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Haryanvi Old Songs - The Ultimate Delight for Any Music Lover

Whenever we talk about an Indian state rich in its heritage and musical traditions, Haryana's name comes to our mind without a second thought. The Indian state renowned globally for its folk music and culture has its roots deeply entrenched in classic Haryanvi melodies. The uniqueness of old Haryanvi songs MP3 truly lies in the cross-cultural traits of cultural and social rapport.


One of the best things about old Haryanvi songs MP3 is that they bring out the best of bravery, romance, happiness, sorrow, and joy that perfectly fit all the beautiful occasions of life. Because of this and many more reasons, every Haryanvi old song has a beautiful story attached to it that reaches out not just to the local people living in the state but also to others living across India.


In the past, Haryanvi music was not very popular. However, it has now surged to reach new heights. Today, no festival, party, or occasion is complete without entertaining songs from this Indian state. People from the state and across the country and even internationally are now listening to and downloading Haryanvi songs of their choice on Saregama.


Saregama website and app allow music lovers to listen and download old Haryanvi songs to relive the past's glorious eras. You can listen to the patriotic "Desh Ke Upar Di Qurbani Song" from the album Beera Shera. This song by legendary singer Mahendra Kapoor is a classic when it comes to Indian patriotic songs. It gives the goosebumps and the heavy adrenaline rush of being a 'Proud Indian' within no time.


No wonder, the song is played throughout Haryana and across the country to fill the listeners with a sense of pride for the country. The album also features popular songs like "Seema Peladhane Wale Song" and "Dukhra Kyo Diya Piya".


If you admire old Haryanvi songs MP3 and want to download old Haryanvi songs, you should try hearing the Haryanvi old song "Ham to barbaad huye Song" from Kaun Hamara. Composed by Pt. Indra, this Haryanvi old song is sung by Hamida Bano, a contemporary Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammed Rafi in Hindi cinema's playback singing era.


Hamida had many successful Hindi songs to her name such as "Dono Hain Majboor Pyare" from Bikhare Moti and "Kuch Bhi Na Kaha Song" from Parai Aag. She was also a part of many duet songs with fellow singers Geeta Dutt in Rajput and Suraiya in Main Kya Karoon. You can even tune into other songs from the same album with "Gaadi dheere dheere hank Song", "Sapera mera zahar utar Song" and "In akhiyan ki pehchan Song" that can take your heart away in absolutely no time.


You can even download old Haryanvi songs such as "Main Suraj Tu Song" from Chandrawal that was sung by Bhal Singh and Dilraj Kaur. This superhit Haryanvi movie was released in 1984 and was the third Haryanavi-language film to be released. Directed by Jayant Prabhaker, it featured dancer Usha Sharma and told the story of a tragic love affair between Suraj, a Haryanvi Jat Boy, and Chandrawal of the Gadia Lohar community. In this movie, Suraj takes a fatal attack on his love upon himself and later Chandrawal sacrifices herself there and then.


The movie also has some other good numbers to its credit like the Haryanvi old song "Jija Tu Kala Main Gori Song", the evergreen song "Mere Chundar Mange De Ho Ho Nandi Ke Bira Song" and "Nain Katore Kajal Song", all of which went on to become popular old Haryanvi songs MP3.


If you want to immerse yourself into some groovy Haryanvi music, you can try listening to the Haryanvi old song "Chure ne leli meri jaan Song" from Lilo Chaman. The same album also has good numbers like the Haryanvi old song "Sun mere mausa suni ak naan Song" and "Hari bhari tarakari lilo Song". Get the complete list of Lilo Chaman MP3 songs free online on Saregama where you can download Lilo Chaman movie songs download list and listen to evergreen songs from Lilo Chaman.


You may even try out the Haryanvi old song "Ram ji ne roop diya", "Mere nau daandi ka beejna", and "Byahli gori rang" from Laddo Basanti. You can explore Saregama - the best place to access Laddo Basanti movie songs download list and download Laddo Basanti songs online.


On Saregama, you can listen to and download old Haryanvi songs with just a few clicks. Whether you are feeling low or want to relive the glorious era of Haryanvi old songs, you can access every hit and famous Haryanvi old song of your choice.


You can even download more than 1 lakh songs on Saregama and bring home that Saregama Carvaan that 5000 evergreen songs and more than 280 Wi-Fi-based audio stations that are regularly updated. This means that you will never be short of amazing music at any time of the day or night. Whether you want to listen to devotional or romantic music, and patriotic or sad songs, Saregama will never disappoint you with its never-ending list of old Haryanvi songs MP3 and old Haryanvi songs.


No wonder, Saregama is the name that people of all ages trust when it comes to music at its very best. Don't just wait for a miracle to happen, bring home Saregama Carvaan today for old Haryanvi songs MP3. This musical box from Saregama is a perfect companion for road trips and some private musical moments when all you want is to listen and download some breathtaking music. The best thing is that you can choose from a wide range of songs from some of the biggest and most prominent names in the Indian music industry.


With Saregama, you can relive those glorious days of the past decades when music and words were so pure that touching the hearts of the listeners was an instant cakewalk. Come home to Saregama, the undisputed home to evergreen music, download old Haryanvi songs now.


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