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Enjoy the Best Collection of Latest Punjabi Songs on Saregama

Fans of Punjabi music get to pick their favourite songs from a vast list of Punjabi latest songs on Saregama. You will find songs by many top singers and music directors in this collection. You can listen to the song preview of Punjabi new songs before deciding which you wish to add to your collection. You don’t have to go about hunting for a good recording of new Punjabi gane anymore. It is all here listed on Saregama’s vast collection. Hear each song and you will know which are the best new Punjabi song mp3 to add to your playlist.

Enjoy the latest tracks from the film ‘Ankhiyan Udek Diyan’. Different popular singers have contributed to songs in this film. You can listen to new Punjabi song mp3 preview of songs like ‘Mitraan Nu Na Dass Ja’, ‘Kaach Da Samaan’, ‘Mohabbatan’ and ‘Tu Bas Tu’ from this all-new Punjabi song album. The album includes songs by popular singers like Sunidhi Chauhan, Gurmeet, Kuljit, Wadali Brothers, Labh Januja and Shreya Ghoshal. The music direction for this film has been done by Gurmeet. Listen to songs in all moods as you download Punjabi latest songs from this album.

If you enjoy the music direction of Gurmeet, you should also check out songs from the film ‘Addi Tappaa’. Many popular singers have contributed to this album. You can listen to Punjabi latest songs like ‘Raakh Saam Ke’, ‘Ishq Bada Bedardi’, ‘Janam Din Tera’, ‘Jaggo’ and ‘Mimicry’ to name a few. You will surely be impressed by these Punjabi new songs and want to include some of these new Punjabi gane to your exclusive collection. Top singers like Inderjit Nikku, Dolly Malkiat, Sardool Sikander, Saira Khan, Jaspinder Narula, Wadali Brothers, Swati and Nachattar Gill have sung Punjabi new songs for the film.

Fans of all new Punjabi songs will also be impressed by songs in the movie album ‘Nadion Vich De Neer’. The whole collection is impressive. The lyrics for the songs have been written by Naqsh Lyallpuri and the music direction is done by S. Madan. The songs from this film are available in MP3 and HD versions. Top singers like Pornima, Mangal Singh, Suresh Wadkar and Usha Mangeshkar have sung songs for this film. When you download Punjabi latest songs from Saregama, you can be assured of best quality sound and recording. Listen to the previews to shortlist the best songs to add to your list.

If you are tired of the same old style of Punjabi songs, you can go for all new Punjabi songs from the ‘Punjabi Variety Songs’ album. The album includes songs sung by Usha Kiran, Kartar Ramla, Kuldeep Paras, Mohini Narula, Pargan Singh Teji, Pammi Bai, Jaswant Sandila, Kuldeep Paras and Hardeep Singh. The music director for this film is K.S Narula. Listen to these new Punjabi gane and you will surely love them. You will require to put in some time and effort to shortlist the best songs out of the lot and then download Punjabi latest songs.

The Punjabi songs have changed a lot over the years. The tastes of the listeners have also been changing. This is the reason why the music for the Punjabi latest songs is so different from the music for old songs. Punjabi music listeners are dance lovers. This is the reason why the dance theme is existent in all-new Punjabi songs just as it was present in the old music. However, the type of dance has greatly changed over the years. Modern movies prefer the disco theme over the traditional Bhangra dance settings visible on old Punjabi songs.

Every day, a new singer gets an opportunity to try his luck in the Punjabi music world. As the new singers and music directors come up with their unique styles, Punjabi new songs take on a new flavour. Many popular singers from Bollywood also explore their skills by singing new Punjabi gane. It is not surprising that Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal have both sung Punjabi latest songs. Trying different styles of singing helps to enhance their flexibility and versatility in singing. A new singer is also an enjoyable treat for the listeners of new Punjabi gane.

Another musical hit film with several beautiful new Punjabi gane is ‘Chooriyan’. The songs from the film are listed on Saregama. DJ Ramy and Sardool Sikander are the music directors for this film and they have come up with exceptional Punjabi latest songs. The songs you will find in this album are ‘Mehndi’, ‘Chaandi Ki Teri Surmedaani’, ‘Boliyaan’, ‘Gudiyan Gudiyan’ and ‘Kala Doriya’. Popular singers like Javed, Rajesh Krishnan, Deepali Somaiya, Sonu Kakkar, Sukhwinder Singh and Sardool Sikander. Listen to the song previews before deciding which of these new Punjabi song mp3 do you want in your collection.

The younger generation prefers songs that are happening and lively. The pop songs are best suited for such listeners. You can download Punjabi latest songs from this genre on Saregama. The album ‘Desi Pop Blast Punjabi Pop’ has some mind-blowing pop numbers. You can listen to songs like ‘Apna Punjab’, ‘Pyaar Di Booti’, ‘Sweety Sweety’ and several other interesting songs from this album. The new Punjabi gane from this album is directed by music director Sukh Pal Sukh. The song lyrics have been written by Guddu Sindhwa Wala. Different singers from the Punjabi music world have contributed to songs in this album. Some of the prominent artists who have sung these songs are Jagvinder Benning, Baba Sehgal, Surjit Khan and Amar Arshi to name a few.

There is no dearth of Punjabi latest songs on Saregama. Take time to listen to these songs and select the songs that you would enjoy listening to again. You can add them to the cart. The songs are available in HD and MP3 versions. The quality and price vary in each case. Choose HD for superior quality sound recording at Rs. 10 per song. MP3 songs are available at Rs. 4 per song. Explore and add the best to your download Punjabi latest songs list.


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