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Best A to Z Telugu mp3 songs For Download on Saregama

Enjoy a vast collection of A to Z mp3 Telugu songs on Saregama. You get to choose from Telugu A to Z songs of Telugu cinema. You will find a song in every mood from the A to Z Telugu mp3 songs list. You can choose some melancholy numbers for your gloomy moods. You can download Telugu A to Z mp3 songs with best quality sound and recording on Saregama. Listen to the 90 seconds preview to be able to assess the quality of A to Z Telugu mp3 songs you plan to download.

If you are a lover of romantic songs then here are suggestions for Telugu A to Z mp3 songs you must include in the playlist. The song ‘Vaalu Kanuladaanaa’ from the film ‘Premikula Roju’ is an excellent romantic number directed by ‘A.R. Rehman’ and sung by Unni Menon. You may also consider the song ‘Naa Hrudayamlo Nidurinche Cheli’ song from the film ‘Aaradhana’ to add to A to Z Telugu songs list if you enjoy old songs. The feel of this song is very different from the modern romantic songs. Ghantasala has sung this song directed by music director S. Rajeswara Rao.

The Telugu music world is also rich in impressive sad songs. Some beautiful sad songs instantly find a place in the A to Z Telugu mp3 songs playlist. Listeners love the song ‘Velugu Needalu’ from the film ‘Parivartana’. The song was sung by Ghantasala and directed by Mohandas and T. Chalapathi Rao. The lyrics of Anisetty completed the magic. This popular old sad song is a great pick for your sad songs Telugu A to Z mp3 playlist. If you are not much impressed by the beauty of old sad songs in Telugu, you can choose from several new sad songs to add to the collection. The song ‘Kalai Poyenu’ from the film ‘Sakhi’ is a good choice. The song directed by A.R. Rehman and in the voice of Swarnalatha will surely make you feel emotional. You can just sit back and listen to this beautiful song while in a gloomy mood. You will be able to relate to the emotions in this song.

People who enjoy adding only the popular songs to their A to Z Telugu mp3 songs collection won’t be disappointed at Saregama. There are so many impressive Telugu hits awaiting you here. You can download Telugu A to Z mp3 songs like ‘Palike Gorinka’ from the film ‘Priyuraalu Pilichindi’, ‘Prema Ane’ from the film ‘Premikula Roju’ and several other beautiful songs in A.R. Rehman’s superior music direction. You will also find Telugu A to Z mp3 old hits like ‘Chandamama’ from the film ‘Sirivennela’ to add to your collection. The music direction of K.V. Mahadevan and the superior singing of S.P. Balasubhramanium, P. Susheela and B. Vasantha has made this song the perfect song for all Telugu hit lovers. Hear it out and you will be understanding the superior recording quality through the preview you hear.

The collection at Saregama for A to Z Telugu mp3 songs is vast. You can choose the letter and you will surely find a Telugu song by that letter in the listed collection. You can hear ‘Aa Kaalapu Bommanu’ from the film ‘Prema Lekhalu’, ‘Bhadram Koduko’ from the film ‘Rangula Kala’, ‘Chekkili Meeda’ from the film ‘Bangaru Kalalu’ and several other songs from each alphabet. The list is expansive and you may require an entire day to listen to A to Z Telugu mp3 songs. There will be many songs that you instantly like. You will wish to download Telugu A to Z mp3 songs but you must shortlist only the best from the lot.

Music fans know the true role played by music directors in making a song memorable and loved. That is why there are fans of music directors too just like there are fans of good singers. If you are a fan of A.R. Rehman, there are many beautiful songs by him in the A to Z Telugu mp3 songs listing. The popular music director from South India has made his impact not just in South Indian movies but also in Bollywood. Movies like Sakhi, Priyuraalu Pilichindi, Premikula Roju, Narasimha and several others have been loved by the audiences. These movies have survived several decades in the minds of the viewers because of the magical music direction of A.R Rehman. Make sure you have the best hits of this music director in your A to Z Telugu mp3 songs playlist. These are songs that you can enjoy with your family and friends. These are ideal songs to play when you are on a journey. These songs are romantic and soft. You can feel the emotion being conveyed by these songs.

Those who have listened to old Telugu songs don’t have to be reminded of the magic of K. V. Mahadevan. This music director has come up with some of the all-time hits of Telugu cinema. When you download Telugu A to Z mp3 songs, make sure to include songs by this popular music director. The song ‘Aachintha Neekelaraa’ from the film ‘Subodhayam’ is a devotional song that you would enjoy listening to early in the morning. The song ‘Aadana Padana’ from the film ‘Rama Krishnulu’ is another classic example of K.V Mahadevan’s superior music direction. Top singers like P.Susheela, Vani Jairam, S.P Balasubhramanium and several others have sung popular songs under his music direction. Choosing the best songs to download will surely be challenging because each song has a unique tune and a different emotion.

The Saregama’s expansive collection includes songs from all eras. You can also go for the latest songs like ‘Inky Pinky’ from the film ‘Bow Bow’, ‘Gum Zaare’ from the film ‘Chennai Chinnodu’, ‘Mudalaothonda’ from the film ‘C/O Surya’ and several other latest Telugu Superhits to add to the A to Z Telugu mp3 songs playlist. You can download Telugu A to Z mp3 songs in MP3 and HD versions.




Q. Which is the best website to download a Telugu MP3 song?

A. If you wish for a risk-free Telugu song download, you should go for Saregama website. Saregama has maintained its image over the years in providing quality music to the audiences. The site allows you to download Telugu MP3 songs at Rs 4 each and HD quality songs at Rs 10 each.

Q. What are some of the best Virus-free websites for downloading Telugu MP3 songs?

A. Saregama website is ideal for download of Hindi songs as well as regional songs. The vast collection here includes Telugu songs of different decades and by different music directors and singers. Listeners can enjoy a 90-secs preview of the song of their choice before deciding which to add to the cart.

Q. What is the number one site to download Telugu MP3 songs?

A. The number one site for Telugu MP3 songs is surely Saregama as it has an extensive list with all songs arranged alphabetically based on the lyrics. The collection includes songs of all eras and all genres. Selection is easy as you get a 90-secs preview of the song to assess the quality before buying the song.

Q. Where can I download Telugu songs?

A. Saregama is the best website to download regional music and Telugu music lovers will find the best songs compiled online on this site. Listeners can buy Telugu MP3 songs or HD quality songs online by adding their favourite songs to the cart and making the payment. Enjoy endless music at the most affordable prices.

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