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Wash those blues away with Saregama’s selection of Tamil sad songs

Feeling sad is most certainly not a new emotion to any of us, but the processing of one’s pain, sorrow, or grief varies from one individual to another. However, there are a few common strategies or coping mechanisms that seem to have a positive influence on many people. Music happens to be one of them. Saregama has a great lineup of sad songs in Tamil that are definitely worth looking into.


Life isn’t always easy to navigate. It can sometimes be a pretty bumpy ride especially when one has to juggle between one’s work and personal life, or attempting to meet the growing demands of all the people around them. Sad songs in Tamil can sometimes help make the ride feel more bearable. ‘Malarnthu Malaratha’, ‘Avanukkenna’ and ‘Aaru Maname Aaru’ are some sad songs in Tamil that you can listen to, to soothe yourself. Tamil soga padal cannot magically make your problems disappear, but maybe it can work as a reminder to yourself that you are not responsible, nor can you solve, everyone’s problems.


We’ve heard that one must make lemonade if life gives one lemons - which is just a way of asking people to turn a bitter moment into a sweet one. But life sometimes seems to give us lemons by the dozen. Use Tamil soga padal as your sweetener to wash away the bitterness. Saregama lists Tamil sad songs MP3 like ‘Yevono Oruvan’, ‘Venmathiye’, and ‘Aval Paranthu Ponale’ that you can listen to any time you feel lonely and alone. Sad songs in Tamil make a difference because they sometimesfeel like a much-needed embrace especially when we are feeling glum and anxious.


Do the lyrics from sad songs in Tamil such as ‘Ponaal Pogattum’, ‘Ullathil Nalla Ullam’, ‘Ninaippathellaam Nadanthu’ speak to you? Tamil soga padal has a unique way of making you reflect more about yourself and your life overall. People say that history is important because we can learn from our past. Tamil sad songs MP3 provide beautiful, painful yet meaningful stories that you can relate to and learn from, even if that story isn’t yours. So, when you are going through tough times, turn to some Tamil sad songs MP3 that might end up providing you with some guidance.


Sad songs in Tamil can come in the form of warnings about the pain of loss to the listeners, or contemplations on the sentiment of grief, but overall they deliver a valuable message. Some people struggle with how to handle their emotions when it boils over. They begin to question their very existence, and everything around them feels meaningless and trivial. Many times, we don’t feel comfortable or safe enough to express ourselves to close family members and friends. While Sad songs in Tamil such as ‘Oru Paadal’  cannot replace open and honest communication, they can surely keep you company during these tough times, while you work up the courage to express yourself. Sad songs in Tamil lend a voice to your pain when you can’t find one. There is comfort in knowing that these feelings aren’t manifesting only in you and there are others who have sung their lived experiences through Tamil soga padal. Sad songs in Tamil like ‘Ullam Enbathu’, ‘Ninaikka Therintha Maname’, and ‘Yaarai Nambi’ may astound you with their relatable lyrics.


Despite their good intention, our loved ones sometimes get caught up in advising us or working out several possible solutions to end our troubles. Sympathy is not always hard to come by, but empathy is not always easy to find. Haven’t we all felt the need to just exist at the moment sometimes? Tamil soga padal takes over the role of that much-required companion whoprovides us with that non-judgemental space where we can truly be ourselves and feel the full intensity of our emotions, without any suggestions from other people on how to make sense of our pain. Make use of Tamil sad song download option at Saregama to get instant access to songs like ‘Kanmani Kanmani’, ‘Idhu Kaadhala’ and ‘Adho Vaanile.’ Of course, no one can anyone bring as much emotional depth to tamil soga padal like S.P.B whose voice somehow manages to convey all the feelings one is going through. ‘Aanandham Adhu Yennada’, ’Irumanam Konda’, and ‘Angum Ingum’ are gems that you must listen to when the world around you seems cold and empty.


It’s easy to compare our journey to those around us and feel more insecure and worried about our growth and achievements. Validate your feelings with some Tamil sad songs like ‘Satti Suttathada’, ‘Paadatha Veenayum’, and ‘Naalai Namathey.’ Life is filled with ups and downs and just because we are down right now, does not mean that it is going to be our final destination. The year 2020 has taught us that life really can be completely unpredictable, no matter how much you plan and prioritize.Just remember that the feeling you’re experiencing will pass too. It doesn’t define you nor will it last forever even if it seems that way. Tamil sad songs MP3 can bring tears to your eyes and help you release all those pent up emotions which have had no release. Sometimes a cathartic reaction is exactly what some of us needs to start feeling better again. Tamil soga padal like ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ would be a good note to end your Tamil sad songs MP3 based on the message it leaves you with.


The next time you need to be alone with your thoughts to process something troublesome that has occurred, head on over to Saregama for a Tamil sad songs download option that you can organize and play till you feel all cried out. From Tamil sad songs that remind you of someone you’ve lost to Tamil soga padal that stir up old memories, and even Tamil sad songs MP3 that talk about the various anxieties we face in life, Saregama has them all.

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