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Have you noticed how hardly a single day goes by without any sort of music in our life? Whether it’s something you hear on the radio during your commute or on the television at home or even when you find yourself humming a jingle you had heard previously - somehow, in some form, you have gotten your daily dose of music. We use the word ‘dose’ because music, as we all know, is a medicine. A medicine that feeds our soul and replenishes our spirit. When music seems to connect so deeply with our inner self, isn’t it only natural that we dive into the wondrous world of A to Z Tamil songs that are currently available at Saregama? With A to Z Tamil MP3 songs ranging from peppy numbers to sorrowful tunes, and from mainstream music to undiscovered gems, you are sure to discover all you need and more, at Saregama.


A to Z Tamil songs are there to support you, at any stage and through any phase, of your life. Finding a work-life balance may not be easy, but A to Z Tamil MP3 songs lessen your burden by making your music playlists super easy to manage. There is always some project, report,  or deadline that you have to meet. Many times, you will find yourself working extra hours or through the night to complete the work on time. Saregama’s collection of A to Z Tamil songs will ensure that you won’t be sitting in silence even for a single minute. You can download A to Z songs individually, or you can purchase an entire album of A to Z Tamil songs from Saregama, that will continue to play from the time you start work till you finish it, without any interruptions in between. Listen to A to Z Tamil songs in albums like ‘Vaaliba Vaali’, and ‘Harmonious songs - Tamil hits’ to boost your productivity.

Students who need to prepare for exams or assignments can also turn to A to Z Tamil mp3 songs in their time of need. Some students can work while listening to any A to Z Tamil songs, while others need instrumental A to Z Tamil songs to help them study without being distracted by the songs themselves. Listening to ‘Jeans theme Song’, ‘Oru Iniya Manathu - instrumental’, or ‘Kaatru Vaanga Song’ will provide melodious music in the background while they study. Music helps improve focus and concentration as well, so download A to Z songs because you will surely find yourself using them multiple times every day!


Lacking the energy and the motivation to keep up with your fitness goals? Well, that is probably because you haven’t included A to Z Tamil songs in your regime. Download A to Z Tamil songs from albums such as ‘Dance on the beats - Tamil Hits’ or ‘Super Hits Tamil’ to match your workout - whether you are jogging in a park, working out at a gym, or dancing to your Zumba routine. A to Z Tamil MP3 songs will help you sweat those calories out. Once you are done with your workout for the day, you need to remember to lightly stretch your muscles with a cooldown. Line up A to Z Tamil songs in your playlist in such a manner that they help you transition smoothly to a cooldown with the aid of albums like ‘Chill Out with K.S. Chithra Hits.’ Complete your fitness program with a cleansing shower. Wash all the grime away in a relaxing shower while listening to rejuvenating A to Z Tamil MP3 songs. Now, every time you listen to any of these A to Z Tamil songs anywhere it will automatically act as a reminder for you to work on your fitness goals. Isn’t that the best use of A to A Tamil MP3 songs to build habits?


Sometimes we find ourselves having to do certain tasks independently. Maybe you have to cook on your own, or do the laundry, or drive somewhere far away on your own, or perhaps you find solace in some alone time - either way, while these tasks may be accomplished alone, they need not be executed in silence. Fill up the silences with A to Z Tamil songs like ‘70s Hits of Kannadasan - Tamil’, and ‘Hits of S.Janaki (Tamil)’ that you can sing or hum along to while you work. And you don’t even have to ask about A to Z Tamil MP3 songs that you might need when you are spending quality time with friends and family. A to Z Tamil songs can provide the perfect music for any occasion, or they can set the mood if you are simply entertaining yourselves too. Download A to Z songs and get ready to see the variety of ways in which you can entertain yourself and your friends when you are bored. Play A to Z Tamil songs for an energetic dance-off with friends, or compete together in a fun quiz where you have to complete the missing lyrics of the song. You can also listen to A to Z Tamil MP3 songs when you are free so can practice your best to win at the classic, timeless game of Anthaakshari too!


Finally, bring in an element of peace and zen to your life with some soothing A to Z Tamil MP3 songs. Start setting a time aside in your daily schedule to listen to some devotional A to Z Tamil songs that bring some gratitude and joy to your life. Developing these habits and practicing them regularly will create a sense of fulfillment. This will help you manage your emotions more effectively and reduce your stress levels to a great extent. One can go on and on listing the benefits of music in one’s life, but why not put all of this to the test by downloading A to Z songs from Saregama at the earliest and making a clear, objective judgment of your own?



Q. Where can I download high quality Tamil MP3 songs?

A. If you are looking for high quality Tamil MP3 songs, there couldn’t be a better option than saregama. Here you can download Tamil MP3 songs at Rs 4 each and enjoy music on your device. If you are looking for a better quality, you can download HD quality songs at Rs 10 each.

Q. Which is the best app for Tamil song download?

A. The best app and website for Tamil songs download is Saregama as it has listings of songs based on the artists as well as alphabetically. Finding your favourite song online is now very easy through such simplified listings.

Q. What is a safe website for downloading Tamil songs?

A. If you wish to download your favourite Tamil songs to your smartphone without the risk of viruses, choose saregama as the safe and affordable option for song download. Invest Rs 4 for each Tamil MP3 song you download. If you are ready to shell out a bit more, you can enjoy HD quality Tamil songs at Rs 10 per song.

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