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All the Punjabi song lovers will enjoy surfing through the vast collections of superhit Punjabi songs. The listeners have ample choice to download Punjabi hits songs they enjoy from the options listed. The collection includes super hit Punjabi songs list compiled by selecting songs by the top artists in the Punjabi song world. Saregama offers you the best options in Punjabi hit song mp3 by popular singers and music directors. Take time to listen to the different Punjabi hits songs. You will have to invest some time to decide which of these Punjabi hits you wish to own.

The album ‘Evergreen Punjabi Hits’ includes some of the most popular superhit Punjabi songs. The album includes the song ‘Challa Leja Tu Nishani’ which is a beautiful love song. Another Punjabi hit song mp3 in this album is ‘Jo Mange Thakar Alone Tee’ that is loved by several Punjabi song listeners. The album is a collection of several other Punjabi hits songs by popular artists like Mohinder Kaur Bhamra, Mohini Narula, Karamjit Singh Dhuri and Swarnlata to name a few. You should download Punjabi hits songs to ensure you have the best super hit Punjabi songs list with you.

Fans of Surinder Shindha will find a collection of his songs too among the Punjabi hits collections. Take time to enjoy the song ‘Loki Kehndey Mainu Charra’ written by lyricist Bant Rampurewala. The carefully curated album has songs directed by music director Charanjit Ahuja. Some of the popular Punjabi hits songs by Surinder Shindha are ‘Chardi Sharab Nu’ directed by Jwala Prashad, ‘Dulla Te Mehru Posti’ directed by Charanjit Ahuja and ‘Gaddi 6 Cilander Di’ again directed by Charanjit Ahuja. Make sure you download Punjabi hits songs that are enjoyable to listen to.

If you are hoping to enjoy some superhit Punjabi songs from the bygone era, check out the album ‘Golden Hits of Punjab’. The album includes songs by some of the top singers of the Punjabi music world. You will surely be tempted to download Punjabi hits songs by each of these singers but take your pick carefully. Some of the singers featured through their songs in this album are Surinder Kaur, Rangila Jatt, K.S. Kooner and Neelam Gill to name a few. Songs like ‘Nale Munde Ranna’, ‘Jagat Jalanda Ra’ and ‘Vaid Bulaya Vaidgi’ are some of the songs you can find in this album. Hear each of these songs and appreciate the superior sound and recording quality. Invest in the best superhit Punjabi songs and listen to them anytime you wish.

The album ‘Punjabi Hits Vol-1’ is where you can begin your search to download Punjabi hits songs. The album includes songs by several popular Punjabi singers. You can hear songs by Ranjit Kaur, Surinder Shindha, Gulshan Komal and several other popular Punjabi singers. Songs like ‘Laal Chehra Sati Da Ho Gaya’, ‘Ve Ja Mar Chhadiya’ and ‘Mazboot Mera Dil Hai’ are songs included in this album. You can listen to a 90 seconds preview before deciding which songs to add to your private superhit Punjabi songs’ collection.

The lovers of old Punjabi hits should also listen to the songs in the album ‘Punjabi Hits Vol-2’. This is a vast compilation of superhit Punjabi songs by many known names from the music world. Hear the song ‘Bachke Mor Ton’ by the singer Pratima Gupta. It is a lively song that all listeners will surely enjoy. Residents of Mumbai city will surely love the song ‘Bombay Shahar Di Bobby Warga’, a lively duet sung by Gurmeet Kaur and Kirpal Bawa. There are many more such enjoyable songs included in this album. You can hear the preview of each of these songs and decide which to download.

There is ample choice for superhit Punjabi song fans who are surfing Saregama for options. The album ‘Punjabi Hits Vol-3’ includes songs like ‘Kaloo Da Dulara Jag Taran Aya’, ‘Jind Mukdi Mukdi’, ‘Dhola Kithe Rahiyon’ and several other enjoyable Punjabi hits songs worth adding to your collection. The songs are available in MP3 as well as HD versions. You can listen to a 90 seconds preview of the songs. It will help you decide which songs you want in your collection. You can download Punjabi hits songs by top artists like Mohd Alam Lohar and Mukhtar Singh Adliwala from this album.

Saregama also has a separate album dedicated to songs by Kartar Singh Ramla. You can pick superhit Punjabi songs like ‘Char Dina Da Kaka’, ‘Rab Na Chete Aunda’ and several other popular numbers. Be wise when you download Punjabi hits songs for your collection. When you listen to the song preview in the best quality recording and sound quality, you will wish to download all songs that you hear. Choose only the best songs which you would never get bored listening to.

If you are a fan of Punjabi songs by Jagjit Singh, there are several super hit Punjabi songs’ lists awaiting you on Saregama. The album ‘Man Jeetai Jagjeet Gurbani Jagjit Singh’ includes some fine Punjabi hits by your favourite singer. You can enjoy the sweet voice of your favourite singer while he sings the songs ‘Jiyu Jiyu Tera Hukum’, ‘Ram Simar Ram’ and many more devotional Punjabi hits in his beautiful voice. Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh have together contributed extensively to the Bollywood as well as Punjabi music world. The songs they have sung and directed together are melodious and instantly touch the hearts of listeners.

You can find countless songs by the duo that you enjoy. When you hope to download Punjabi hits songs, you mostly come across dance numbers of romantic melodies. There are some beautiful sad songs also that belong to the super hit Punjabi songs list. The song ‘Ranjha Tera Ronda Reh Gaya’ from the film ‘Ranjha Ik Te Heeren Do’ and ‘Chal Meri Jindri’ from the film ‘Do Posti’ are some classic examples of this kind. You must download Punjabi hits songs that you love so that you can enjoy them at any time to relax.

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