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Anything and Everything; Download A To Z Bengali Songs

Anything and everything that a Bengali loves about music are now on Saregama. The A to Z Bengali songs collection on Saregama offers you the whole of bong beats and tunes. Songs spanning from traditional Rabindra Sangeet classics to modern-day master crafts are available to you. Visit the A to Z Bengali songs collection on Saregama to explore and enjoy A to Z Bengali mp3 songs.


 Different in tone and style, Bengali music has a rich heritage of diverse music production. With its earlier influences of Sanskrit and religion, Bengali music traditions have earned a special place in the audience’s mind.


 The greatest proponent of Bengali music in the early modern days was Rabindranath Tagore. He was a prolific composer who blended in rich literature in his works. His legacy of music, known as Rabindra Sangeet, is loved by the masses. The striking compositions Natyageeti, Jhar Jhar Rakta Jhare Song, Sakha Sadhite Sadhate Kato Sukh, are included in Saregama. You can download A to Z Bengali songs to enjoy these.


Tagore’s poetry and stories have been imbibed into various works of music. Satyajit Ray’s unique compositions for the film Charulata are notable. Charulata’s theme track is so far the top listened amongst the A to Z Bengali songs on Saregama.


Sung in Arundhati Holme Choudhary’s sweet voice, Jakhan Porbe Na Mor Payer Chinha from the film Aalo is nothing but bliss. Tagore’s lovely lyrics have been brought to life in this. Arundhati Holme Choudhary makes this one too as perfect as any other song that soothes the heart.


In his mellifluous voice, Kishore Kumar also takes up the stage. Taking the listeners on a journey of varying emotions, Kishore Kumar sings straight from the heart. His song Ami Chini Go Chini Tomare from Charulata is always close to the audience.


One cannot decide who is the most talented among Bengali musicians. Artists across India have contributed to the rich heritage of Bengal and its music. In A to Z Bengali mp3 songs, a name that you’ll see recurrently will be that of Lata Ji’s.


The nation’s bulbul, Lata Mangeshkar, has left her signature sweet singing in Bengali as well. Her songs, Chole Jete Jete Din, Aaj Mon Cheyechhe, Tomader Aasare Aaj, Ami Je Ke Tomar, are all unique and mind-cooling. You can download A to Z Bengali songs from Saregama and enjoy A to Z Bengali mp3 songs anytime.


India’s all-time favorite Amit Kumar is also featured in this. The song Bidhire Ei Kheya from Swapna is one of the most played tracks in Saregama’s collection. The universality of the emotions and the voice’s appeal makes Amit Kumar’s Bangla Gaan everyone’s favorite. Ki Cheye Ki Je Pelam from Asha is another of Amit Kumar’s extravaganza. He emotes the lyrics as humanely as possible. The words come alive and hug the heart in distress. It would be one’s most tremendous loss not to have this affair with Bangla songs.


 The retention of tradition is a crucial feature in A to Z Bengali mp3 songs. The classical instruments and compositions give the listener’s mind another kind of comfort. The songs from the film Harmonium are an excellent example of this. The tracks Se Bhalobasile Jibane Mamo, Keno Banchito Habo Charane, Mon Bale Ami Moner Katha, and others showcase Bengal’s musicality’s immense heritage.


Artists like Aarti Mukherjee, Arundhati Devi, Hemanta Mukherjee, Hemant Kumar, and others have put their souls in these works. Aarti Mukherjee has blessed us through her performance for various films like Deya Neya, Haraye Khunji, Padmagolap, and many others. The songs Madhobi Modhupey Holo Mitali, Megh Aar Kuyashay Hok, Tomar Dake Sara Dite are so close to the people of Bengal.


The wholesome album amongst the collection, Morutirtho Hinglaj, is no exception in this. The most touching songs like Tomar Bhubone Mago, Hey Chandrachur, and more articulates the heart’s sentiments to the listeners, provoking a cathartic experience. Saregama’s A to Z Bengali mp3 songs collection allows you to download A to Z Bengali songs from Saregama and enjoy A to Z Bengali mp3 songs anytime.


Sachin Dev Burman becomes an unskippable name when coming to Bengal and its music. Featured in classics like Rajkumarer Nirbashan, Protishodh, Abhoyer Biye, and Chaddobeshi, Burman becomes a blissful experience. His soulful compositions transform into the crown jewels of Saregama’s A to Z Bengali mp3 songs.


Manna Dey is the unparalleled giant of Bengali Music. Without him, the industry would have been a whole different space. The A to Z Bengali songs collection on Saregama contains the best of Manna Dey as well. O Kokila Tore Sudhai Re from the film Bhaghini is only one amidst Manna Dey’s many mesmerizing melodies. Saregema has curated these most powerful songs exclusively for you to download and enjoy anytime.


Among the novel compositions, Painting Kolkata in listeners’ minds, Clinton Cerejo’s song Anandoloke from Kahaani 2 stands out. This melodic songhas earned its way to the top of the list at ease. The slow rhythm, calm lyrics, and soft tunes have been blended into this masterpiece that’ll play in your mind forever.


Beyond this, enjoy some mesmerizing tunes from the all-time favorite playback singers - Shreya Ghoshal and Kalpana; and their lovely voices in the Raja Chanda Bengal movie, Target: The Final Mission. Jum Jum Ja and Sa Ni Pa Ni Ni are some beautiful songs that will engage you from this movie, along with Ki Je Agun and Moula Mere Moula - all of this is available on Saregama’s A to Z Bengali mp3 songs collection.


Saregama puts together anything and everything of Bengali beats and tunes together for you on this incredible A to Z Bengali mp3 songs collection. Listen to any of the songs, as you can select amidst millions, and download A to Z Bengali songs from Saregama. Do join and explore this unique curation that the team has done for you. To miss-out on these would be nothing but the loss of a lifetime. Join Saregama on this musical journey to enjoy and explore A to Z Bengali mp3 songs.


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