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Marathi old songs, celebrating those emotions


Music is an integral part of every culture. People express their emotions and celebrate everything with the help of music. It forms an essential part of a society and becomes embedded into the identity of a region. While music in each nation and culture is slightly different, it still has the same connective powers and strengthens communities and brings people together.

Maharashtra has several folk songs classified as boards, Lavani, gondolas, Powada and Shahiris. "Natya Sangeet" is a mini version of western opera performed with semi-classical songs. This classification of old songs in Marathi carries a 200-year-old tradition in the state and is still loved by Marathis.

This genre has nurtured many artists who have gone ahead to achieve international recognition. Singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale, Suresh Wadkar and many more have performed numerous old songs in Marathi which have cemented a unique place in the listeners' hearts. You can listen to these fantastic songs on the Saregama Marathi regional page. The price of the songs ranges from Rs 4 to Rs 10, depending on the audio quality. Just visit the page, purchase your favourite old Marathi songs mp3 and listen to them anytime, anywhere.


Popular Marathi songs in Saregama

Lord Ganesha resides in the heart of the Marathas, and his devotees have dedicated numerous bhajans in Marathi. The devotional songs of Lord Ganesha are listed in the Marathi songs category onDr the Saregama web page. Songs like 'Gajanana Shri Ganraya' and 'Morya re Bappa Morya Re' are among the many bhajans of Lord Ganesha in the Saregama library. Download and play the Marathi old songs list hassle-free.

Marathis are known to be expressive and energetic, which also resonates in their songs. 'Shoor Amhi Sardar Amhala' and 'Amhi Thakkar Thakkar' are some popular Marathi songs which can uplift anybody's mood. Koli Geet – a popular folk music genre is popular among fishermen. On the other hand, there are many soft and soulful Marathi songs which have a soothing effect on the mind. The Saregama library boasts of a vast collection of old songs in Marathi, easily accessible and reasonably priced.

Forms of art, like dance and music, are an essential part of Marathi culture and tradition. For its important contribution to classical music, the town of Miraj has been awarded the title of 'town of music'. At the heart of the state's musical history, there are three main types of old songs in Marathi, such as folk music, Natya sangeet, and the poetry of saints.

Povadas are melodies depicting the life, times, and important events of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's life. Provided their insightful and inspiring content, all villagers enjoy Povadas. Owi, a traditional folk song made up of couplets that depict women's maternal and marital homes, is sung during the day by village womenfolk while performing routine chores. During Haldi & Ghana Bharane ceremonies, married women (called Suvasinis) sing songs of marital bliss and marital obligations. Palane is a song that Maharashtrian women sing as a lullaby to send their children and toddlers off to sleep. Discover such a collection of Marathi old songs list at Saregama.

Lavani is a folk dance of Marathis and Lavani songs are very popular in Maharashtra. The songs are also featured in many Marathi movies to signify the affinity for the songs amongst the locals. Famous Lavani songs, including 'Reshamachya Reghani', 'Bugadi Majhi Sandli Ga' and much more, can be found in the Saregama regional Marathi category.

Several other types of old songs in Marathi have contributed immensely to Maharashtra's rich musical canvas, such as Bhajans, Bharud, Gondhal, Kirtans, Lalita, Abhanga, and Tumbadi, written to praise Hindu gods and regional deities.

Marathi films are marked with timeless classics which are played on loop for years to come. Songs like 'Mala Lagli Konachi' and 'Pinjra' are hummed with nostalgia and love. Saregama houses an extensive collection of filmy Marathi songs which have rocked the chartbusters for a record period. These old Marathi songs mp3 can be bought for as less as Rs 4 and then downloaded to any playback device.


Celebrated Marathi singers

Lata Mangeshkar is one of the finest singers in the music industry. She has the honour of being listed as the most recorded artist in the world in the Guinness Book of World Records. She began her career in 1942, spanning more than seven decades. It's said that Lata has recorded songs for over a thousand Hindi and Marathi albums. She is also credited with having sung in more than thirty-six regional Indian and foreign languages. Some of her popular old songs in Marathi include 'Medichya Panavar', 'Airaneechya Deva Tula', 'Baai Baai Manmoracha', 'Ganraj Rangi Nachato', etc.

Another musical legend hailing from the Mangeshkar family is Asha Bhosle, who has performed in many languages including Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, etc. She boasts a career of more than 12,000 songs spanning seventy years. Her library of old songs in Marathi includes 'Dhundi Kalyana', 'Aala Aala Vara', 'Gomu Santina Mazya' and much more. Listen to her soprano voice at Saregama and download her songs to play whenever you want.

A revered singer whose music is considered fast and atypical of Marathi music. 'Var Dhagala Lagli Kal' has given rise to numerous remakes across regions and languages. The song is peppy and foot-tapping, perfect for dance occasions and celebratory moods. Saregama has a large number of Dada Kondke old Marathi songs mp3, like 'Pori Jaraas Lavshil Ka', 'Gala Varchi Khali Tujhya', 'Aga Rani', 'Kaashi Ga Kaashi' and many more.

One of India's most illustrious classical vocalists, Dr. Vasantrao Deshpande, performed semi-classical and classical music. The artist was celebrated for showcasing his imagination on a simple canvas in the raga form that constitutes classical music. Dr. Deshpande is remembered as a classic Hindustani vocalist who was also a brilliant Natya-Sangeet singer. He offered playback for more than 80 Marathi movies. In addition to old songs in Marathi, he also compiled the history of the plays of Marathi music, from the root of their evolution to the present stage.

The wide collection of old songs in Marathi present in the Saregama website appeals to all music lovers. Listen to the amazing vocals and breathtaking music by Marathi artists at Saregama. Purchase and download with ease, and keep quenching your musical thirst.



Q. Where can I download Marathi MP3 Songs?

A. If you want to download best quality MP3 songs online without any risk, go for Saregama Marathi MP3 song download for Rs 4 per song. It is quick, reliable and completely safe. The collection is vast and you can select the best picks.

Q. What are some of the best websites for Marathi Songs?

A. Saregama has a great compilation of Marathi MP3 songs. The collection includes old songs, Lavnis, devotional songs, patriotic songs and much more listed out in alphabetical order for the convenience of the listeners. The 90 seconds preview offered by the website allows you to choose after listening.

Q. Which is the best website to download Marathi songs?

A. Saregama is the best website to download Marathi songs as it is affordable and safe. The collection is vast and you can enjoy a preview of the song before adding songs to the cart. Each MP3 song download will cost you Rs 4. You can enjoy the same songs in HD quality for Rs 10 each.

Q. Which site is safe for download of Marathi songs?

A. Avoid free song websites as the risk of viruses is very high. Download your favourite Marathi songs online on Saregama at most affordable rates. You can buy MP3 quality songs for Rs 4 and HD quality songs for Rs 10.

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