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Best Collection of A to Z Malayalam songs on Saregama

Back in the olden days, there was this game that was usual in every household. It is called Antakshari. It is a game where the contestant sings a song and the next contestant would continue the game by singing another song that starts with the last letter of the previous candidate’s song. The game is won by the player who is able to sing the most songs using different letters. Back then, we have all wished if we could have an a to z Malayalam mp3 songs list so that we could win the game easily. Today, with the help of technology, every single song is online and one of the best sites to look for Malayalam a to z songs is Saregama. Saregama has curated the songs in such a way that we can download a to z Malayalam mp3 songs at just 4rs for the mp3 version and 10rs for the Hd version.


Some say that music is the soundtrack to life. Imagine if you could find a song that fits perfectly according to your mood. Sounds interesting, right? Well, it is possible when you download a to z Malayalam mp3 songs on Saregama. If you're looking for the sweet music of the ‘60s, the nostalgic musical memories of the ‘70s, or the peppy numbers from the ‘80s and ‘90s, Saregama's a to z Malayalam mp3 songs offers it all. The Saregama website also features the new Malayalam songs under the a to z Malayalam mp3 songs collection. If you're looking for songs from specific movies, that too is included in the Malayalam a to z songs list. Songs from the evergreen hit movies such as Padmavyooham, Chettathi, Mochanam, Line bus, Sneha Seema, Mannu, Kudumbini, Achan and many more are easily available with a simple search on Saregama’s a to z Malayalam mp3 songs.


Not everyone’s interested in listening to movie songs. Some are more into listening to devotional songs. The best part about Saregama is that it has a curated list of a to z Malayalam mp3 songs which can be downloadedaccording to your wish. No one would feel left out as there is something for each and every one of us. There are a lot of devotional songs dedicated to Ayappa Swami. ‘Ayyappa Thinthakathom Song’, ‘Pathinettu padiyeru’, ‘Ayyappa Subrabatham Song’ and many more can be found in Malayalam a to z songs list.

Emotions play a huge rolein deciding the way we think forward about what to do. There are times when we do our work just for the sake of doing it and not because we enjoy it. Times like these would feel really good if we had a proper playlist to listen to. Saregama has got your back during these adverse situations. The a to z Malayalam mp3 songs list on Saregama is for sure going to change your mood to go to work on a positive vibe.


Some of us seldom have any favourite songs. The Malayalam a to z songs is the right place to go through some nice tunes and groove a bit. There are songs for every mood. Whether you are happy, sad, in love or just nostalgic about your past, Saregama’s collection of Malayalam a to z songs have the right songs for your current mood. Also, there’s an entire collection of remix songs including ‘Madhurakinavin Song’ which are the best when you feel like dancing to some tunes at your home. So, what are you waiting for? Download a to z Malayalam mp3 songs at just 4rs for the mp3 version and 10rs for the Hd version and slowly slip into your favourite mood without even knowing you are in one.


Some of us remember songs based on the actors who’ve acted in them. Those times when you don’t remember the name of the song, you can always rely on the a to z Malayalam mp3 song collection. One such popular Jodi who stood out in the Malayalam industry is Prem Nazir and Jayabharathi. The Malayalam a to z songs collection includes ‘Allimalar Kavile’, ‘Ethiri Mullappoo’ and a lot more which gives the audience an unforgettable experience while listening to them.


Next time you listen to a song, don’t forget to check it out on Saregama and recommend it to your friends. You’ll get to hear Saregama’s collection of Malayalam a to z songs anywhere in the world, especially if you decide to purchase the Carvaan Malayalam. You can download Malayalam hits mp3 in your Carvaan and carry it around wherever you wish to go. Saregama's Carvaan mini Malayalam is a music player with a collection of 5000 handpicked songs. Carvaan Malayalam is the perfect gift for your loved ones as you can download Malayalam hits and it’s almost like gifting a part of yourself.


Delve deeper and download a to z Malayalam mp3 list and choose some timeless classics to add to your music collections. Make sure you've got the songs that come with every mood. While choosing sweet songs like 'Kannum Kannum Song' to enhance the romance in your life, don't forget to include songs like 'Mizhiyoram' to complement your sad moods. Don’t forget to add these songs the next time you play a game of Anthakshari. For sure, your peers will be wondering about how you got your vast knowledge about Malayalam a to z songs. Let them know how Saregama helped you download a to z Malayalam mp3 songs.


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