Saranam Saranam Ayyappa song - It’s time to elevate through eighteen steps

The divine Saranam Saranam Ayyappa song is devotionally recited before Lord Ayyappa; the devotees get overwhelmed hearing this heavenly song. Lord Ayyappa is the son of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu and one of the most revered deities of South India. Lord Ayyappa is also known as “Hariharan Puthiean” as he was manifested out of the union of mystical Mohini and Lord Shiva. Mohini is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the form of a beautiful, charming woman. The weapon she selected was not a bow and arrow or sword, but more potent than those; seduction. Her enchanting beauty allured the asuras; she stole Amitra, the nectar of immortality, and offered it to devas (gods). Every living entity wants to surrender. When Saranam Saranam Ayyappa song is chanted before the idol of Lord Ayyappa, the entire area is filled with ecstasy, and every living entity wants to surrender to the lotus feet of the Lord. This mantra is uttered when two devotees meet each other; everything begins and finishes with Lord Ayyappa. Saranam Saranam Ayyappa song means “the only hope and refuge is Ayyappa” These two simple words resonate in the mind of devotees, providing them with the trust and courage to move forward. Saranam is a Sanskrit expression signifying surrender, submission to the divine will. Simultaneously, chanting this divine sloka Saranam Saranam Ayyappa song, the person wants to take shelter in Lord Ayyappa from worldly suffering. Your heart will fill with joy and peace when you listen to Saranam Saranam Ayyappa song mp3. Ayyappa is also called Manikandan, as there is a golden necklace around his neckline tied by his parents. The devotee assumes the Lord is seated on a majestic throne, enchanting the Universe with Maya. The Lord is worshipped by the Sun god and destroys evil through the person who takes shelter in Him. The mind calms down on hearing Saranam Saranam Ayyappa song, the one who prostrates before Ayyappa; his soul gets purified. The disciples take refuge in Lord Ayyappa, the master of the universe and all beings. The son of Hari and Hara, I take refuge in you. The singer of this devotional song is P.K. Veeramani Daasan, and the soulful lyrics are penned down by V.R.Sreenivasa Raghavan, orchestrated by Shakti Daaasan. Your ego gets reduced (Sha in Saranam) P.K. Veeramani Daasan has sung more than three thousand five hundred devotional and movie songs. Earlier, he owned a music band, “Sruti Laya,” but now he focuses on devotional melodies. He extensively travels across Karnataka and Telangana for divine musical shows. His famous Saranam Saranam Ayyappa song from the album Veeramani Daasan gives you bliss while listening to it. His melodious voice invokes the inner divinity of man, feels the connection with god. In the temple of Ayyappa, the distance between rich and poor, between religion, caste, and creed disappear, there is one identity follower of Lord Ayyappa. P.K. Veeramani Daasan has sung many Ayyappa devotional songs over the last few decades. When you hear the Saranam Saranam Ayyappa song mp3, your ego gets reduced (Sha in Saranam). It purifies your heart and leads to self–realization (Ra in Saranam), and Nam is eternal bliss, unifying with the Supreme Soul. When you hear this song with concentration, you become more modest and humble. Lord Ayyappa represents the Brahman, the ultimate source of bliss, nondualism. With tears, your suffering melts, you comprehend you are part of the Supreme Soul. Feel the divinity When thousands of devotees sing Saranam Saranam Ayyappa song in the Ayyappa temple, tears flow from their eyes. They feel the divinity in the air, blessing them with joy and peace. Download Saranam Saranam Ayyappa song from Saregama; assume you are in the sacred Sanctorum of Sabarimala. You have to climb eighteen steps to visit Lord Ayyappa, chanting “Pathinettam Padi,” meaning the 18th step. After taking eighteen steps, you reach the Sanctorum, which has a religious significance. These eighteen sacred steps are made of granite, which was later covered with Panchaloha (an alloy of gold, silver, copper, iron, and tin). 18 steps to the Lord The first five steps signify five senses (taste, touch, vision, smell, and smell). This reminds you of the mortal nature of humans. The following eight steps symbolize eightAshtarages (vices); Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Madha, Maltsarya, Asooya, and Thumb( lust, anger, greed, pride, arrogance, illusion, jealousy, and boastfulness). The next three steps stand for three qualities of nature (Tri Gunas); Sattva (judgment, perspicuity), Rajas (activity, enjoyment), and Tamas (idleness, state of unconsciousness). The last two steps stand for Avidya (ignorance) and Vidya (knowledge). While climbing these eighteen steps, you detach yourself from worldly sufferings and slowly elevate to heavenly contentment. While hearing the Saranam Saranam Ayyappa song mp3, you go in trance climbing those eighteen steps to get united with Lord Ayyappa. Music is the easiest path to salvation. Download Saranam Saranam Ayyappa song, which will guide you to deep meditation; in the cave of your heart, you can see Lord Ayyappa riding on a tiger, like Ma Durga, signifying controlling lower animal instincts such as anger and lust. Music is closely associated with divinity; even when you are sitting still hearing Saranam Saranam Ayyappa song at home, you can transcend to Sabarimala. The song resonates with your inner self, reflecting purpose and a more profound connotation of life. Music is the form of expression of love and devotion, and spirituality comes from intense personal experience. It gives you the pause to introspect your thoughts and deeds. Devotional tunes like Saranam Saranam Ayyappa song sails the life ship towards a safe harbour, where you can rest and breathe the air of selflessness and impassiveness. Devotional music can be Vedic hymns, a score from A.R.Rahman, a weave of Sufi delight, or Saranam Saranam Ayyappa song by P.K. Veeramani Daasan published by Saregama. It is subjective; the aim is to taste the eternal bliss, where you can find empathy, bounteousness, and harmony with nature. The song becomes instrumental in seeking the inner Zen, reducing anxiety, the positive vibes elevate to a higher state of mind, nearer to divinity. You become more aware as you become blissful. Devotion is an integral part of Indian culture; music is the easiest path to savour the nectar of devotion, changing your mindset and life.

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