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Music is always a rejuvenating experience. Many times, listeners can relate to the wordings and feel the tune. The Bollywood film industry has never failed to give the best Hindi emotional songs to the listeners. Over the many decades, the music style and compositions may have changed drastically. Yet, the Hindi sad songs from any era are sure to touch our souls. A person who truly appreciates Hindi music is sure to have enjoyed the Hindi emotional songs from the different eras equally well. The Hindi sad song music makes the listener feel relaxed and understood.


If you are in one of those sorry moods, don’t hesitate to choose a Hindi sad song mp3 download to help you feel soothed. The favourite Bollywood singer Kishore Kumar gifted us with touching songs like ‘Meri Bheegi Bheegi Si’ from the movie ‘Anamika’ and ‘Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi Song’ from ‘Mr. X in Bombay’. Some of the old Hindi sad songs sung by him have remained evergreen over decades. The best example is ‘Kuch To Log Kahenge Song’ from ‘Amar Prem’ and ‘Hazaar Rahen’ from the film ‘Thodi Si Bewafai’. The Hindi sad song mp3 version is available on Saregama for music enthusiasts like you.


There have also been many beautiful sad songs in the female version. Lata Mangeshkar, the gifted voice of Bollywood music, has contributed some heart-touching Hindi emotional songs that are definitely worth listening to. ‘Bhawre Ne Khilaya Phool Song’ from the movie ‘Prem Rog’ and ‘Yaara Sili Sili Song’ from the film ‘Lekin’ are some classic examples. Lata Mangeshkar’s voice has ruled the minds of the film audiences for many decades. When it comes to an old Hindi sad song, it comes out with a complete feel when sung in Lataji’s magical voice. Don’t forget to include Lataji’s musical numbers when choosing the Hindi sad song mp3 download.


Asha Bhosale, Lata Mangeshkar’s sister and eminent singer has always given her a close competition. Some of her soul-warming Hindi emotional songs are ‘Khali Hath Sham Ayi’ and ‘Mera Kuch Samaan’ from the film ‘Ijazat’. Asha Bhosale, who has often been known for her bold and dynamic numbers, also has contributed these fabulous old Hindi sad songs. The collection at Saregama is expansive and makes sure you do not miss out on any of these beautiful songs from Bollywood cinema. The Hindi sad song mp3 download from Saregama will allow you to enjoy these songs whenever you want.


Sad music is always soothing. Listening to old Hindi sad songs makes the listener feel their emotions are understood. This is because the lyrics of these songs correctly capture emotions we feel at some point in our life. It does not matter whether the Hindi sad song belongs to old movies or the latest releases. As long as the song composition captures the emotion, all Hindi emotional songs are equally captivating. Some of the new movies have also offered excellent sad songs for the listeners to remember.


Bheegi Bheegi Song’ from the film ‘Gangster’ is fast-paced and yet melancholic. A music lover is sure to appreciate the feel such Hindi emotional songs create. If you think only old Hindi sad songs capture the feel, you are wrong. Don’t forget to include ‘Chithi Na Koi Sandesh’ from the movie ‘Dushman’ in your Hindi sad song mp3 download. The song ‘Aadat’ from the movie ‘Kalyug’ is another modern Hindi sad song that perfectly captures the gloomy emotions. Many young men today listen to this song right after a breakup or some life-changing event in their life.


A Hindi sad song is a perfect combination of music, lyrics and composition. In the 60s and 70s, these songs were poems that were composed into songs. Things have changed over the years and so has music. Each era has a different set of music lovers and the Bollywood musicians have correctly catered to their needs. When people appreciated sensible lyrics and deeper meaning in the songs they heard, Bollywood created numbers like ‘ Pyar Mujhse Jo Kiya Tumne’ from the movie ‘Saath Saath’ or ‘Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe Ho Song’ from the film ‘Arth’. These were Hindi emotional songs that made the listener sit back and think. Each word in these songs had a deeper meaning. There was something the writer conveyed to each listener.


At present, people lead extremely busy lives. No one has time to sit back and think. They play the music while rushing home after a hectic day at the office. They may be playing sad songs while on a crowded train and are surely not in the mood to contemplate. That is why the modern Hindi sad songs from movies like ‘Kaliyug’ and ‘Gangster’ suit the present listeners perfectly. These songs help to create the mood through the music.


Choose from Saregama’s expansive list of songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and latest Bollywood picks as you go for Hindi sad song mp3 download. When you are upset but cannot know exactly why just play one Hindi sad song and feel relaxed. If you had a hectic day at work and wish for some relaxation while travelling home, just play the home on your return journey. Countless choices are awaiting you on Saregama. You can listen to 90 seconds of the song and then pick the best Hindi sad songs to download.


If you do not know which sad Hindi songs you truly enjoy, just visit the Saregama site and play some sad songs. There are popular Hindi sad songs by Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale, Suresh Wadkar, Mukesh and Kishore Kumar on their expansive list. Play them one by one till you find the best options. Shortlist them and then download only the best Hindi emotional songs. Download these numbers to enjoy them again whenever you feel. Use headphones to get the best experience of the lovely music. Play these songs to your children so that they develop a true appreciation of Hindi sad songs and sensational music.


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