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We bring you our list of DJ Gujarati remix, so you are always majama!!

The western state, Gujarat, is widely known for its vibrant Garba nights and the serene white desert of Kutch. The state has many diverse cultures encompassed in its length and breadth. The food, culture and music have many different moods and tunes to them. As much as we would like to brag about how beautiful a state Gujarat is, we are here to introduce you to the musical side of this beautiful state. We bring to you our favourite Gujarati remix songs that will open your heart to the Gujarat you never knew. We have picked this peculiar playlist of Dj Gujarati remix so that you can understand that Gujarat has much much more than the fantastic Garba music and dance. Saregama has been working on bringing together music from all parts of the country. This list of Gujarati remix is one such attempt. Here we have tried to get you the best of remix Dj Gujarati songs that we are sure you will thoroughly enjoy and cherish for long. We hope you enjoy listening to these songs as much as we liked it making it for you. Why wait any further? Just dive into the fascinating and amazing world of Dj Gujarati remix.


In 2010, a Gujarati drama movie was released with the title ‘Mohan na Monkiz Song’ meaning ‘Mohan’s Monkeys’. It features Kamlesh Oza, Malhar Pandya, Muni Jha, Ragi Jani and Sujata Mehta in the lead roles. The movie was quite a hit among its audience and garnered attention for its storyline and soundtrack. The songs from the film were an instant hit and are still popular. ‘Wonder Re Song’ is a beautiful number, with so many beautiful notes. Bhumik Shah and Chirag Tripathi have voiced this song, and they have done complete justice to the music of this song. The music of the song is directed by Rahul Munjariya and Chirag Tripathi. The song is very playful and would be a great addition to your Dj Gujarati remix list of songs. This 5-minute song will definitely cheer you up and make your days a little brighter. Make sure you download the Gujarati remix of ‘wonder re’ and enjoy.


The Gujarati music and film industry is snowballing over the years and has attracted audiences worldwide. The movies and music have lately revolutionised Gujarati music and how it was viewed by people who had no information regarding this regional language. But Saregama is here to let you know that regional music is here to stay. We want our listeners to widen their horizon and introduce themselves to the world of regional music and songs. Dj Gujarati remix playlist here is one such attempt from Saregama. Once you start your playlist, you will not stop until to explore the world of Gujarati remix thoroughly. Such is the power of music; it needs no language and knows no boundaries. It is limitless, and Saregama tries to keep you updated, so you don’t miss out on many undiscovered gems. The playlist Dj Gujarati remix will bring a smile to your face.


There is one other fantastic song from the same movie, ‘Mohan na Monkiz Song’. It is the title track ‘Mohan Na Monkiz’ with a club mix version. The original song and the club mix both are impressive tracks to listen to. The club mix of ‘Mohan na Monkiz’ is sung beautifully by Bhumik Shah and mixed by Rahul Munjariya. The club mix is a very dancy number and can be played at a party. It will make you groove and enjoy your evenings better. The soundtrack of Mohan na Monkiz is funky and very playful. These remix Dj Gujarati songs from the movie are many of the best Gujarati music has to offer. The songs will introduce you to Gujarati music, and we are sure you will fall in love with it. The song needs to be in your playlist of Dj Gujarati remix so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.


We hope to bring you the marvels of the Indian music industry from every corner of this beautiful country on one platform, so you don’t have to struggle to find the music you love. We have curated all the best regional songs and music and put them here at Saregama so you can easily pick and choose. This playlist of Dj Gujarati remix is pretty exclusive, and the songs are such that you will not stop listening to them.


The Dj Gujarati remix playlist is a wonderful list for someone who wants to explore the marvellous world of Gujarati music. It has all the elements, it is fun, and it has excellent music. The remix is both enjoyable for the youth and people of all ages. The Dj Gujarati remix list of songs is curated to bring you the best of both worlds. And to also let you know about our unique regional talents, such as Chirag Tripathi and Bhumik Shah. They have worked amazingly on this soundtrack. You will know this for sure once you download this playlist of Dj Gujarati remix. With this Gujarati remix playlist, we intend to bring regional music on a global platform where the music meets its desired listeners. Enjoy this remix Dj Gujarati playlist curated just for you.


Saregama wants to make the world of local music known to everyone to understand how diverse and beautiful our country is. We like creating music for you, and we hope that you love listening to it too. So dive into the world of Saregama, where music comes together to form a melody that you can experience by simply downloading on the go or even listening to them on the Carvaan. We are here to cater to all your music needs. All you have to do is enjoy them!


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