Kaavadiyam Kavadi Song - A Great Addition To Your Devotional Songs Compilation

The Palanimalai Muruganukku Kavadiyam Kavadi Song is a Tamil Song dedicated to Lord Murugan. This devotional song can be played during sacred occasions and festivals. We have shared information related to the Palanimalai Muruganukku Kavadiyam Kavadi Song.

Introduction to the Palanimalai Muruganukku Kavadiyam Kavadi Song

The Kaavadiyam Kavadi Song was made for the album ‘Velava Murugan’. The Kaavadiyam Kavadi Song lyrics have been penned by lyricist V.R Sreenivasa Raghavan. The music direction for the Kaavadiyam Kavadi Song has been done by Aravind. The Palanimalai Muruganukku Kavadiyam Kavadi Song was sung by Mahanadi Shobana. The other songs in this album are Sakthi Tharum, Kumara Stavam, Then Palani Malaiyoram among others. The whole album includes songs dedicated to Lord Murugan, the second son of Lord Shiva.

Significance of Carrying Kavadi to the Murugan Temple

Each year, countless devotees of Lord Murugan carry colorful Kavadis to the Murugan Temple during Thaipusam. It is believed that bearing Kavadi to the Murugan Temple brings peace to the devotees. There is a story behind this whole tradition of carrying Kavadi to the Murugan Temple. Sage Agasthiar had a student named Idumban who was highly devoted to his Guru. He was once instructed by his Guru to bring two hills that were occupied by Lord Murugan. Lord Murugan wanted to test Idumban’s devotion and so climbed on one of the hills. This made the hill extremely heavy and Idumban couldn’t pick it up. Soon, Idumban realized his mistake of not identifying Lord Murugan. Lord Murugan was pleased by Idumban’s devotion and blessed him. The tradition of carrying a Kavadi to Lord Murugan Temple started from then.

Meaning of the Kaavadiyam Kavadi Song Lyrics

The Kaavadiyam Kavadi song lyrics describe the sight of countless devotees carrying Kavadi to the Murugan Temple. It describes the colorful Kavadis. It also shares the joy experienced by each devotee when they successfully reach with the Kavadi to the Lord Murugan Temple. The song also describes the way Lord Murugan’s idol is decorated in the temple. The devotees who witness the sight of Lord Murugan with all the flower garlands surely enjoy peace at the sight. The Kaavadiyam Kavadi song lyrics help to create a visual picture of the sight at the Lord Murugan Temple during Thaipusam.

A Little About the Singer of the Kaavadiyam Kavadi Song Mahanadi Shobana

The singer of the Palanimalai Muruganukku Kavadiyam Kavadi Song is popularly known as Mahanadhi Shobhana because of her role in the film Mahanadhi. She is an Indian classical and devotional vocalist whose actual name is Dr. Shobana Vignesh. She has recorded roughly 150 vocal albums. She has recorded songs in different South Indian languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. She has several awards too for her contributions to music.

How to Download Kaavadiyam Kavadi song mp3?

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