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Old Gujarati Songs - The Ultimate Feel - Good Effect

Gujarat is one of the most vibrant states, which plays a significant role in Indian culture. The high-thinking and simple-living made them one of the flourishing societies of India. The vibrating art, pulsating music, grand architecture, rich heritage, and culture are evident in its ambience. Gujarati population is an influx of various ethnic groups, including Dravidian and Indic. Sugam sangeet, the folk music of the state played with instruments. The music played with Ektaro, Dhol, Jantar, Drum, and Prabhati has its own flavour and acclaimed universal distinction. The influence of traditional folk music is evident in old Gujarati songs.


Weaving magic in the ears

Unforgettable old Gujarati songs such as "Rangai Gai Re Hun To Song", "Manija Manija Madbhari Manuni Song", sung by acclaimed artist Alka Yagnik, Praful Dave are stapled for hit movies. Good script, outstanding direction, and flawless acting are core ingredients for movies that remain on the top list for a long time. Many legendary Bollywood singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Shaan, Arijit Singh etc., contributed to old Gujarati songs. The trend is continuing. Sunidhi Chauhan and others are happily embracing Gujarati film songs. The legendary Mahendra Kapoor has sung the "Swaminarayan Dhun" Song, which is still hummed by many.


Many contemporary music directors are remixing old Gujarati songs just like weaving magic in the ears of listeners. The remix albums of old Gujarati songs create a buzz in the Gujarati music circuit. The rocking live performance makes the audience frenzy and whirls over those melodious tunes. The new beautiful versions of the old Gujarati songs list are equally mesmerizing and worthy. Such songs with soft rock touch between the notes giving it a romantic glow. The voice of A.R. Oza in the absolute divine. He has won millions of Gujarati hearts with his melodious voice.


A new lease of life

Old Gujarati songs are making best-seller entries. Some all-time classics like "Ha Chandliya'', "Jalkamal Chhandi Jane Bala Song'' were recreated by innovative composers giving those songs a new life lease. The traditional vivid Gujarati folk songs were the brainwave to recreate these oldies in fresh new notes. Folk music is ageless. The root of this music genre runs deep, creating instant inspiration. Folk music has always been the base of contemporary film music; it still runs in Gujarati people's blood. The modern composers ensure the current music has that rustic, earthen smell of those folk songs.


Old Gujarati songs list on the Saregama website has that distinct zest and aroma of the land of Gujarat, where only folk music can give a discrete whiff. Old Gujarati songs are not like running out of mills Bollywood songs; it's closer to the culture and soil of the state. Folk instruments are the flavours of this year. The essence of folk instruments instantly touches

the listener's chord. The new tech-savvy metropolitan audience may not know the rich lineage of folk songs, but recreating these Old Gujarati songs reinforce the musical tradition. That's why people of all generation started opting for the Gujrati caravan devise by Saregama that has multiple Gujarati songs download option in it.


The touch of Sufi music

Gujarat's cultural epicentre lies in the region of Kutch, which is the homeland of Sufi music. If you are stratagem by soulful music, then Gujarat is the place. Old Gujarati songs with Sufi essence creates a mystical dimension intermingled with tolerance, peace, and pluralism. The remote villages in the north-western Kutch are the native place of Sufi music; it is all about universal love and unconditional devotion. The culture flowed from one generation to another for hundreds of years. But unfortunately, this mystic sect of love, tolerance, and faith is on the verge of destruction due to radicalism. Old Gujarati songs list still uphold the spirit of Sufism. If you are a fan of such soulful music, you seem to be immersed in the ocean of bliss to unite with the divine.


On the Saregama website, you will find these ageless marvels of Old Gujarati songs mp3 download option easily. The traditional Sufi feels the pain of love, the sting of separation from the eternal soul and the composers never fall out of the trend while penning down the lyrics. The Sufi wants to plunge into the spiritual universe just by forgetting the physical realm. Old Gujarati songs are epitomes. Old Gujarati songs list on the Saregama website has a Sufi undercurrent mingled with traditional folk quintessence.


Nava Rasa

The ancient ragas deeply embedded in Saregama's Old Gujarati songs list. These songs stir up different emotional retorts. If you want to listen to these heartrending Old Gujarati songs mp3, just download from Saregama. Such songs certainly stimulate a spectrum of emotion inside you, ranging from joyous to calm to tense to dismal. Ragas in the old Gujarati songs list stimulate pure emotions in the hearts of the listeners. Ragas are based on Nava Rasa or nine feelings- Shringara (loving or erotic),Hasya(entertaining), Karuna(sad), Raudra(rage), Veera(gallant), Vibhatsa(reprehensible), Adbhuta(astonishment) , Bhayanaka(frightened) and Shanta (blissful). Each raga is subjugated by one of these nine Rasas.


As you listen to the Old Gujarati songs mp3, your emotions change as the pulse. Old Gujarati songs list predominantly with Tilak Kamod and Desh transform your emotion from a calm, soothing one to a joyous, upbeat feeling as the song progresses from slow asymmetrical alaap to faster musical gat. You can download these beautiful soundtracks from the Saregama website easily. Singers like Ashit Desai, Behroze Chatterjee, Saraswati Devi, and Rajkumari certainly lit up millions of hearts with their melodious voices.


Summing up

Music is an integral part of all cultures and appears to affect human psychology profoundly. There is no doubt that Old Gujarati songs affect your moods in a way that can make you cry or dance. The lyrics of these old Gujarati songs list are hummed effortlessly even after decades. The feeling it evokes is very subjective that intensely connects to memories. These evergreen Old Gujarati songs mp3 stimulates intense emotions. The magical experience of hearing Old Gujrati songs is different from one individual to another.


Similarly, the music of different genres has different effects. A soothing mellow old Gujarati song is all you need to connect to your soul. Just turn the volume up, close the eyes and let the music take over the soul!


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