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Get Ready For A Blast From The Past With Saregama’s Collection Of Old Tamil Songs

It is a well-known fact that scientists haven’t invented the time machine yet, but if you ever find yourself wanting to visit the past, look no further than old Tamil songs! Tamil old songs MP3 downloads from Saregama are the only essentials you will need that will transport you back to a previous era. Are you in the mood for old Tamil songs MP3 like ‘Naanae Varuvaen’,’Hello Miss Hello Miss Song’, and ‘Odi Odi Uzhaikkanum Song’ to start you off on your journey? With Saregama’s vast collection of old Tamil songs, your only major worry will be how to make sure you don’t spend the entire day only downloading Tamil old songs.


Isn’t it amazing that even if you have never heard a particular old Tamil movie song, you almost always can instantly guess that they are classic old Tamil songs that are playing? Such is the charm of old Tamil songs MP3. Old Tamil film songs were untouched by the present digital era. Old Tamil songs MP3 stand out because of their unparalleled compositions. One will be able to hear a slew of instruments such as the flute, veena, saxophone, Mridangam, Nadaswaram and many more in their natural, unadulterated form. The actual singing portion and the music in old Tamil songs complement each other. Listening to Old Tamil film songs will show you how beautifully they have been blended while still highlighting each portion’s uniqueness.


Old Tamil movie songs are synonymous with names like M.S.Viswanathan, Kannadhasan, A.M.Rajah, K.V. Mahadevan,T.M.Soundararajan.Their female counterparts like L.R. Eswari, S.Janaki, P.Susheela with their signature lilting voices owned the field as well. Together, these exceptionally talented artists are a few people who created and shaped the very foundation of the Tamil music industry. ‘Atho Andha Paravaipola Song’, ‘Oho Endhan Baby Song’ and ‘Sindhu Nadhi Karai Oram Song’ are some defining old Tamil songs MP3 that never get old.


Old Tamil songs are so memorable because it almost always feels like one is singing poetry. Old Tamil movie songs reflect the depth of any feelings through the cleverly crafted written verse. Music, as it changes through time, reflects the struggles and endeavours of the specific time period it was made in. Downloading Tamil song will help you take a closer look at the realities faced by the previous generation. Old tamil songs from movies like ‘Veerapandiya Kattabomman’ and ‘Kappalotti Ya Thamizhan’ shed light on the independence movement and the lyrics of these old Tamil songs MP3 mostly focus on the desire for freedom. Old Tamil movie songs from most of M.G.R.’s movies highlight the situation of the impoverished people. Some of his old Tamil songs find him standing up for the rights of factory workers during difficult times. Music not only spreads cheer but, as seen in our very own Old Tamil songs, they also spread meaningful and impactful messages to us. Tamil old songs MP3 downloads of ‘Engey Nimmathi Song’, ‘Unnai Arindhal Song’, ‘Indru Vandha Intha Mayakkam’ and ‘Deivam Thandha Song’ are sure to bring out the philosopher if you pay close attention to the lyrics.


There’s a certain wondrous charm that old Tamil film songs possess, as witnessed by the multitude of remakes and remixes that are currently available now. If you are a millennial, old Tamil movie songs such as ‘Adi Yennadi Rakkamma Song’, ‘Puthiya Vaanam Song’, ‘Love Birds Song’, ‘Engeyum Eppodhum Song’ and ‘Ninaithen Vandaai Song’ will undoubtedly open a box of memories of you singing along with your parents on car rides and Anthaakshari game nights. For the older generation who have watched the movies that feature all these magnificent old Tamil songs, they still seem to recall not just the lyrics, but the details of the music video as well, without any effort. They can instantly visualize M.G.R. in his fearless colourful fashion and his signature hand gestures either impressing his loved one or fighting for his ideals in old Tamil movie songs like ‘Aaiyiram Nilave Vaa Song’ or ‘Naan Anaiyittal Song’, or Sivaji Song in old Tamil songs like the iconic sentimental sibling love song ‘‘Malarndhum Malaradha Song’ or in his gold-laden dreamscape of ‘Ponmagal Vanthaal Song.’ Old Tamil songs MP3 were written and composed entirely with the story of the movie in mind. One will find that most old Tamil songs will transition smoothly from the previous scene and enhance the story without ever jarring or distracting the audience from their movie experience. Old Tamil songs are deeply integrated with the movie as they narrate parts of the story in the songs themselves. So, it is no wonder that the older generation remembers these old Tamil film songs so vividly!


Old Tamil songs are like comfort food - any time you need a pick me up or are having a bad day, you can always count on these songs to make it better. It was said that P.Susheela performed all her songs with a stoic expression which people used to find hard to believe, because of the passion and variety of emotions her voice always seemed to convey in her old Tamil film songs. Aadai Mariya Pani Song’ is such a fun, energetic song that one can’t help tapping their feet to. On the other hand, L.R. Eswari would bring her performances to life by dancing and moving around herself! “Aadi Paadi Sirikka Song’ is a jovial song by her that must be added to your growing list of old Tamil songs. These amazing women proved they could match any genre, emotion and even match the actress’s character who they were singing for! Their inimitable singing can be heard at your convenience, by downloading Tamil old songs of their albums like ‘Hits of P.Susheela’ and ‘Rejoicing L.R.Eswari’ respectively.


So, start your exciting travel to the past at Saregama today! Because If you haven’t heard any of these old Tamil songs yet, there is no need to continue missing out!



Q. Where can I download high quality Tamil MP3 songs?

A. If you are looking for high quality Tamil MP3 songs, there couldn’t be a better option than saregama. Here you can download Tamil MP3 songs at Rs 4 each and enjoy music on your device. If you are looking for a better quality, you can download HD quality songs at Rs 10 each.

Q. Which is the best app for Tamil song download?

A. The best app and website for Tamil songs download is Saregama as it has listings of songs based on the artists as well as alphabetically. Finding your favourite song online is now very easy through such simplified listings.

Q. What is a safe website for downloading Tamil songs?

A. If you wish to download your favourite Tamil songs to your smartphone without the risk of viruses, choose saregama as the safe and affordable option for song download. Invest Rs 4 for each Tamil MP3 song you download. If you are ready to shell out a bit more, you can enjoy HD quality Tamil songs at Rs 10 per song.

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