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Gujarati Sad Songs - A Glorified Mystical Journey

It's just amazing how courageous and valiant our hearts are. They break a thousand times, if not more, and yet somehow fall or believe in love again as nothing happened. While some of us try to hide the pain in our hearts with a smile. Some continue to live and deal with it every single day for the rest of their lives. Thankfully, Gujarati music has done a decent job at capturing these sad journeys, and the best part is that you can download these Gujarati sad songs at Saregama.


Gujarati movies have given us countless stories and countless songs on pain, loneliness, depression, love, and much-needed closure. Who can forget the melodious and soulful voice of Lata Mangeshkar in the Gujarati sad song "Tane Sachave Parvati" from Akhand Saubhagyawati? Composed by Barkat Viranibefam with Kalyanji-Anandji as the music director, this song magically pulled strings of every heart like no other Gujarati sad song could. Directed by Manahar Raskapur, this Gujarati movie featured Asha Parekh and Arvind Pandya.


Many believe "Tane Sachave Parvati" to be the most soulful and beautiful MP3 download Gujarati sad song to date. This is simply because it beautifully mirrors the tone of people's dull moments and possibly their existing life circumstances. By doing this, the MP3 Gujarati sad song resonate with the audience and acts like a tuning fork for their own circumstances. The Gujarati sad song invariably gets the hurt and pain out in the open out of the darkness into the light. You can download Gujarati sad songs like "Tane Sachave Parvati" and more at the Saregama website. Alternatively, you can download Gujarati sad songs at the Saregama app.


If you want to download Gujarati sad songs, you should have "Vijline Chamkare" from Ganga Sati on your MP3 list. Sung by Damayanti Bardai, this Gujarati sad song has an amazing power to let the audience use sad music as an emotional outlet by connecting with the music. Many listeners of this song have reported that they could express their emotions and feelings in a healthy way after listening to this beautiful song.


This 1979 Gujarati movie stars Padmarani, Arvind Pandya, Arvind Rathod, and Minal Parmar in lead roles. The film is about a female medieval saint-poet of western India's bhakti tradition who went on to compose countless devotional songs in the Gujarati language. You can even download Gujarati sad songs such as "Meru to Dage", "Vanman Bole Zeena Mor", and "Duha Gokul Gadh" from the same album.


If you want to go deep into the world of Gujarati sad songs, you can choose from countless melodies such as "He Sarjanhara". Sung by the legendary Mukesh, it makes you feel thousands of things that you somehow never realised you could possess. If you are looking for a heart-shattering listen, you should try out "Rasto Aa Kyan Jay Chhe" by Mahendra Kapoor. 


You can even listen to "Suraj Ugto" by Praful Dave; it is one of those beautiful songs that can transport your heart in a fraction of a second in your lover's hands. One thing is for sure; you just cannot control yourself from shedding a tear or two while processing the emotions. If you want to drown yourself in emotions, you must listen to "Vaatu Kone Jaine Kariye" by Suman Kalyanpur. You can listen to this soulful song in a loop for countless hours. It will always seem appropriate to sit down quietly and admire this song while reflecting on the past and the beautiful moments when love was at its peak.


If you are down in life, you can never underestimate the power of Gujarati sad songs like "Milan Na Deepak" and "Mann Na Mane" by Manhar Udhas. These emotional tracks will let you acknowledge your hidden and unexpressed feelings that constitute a painful, still necessary first step in the right direction.


Some days and moments are just downers, and we all have seen plenty of them. When we feel down with emotions on a high, listening to sad songs from artists with a melodious voice and who have been there too could mean a lot. Whether it is a breakup you are dealing with or the loss of a loved one, these songs can touch a nerve only to heal it. Superlative vocal performances along with deep layers of weeping and tear-streaked synth strings and music videos can further add to the magic of sad songs. And there is nothing other than Gujarati sad songs that can get much closer to the bone.


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