवाल है, शायद जवाब है
दिल फिर भी बेताब है
ये सुकून है तो है, ये जूनूँ है तो है
खूबसूरत है जी लेने दे
ये लम्हाँ..."

Enjoy the Serenity in the beautiful lyrics of the Filhaal song(फिल्हाल).

Who said the magical quadruple of Bollywood music had restricted their skill to the 1970s and 1980s? They have continued to amaze us to date with their mesmerizing renditions of several songs. This famous quadruple comprised Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, Kishore Kumar, and Mohammad Rafi. These four music maestri had given several timeless hits over the years. Although Kishore Kumar and Mohammad Rafi are not alive now and Lata Mangeshkar has restricted her from Bollywood songs for some time now, Asha Bhonsle continues to be integrally associated with several Bollywood movie and music directors. These directors consider it to be a hit formula to have Asha Bhonsle singing any song for the movie.

The Filhaal song(फिल्हाल) is also an example of the immense skill and experience that Asha Bhonsle had showcased in Bollywood all these years. If you are a fan of Asha Bhonsle, you might wish to add the Filhaal mp3(फिल्हाल) to your playlist. You can download the Filhaal title track from the Saregama Carvaan website.

The Movie- Filhaal
The Filhaal song(फिल्हाल) is from the movie Filhaal; it is the directorial debut of Meghna Gulzar, the famous lyricist Gulzar's daughter. Meghna Gulzar is one of the most critically acclaimed directors of today's Bollywood. However, people were hardly aware of her skill when she came up with Filhaal. However, the famed producer Jhamu Sugandh found the skill in Meghna Gulzar and trusted her. Meghna was experimental in her casting. She paired up Tabu and Sanjay Suri and Sushmita Sen and Palash Sen for the movie. This was the first time that these pairings have taken place. The audience was eager to see such a fresh pairing on the silver screen.

Although they are new, both the pairs strike the right romantic chords as the script demanded from them. The movie received rave critical appreciation for the performances as well as for its music. The film boasts of the famous title track- the Filhaal song.

The Music director- Anu Malik
The music of the movie Filhaal is composed by none other than the much-acclaimed evergreen music director of Bollywood, Anu Malik. He was ably supported by Gulzar, who penned down the lyrics for all the songs of the movie. Anu Malik is a highly influential person and was successful in roping in big names to sing the songs. Some of the singers he has considered for the songs include Asha Bhonsle, K. S. Chitra, Roop Kumar Rathod, Palash Sen, and K. K. Palash Sen is actually a singer who sings in the band Euphoria. He has good acting skills that he showed in the movie.

Although all the movie songs were both critically and commercially successful, some of them became chartbusters of that year. These songs are the Filhaal song(फिल्हाल), Naya Naya song, and Kyun Bar Bar song. Anu Malik introduced several genres of music for the movie. For example, the Filhaal song(फिल्हाल) is a slow-beat song. If you like slow-paced songs, the Filhaal Lyrics is the best choice for you. You can download the Filhaal song from the Saregama website.

Filhaal Song(फिल्हाल)
The Filhaal Lyrics is considered to be one of the biggest hits in 2002. Anu Malik and Gulzar created an excellent composition for the song. The song is based on life ideas and experiences. In the song, the actress expresses her desire to live in the present, and she evokes life to let her do so. She expressed such feelings in the first line- "Aye Zindagi Yeh Lamha Jee Lene De." She accepts life as it is. She considered that life does not have any proper plan for her. Instead, every day comes with new challenges. She welcomes all the challenges with an open spirit without any complaints. Therefore, she pleads life to let her live at that moment.In the next paragraph, she speaks about the unrestrained spirit that people yearns to have. Masum Si Hasi Bewajah Hi, Kabhi Honto Pe Khil Jati Hai, Anjan Si Khushi Behati Hui, Kabhi Sahil Pe Mil Jati Hai are the best lines to express that feeling. The actress wants to live that life without any restrictions, where there will be no one to look down upon her activities. For her, even an unknown fear seems beautiful. She has had enough of restrictions; she wants to live life carefree and on her own terms. She knows that such a life might not be possible in real life; therefore, she yearns for life to grant her the option of living the moment for once.Due to its melodious track, soulful Filhaal Lyrics, and a perfect blend of western and Indian classical genres, the Filhaal song was an instant hit that year. Asha Bhonsle is one of the most versatile singers Bollywood has ever seen. Her voice seemed to be the perfect fit for the Filhaal mp3(फिल्हाल). All those who love slow romantic songs prefer to download the Filhaal song. If you are also a fan of this genre, you will also download the Filhaal Lyrics from the Saregama website.

How to download the Filhaal song from the Saregama website?
If you are a fan of the Filhaal song, you can search for it on the Saregama website. It will help if you search for the Filhaal mp3(फिल्हाल) in the search bar. Once you find the song, you can listen to 90 seconds of the free version of the song to check for the song quality. If you are content with the quality, you can add the Filhaal mp3(फिल्हाल) to your cart or directly purchase it. Once you have purchased the song, the song will be downloaded onto your system. You will be able to hear the song any number of times offline.The Filhaal Lyrics is a masterpiece composed by Anu Malik and presented by Asha Bhonsle. Both these maestros have collaborated on several projects; this song is the culmination of the unique understanding between the two. If you like the Filhaal mp3(फिल्हाल), download it from the Saregama Carvaan website and listen to it.

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