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Angalamma Song

Album : Thaaye Karumaari- Amman Songs
Singer : L.R. Eswari
Lyricist : Sivamani
Music Director : K.Somu, Gaja

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Feel Closer to God with the Angalamma song

Are you a pious person by nature? Then you must love to hear religious songs. There are several religious songs produced in India that are devoted to all gods and goddesses. You will listen to these songs whenever you visit any holy places. You can also get to listen to them whenever there are some religious gatherings as well. Many Bollywood movies have considered using these songs for their films, especially when they show pastoral scenes.

The Angalamma song is one such song that is dedicated to the Goddess Angalamma. Goddess Angalamma is a well-known goddess in South India, and there are several followers of this Goddess. If you consider yourself a follower of Goddess Angalamma, you must maintain a playlist of different Angalamma songs. This Angalamma mp3 is a must addition to your list. You can download Angalamma songs from the Saregama website and save them in your Carvaan.

The Angalamma Devi
The Goddess Angalamma is also known as Angamma, Ankamma, or Ankalamma. The Angalamma Devi is believed to be one of the re-creations of Goddess Kali or Ankali, who herself is a form of Goddess Parvati. She is considered to be one of the seven mothers or Matrikas. People from the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka mainly worship the deity.
Goddess Angalamma Devi is a guardian figure of fierce nature. People worship her to control the strong self-destructing impulses in them. People do not dedicate a properly built mandir or temple for the Goddess; she is worshipped in enclosures mainly made up of stone structures. She is a protecting figure and is believed to be a Gram Devata.
The uniqueness of such devotion is that the pujas dedicated to the Goddess take place at midnight. The ritual is known as the Ankamma Kollupu ritual. Several lambs or fowl offerings are made during the process. Several Angalamma songs essentially accompany the offerings and mantras. There are several kinds of Angalamma songs. Some of them have become a part of the ritual since it has been sung across ages. They are so old that they can be considered to be the representation of an age-old culture.
The other type includes the newer Angalamma songs that several eminent music directors are producing. These directors have made several masterpieces based on the story and people’s devotion to Goddess Angalamma. If you are an Angalamma Devi devotee, you must have a truckload of Angalamma mp3. If you wish to add some exquisite compositions, download this Angalamma song and add it to your playlist.

The Angalamma song
The Angalamma song available on the Saregama website is produced by the famed music director K. Somu and Gaja. K. Somu and Gaja have been a hit collaboration and have made several famous songs. K. Somu was mainly a lyricist, and Gaja was a violinist. Both of them have been involved with several plays. However, both of them had a devotional side to their skill. Both of them had composed music for several songs dedicated to Lord Ayappa. The veteran politician J. Jayalalitha even conferred the title of Kalaimamani to K. Somu.

The singer of the Angalamma mp3
For the Angalamma song, they roped in the eminent singer, L. R. Eswari. L. R. Eswari is a known face of the Tamil Industry since she has sung in several plays and movies. She has even sung songs in other languages like Telugu, Tulu, English, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi. She was also awarded the prestigious title of Kalaimamani, which is supposedly the highest form of the award in the Tamil Industry.
L. R. Eswari has worked with several famous directors in the Tamil industry like T. K. Ramamoorthy, Shankar- Ganesh, M. S. Viswanathan, Veda, K. V. Mahadevan, V. Kumar, Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan, and G. K. Venkatesh. She had a chirpy touch to her voice, for which she was mainly considered for fast-paced songs in the early parts of her career.
However, she showed her prowess at the skill when she started considering projects that can prove to be challenging for her. As she began to spread her wings to the unfamiliar world, the maturity of her voice perfectly complimented her approach. The Angalamma song is one of the examples of her daunting nature and mastery of her skill. If you like L. R. Eswari’s songs, download the Angalamma song now.

The Angalamma song
The Angalamma song is unique in several ways. Although K. Somu directs it, he has not written the lyrics of it. Instead, another known face, Sivamani, wrote the lyrics for the song. Sivamani is a well-known drummer who has played with several eminent music directors like A. R. Rahman. However, in this song, the lyrics show the magical Sivamani touch.
Whenever we talk about religious music, we mainly consider them to be calm and soothing. However, the Angalamma mp3 is a spiritual song of a different kind. It is fast-paced with several elements of Carnatic music in it. Despite its fast beats, the song has been wholeheartedly accepted by the public. The song clearly demonstrates their feelings for the Goddess Angalamma. They feel that their thoughts and approaches have been correctly summarised in the song. Whenever they sing the song, they can feel an aura encapsulating their presence. They feel closer to the omnipotent and relieved of the burden from their shoulders.

The song has such an enticing effect on the listeners that they feel transported to the ethereal world. They feel protected by Goddess Angalamma, whom they consider to be all-powerful. They think that they have constant support from their side in every step they take in their lives. If you want to feel the same, download Angalamma songs now.
The Angalamma mp3 is a famous song on the Saregama website. All Angalamma devotees have added this Angalamma song to their playlist. They feel they are more devoted to the Goddess when they hear this song. If you are also a devotee of Goddess Angalamma, download this Angalamma song from the Saregama website.

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