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Kannada All Songs - A Musical Journey Ahead

Kannada cinema, also known as Sandalwood or Chandanavana, has been a part of Indian cinema since 1934 and thus began producing Kannada songs. Saregama has a massive collection of Kannada songs mp3 with playlists that are specially tailored for you! You can now download Kannada songs anytime on the Saregama website. Also, now, Carvaan mini is available in Kannada for all the Kannada songs fans, and it is portable so you can listen to Kannada songs mp3 anywhere!


The Kannada song 'Kanasido Nanasido' was the first Kannada-language song sung by SP Balasubramanyam. The song is from the movie 'Nakkare Ade Swarga' which was released in 1967; it was this year that the Karnataka State Government introduced film awards and this was the first film to bag the honour. P. Susheela accompanied SP Balasubramanyam for this Kannada song mp3; the song was composed by M Rangarao who made his debut in the film. 


Some other Kannada songs by SP Balasubramanyan are - 'Hoovina Sogasu' from film Seetha Ramu, 'Gandu Endare Gandu' from Bahaddur Gandu, 'Ee Naada Anda' from a 1978 film Aparichita, 'Radhike Ninna Sarasa Videne' from Thande Makallu to name a few. Listen and download Kannada songs mp3 on Saregama and enjoy an uninterrupted evening. 


Saregama has some great Kannada hits that have been famous among the crowd. The Kannada song 'Shiva Shiva Yennadha Naalige' from the 1977 film Hemavathi was instantly loved by the audience. S. Janaki swayed the audience with her soothing voice and L. Vaidyanathan, L. Vaidhyanathan composed the song. Chitnahalli Udayashankar wrote the lyrics of the song and added different beats that make the song a perfect hit. Another superhit Kannada song mp3 is 'Ninna Nanna' from the family melodrama Kannada movie Bhagyavantharu. It was directed by Rajan and Nagendra, a duo who were prominent composers of film music in Kannada and Telugu till the early 1990s. Download hit Kannada songs mp3 on Saregama to listen anytime, anywhere. 


The Kannada music industry has also produced some tremendous romantic Kannada songs for all the listeners who enjoy calm, loving songs. S. Janaki, with her sweet voice, has sung a hit Kannada romantic song called 'Ellelli Nodali' from the movie Naa Ninna Mareyalaare. The title song 'Naa Ninna Mareyalaare' is also a romantic song sung by S. Janaki. Both the songs were composed by the famous duo Rajan and Nagendra and written by Chi. Udayashankar. The singer along with SP Balasubramanyam gave the Kannada music industry a romantic song 'Naguva Nayana' from the 1983 movie Pallavi Anu Pallavi. The famous Bollywood hero Anil Kapoor made his Kannada film debut in this movie; it is also the only movie that Anil Kapoor has worked in the Sandalwood industry. 


One of the singers S. Janaki worked with is Dr Rajkumar who was an actor as well as a playback singer. Together, they had sung the Kannada song 'Sangeethave Nee Nudiyuna Maathella' from the movie Olavu Gelavu. It's a 1977 Indian Kannada film, directed by H. R. Bhargava and produced by S. A. Srinivas. The soundtrack of the movie was directed by G. K. Venkatesh. A few other Kannada songs mp3 by G. K. Venkatesh are - 'Kannada Naadigare', 'Yare Koogadali Oore Horaadali', 'Naanu Yaaru Yaava Vooru', 'Preethine Aa Dyavaru Thanda' to name a few.  


For all of us who like to listen to sad songs when they're upset or going through something, Saregama Carvaan has a spectacular collection of Sad Kannada songs. Anil Kapoor starring Kannada movie Pallavi Anu Pallavi has a hit sad Kannada song mp3 named 'Hrudaya Rangoli' which was instantly loved by the audience. The song was sung by S. P. Sailaja and written by E. N. Jayagopal. Download Kannada songs mp3 on Saregama and indulge in these Kannada songs whenever you want. 


A few other sad Kannada songs on the Saregama collection are - 'Yee Dehadinda Dooranaade' from the movie Ohileshwara, 'Jo Jo Laali Naa Haaduve' from the movie Chinna Ninna Muddaaduve, 'Dharani Mandala Madhyadolage' from the movie Tabbaliyu Neenaade Magane, 'Yaava Huvvu Yaara Mudigo' from the movie Besuge and more. Listen and download Kannada songs on Saregama website or you can also buy Saregama Carvaan Kannada to enjoy the music anywhere you go!


In today's world, many listeners only listen to remix songs or are huge fans of remix songs. Saregama has got you covered if you're one of these listeners! It has a playlist especially made for you of remix Kannada songs. To mention a few of these remix Kannada songs mp3, 'Govinda Govinda Dj Mix' from the 2013 movie Coffee With My Wife, 'Kuladalli Keelyavudo' from the 1965 movie Sathya Harishchandra starring Rajkumar, 'Hagalu Rathri (Remix)' from the 1967 film Pulikeshi directed by N. C. Rajan, 'Charuthara Shashi Moreyol (Remix Version)' from 2013 psychological thriller movie Story Kathe starring Prathap Narayan and Thilak Shekar. Catch up on your Kannada songs mp3 and download Kannada songs available in mp3 and HD. 


Oldies are goldies, and Saregama Carvaan Mini Kannada is the perfect gift for your loved ones because it has over 350 superhit Kannada songs in-built. There's a tailor-made playlist of old Kannada songs on Saregama just for you. It includes songs like 'Madana Prema' from 1975 comedy-drama Kalla Kulla, 'Thuru Thuttu' from 1976 film Mugiyada Kathe, 'Panchama Veda' from 1969 film Gejje Pooja, starring Gangadhar and Leelavathi in the lead roles.


To sum up, check out the enormous collection of Kannada songs on Saregama where various playlists are specifically made for you! Whether you want to listen to romantics or sad songs or even remixes, Saregama has a playlist for everyone. Download Kannada songs to listen anywhere, anytime and have a pleasant evening with your friends and family. 


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