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Latest Gujarati Songs To Capture Your Heart

Music has the unique ability to strike a chord with our heart and soul. All Indians and even global audience cannot ever get enough beautiful latest Gujarati songs. The best thing is that you can now listen to the best of Gujarati songs at Saregama.


If you are deeply into Gujarati songs, then you just cannot miss out on "Ruda Ruda Song" from Chitkar. Sung by Nisha Upadhyay and Dhruvi Chitorda, this song depicts the soulful journey of a doctor who is putting his heart out to cure his patient who is fighting against mental illness.


This new Gujarati song shows how pure love can cross all boundaries and give someone countless reasons to live and smile despite life's innumerable challenges. This latest Gujarati song somehow wraps itself around your soul and mind to literally win your heart away. Hearing this beautiful song, you will very soon realise what your heart and soul always wanted to play and hear on a loop.


You can even download new Gujarati song "Dham Dham Dhamaal Song" and the hit new Gujarati song MP3 "Oonva Oonva" from the same album. Both these latest Gujarati songs are triumphant and soulful in their mood. "Oonva Oonva" has a brilliant arrangement, catchy hook, and classy music to its credit.


Want to download new Gujarati song MP3 that has mesmerising written all over it? Download "Odhni Odu Song" from Gujjubhai Most Wanted, sung by Aishwarya Majmudar and Vikas Ambore. "Odhni Odu" has high, soothing notes that gracefully complement Kanti Ashok and Niren Bhatt's lyrics. Advait Nemlekar and Dawgeek have done a commendable job to arrange the music of this new Gujarati song. You can even download "Le Le Meri Jaan" and "Sar Sar Ke" from the same album. Listening to these songs from the 2018 Indian Gujarati comedy film will let you relive the sequel to Gujjubhai the Great.


No new Gujarati song list can be complete without the mention of "Pal Do Pal Ki Song" from Hu Tu Tu Tu Aavi Ramat Ni Rut. This beautiful latest Gujarati song sung by Vaishali Samant is undoubtedly a masterpiece of its own. Studded with good melodies like "Achko Machko Song" and "Hutututu", the movie makes for the perfect stance on relationships, ambitions, and youth. The best thing is to download these Gujarati songs at Saregama, the best place to listen to the best Gujarati songs.


If you want to download new Gujarati MP3 songs at their best, you just cannot miss out on the album Ramdaas that has some fantastic numbers in "Dost Thaine Song", "Ramaiyya Song", and "Kastbhajan O Raham Karne Song". However, it is "Mauj Karile Tu Mauj Karile" that stands out from the rest of this album's melodies. The new Gujarati song is a must-have addition to every Gujarati playlist.


No Gujarati playlist can be complete without the melodious "Mane Kon Aa Song" from Better Half. Sung by Shaan and Chirag Tripathi, this Gujarati MP3 song became an instant hit after its release. "Mane Kon Aa" went on to become one of the most adored Gujarati songs of the decade.


"Sang Samay Ni" from the same album has everything to steal your heart. Sung by Shaan, this new Gujarati song would again make you fall in love with Shaan's melodious voice. It would be best to listen to "Waqt Samander Song" from the same album that is beautiful. Sung by Dhvanit Thaker, this new Gujarati song demonstrates the different shades of life and purpose.


Want to enter the amazing world of heart-stealing latest Gujarati songs? Listen to "On the floor" from Mohan Na Monkiz that is a perfect blend of excellent vocal skills and catchy beats. Are you searching for a fast-paced Gujarati song to burn your calories while hitting the treadmill? Download "Mohan Na Monkiz" from the same album. Stunning, colourful, and energetic are the perfect adjectives to define this song. You can even download "Dikari Nathi To Kai Nathi" from the same album that is probably on every Gujarati music lover's playlist. One thing is for sure; you just cannot get tired of hearing this new Gujarati song MP3 even on a loop.


If you want to hear something melodious and soulful at the same time, "Aankhon Man Sapnu Song" from Mohan Na Monkiz is a must for you. If you haven't heard it yet, just download this latest Gujarati song. The song is still being played across the streets of Gujarat. The soft beats and the magic of the voices of Dwanit Thaker, Dhvanit Thaker, and Aishwarya Majumdar will make you fall in love with the melody, soulfulness, and beauty of this new Gujarati song.


How about listening to "Kapyo Chee" from Dariya Chhoru? The lyrics of this beautiful Gujarati song are impressive, and the music combination of this latest Gujarati song is amazingly rhythmic. If you want to listen to something that has the power and impact to strike a chord with you, "Aansoo Mara Khutya" from the same album is a must-hear for you. Sung by Jaywant Singh and Mahalaxmi, this new Gujarati song has originality and lyrics to beat every studio gadgetry. This beautiful new Gujarati song MP3 is a treat for the soul, and you can download the new Gujarati song "Aansoo Mara Khutya" at Saregama.


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Don't wait any longer to get and stay connected with your favourite Gujarati music! Enter the world of a musical journey to explore thousands of the latest Gujarati songs at Saregama.


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