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For all the Rasgulla fans: Bengali Hit Songs

Bengali music comprises a long tradition of religious and secular song-writing for almost a millennium. It has a wide span of styles, composed with lyrics in the Bengali language. The earliest Bengali music was influenced by Sanskrit chants. Saregama has a massive collection of Bengali remixes, romantics, old, sad and even Bengali hit songs. Also, Saregama Carvaan is available in Bengali for all the fans.


The super hit Bangla gaan 'Auro Dure Chalo Jai Song' from the 1971 comedy film Chaddmabeshi instantly caught the attention of many. Indian playback singer and entrepreneur Asha Bhosle blessed the song with her calm and soothing voice. You can download this Bangla hit song on Saregama to listen to anywhere.


The 1967 movie Antony Firingee has not one but two hit Bangla gaan mp3 songs in it. One of those Bengali hit songs is 'Ami Jamini Tumi Shashi Hey Song', sung by Prabodh Chandra Dey, known by his stage name Manna Dey. He was an internationally acclaimed Indian playback singer, music director, musician, and Indian classical vocalist. Another super hit Bangla gaan from the movie is 'Ami Je Jalsaghare', also sung by internationally acclaimed singer Manna Dey. Listen and download Bangla hit songs on the Saregama website, which is available in mp3 and HD.


A decade later, in 1977, the movie Ananda Ashram gave the Bengal music industry three Bengali hit songs. Two out of these three superhit Bangla gaan are 'Prithibi Bodle Gechhe Song', and 'Asha Chhilo Bhalobasa Chhilo Song'. These are sung by the well-known and talented Abhas Kumar Ganguly, better known to all of us as Kishore Kumar. He was an Indian playback singer and actor who was admired by many. For the third song, 'Amar Swapna Tumi Ogo Song', Kishore Kumar was accompanied by yet another talented singer Asha Bhosle. All the three-hit Bangla gaan mp3 are written and directed by Gauriprasanna Mazumder and Shyamal Mitra, respectively.


Lyricist Gauriprasanna Mazumder has written a number of Bengali hit songs. Two of them are - 'Gaane Bhuban Bhoriye Debe Song' and 'Jiban-khatar Prati Patay' from the 1963 movie Deya Neya. The movie is a rom-com Bengali film that follows the journey of a man's struggle who aspires to become a famous singer. Another two hit Bangla gaan mp3 written by him are from the 1975 movie Amanush, namely, 'Ki Ashai Bandhi Khelaghar' and 'Jodi Hoi Chorkanta'. Both of these super hit Bangla gaan are sung by the talented Kishore Kumar accompanied by Asha Bhosle for the latter song. Gift your friends and family Carvaan Mini Bengali where they can enjoy Bengali hit songs.


Gauriprasanna Mazumder has worked with various talented and famous singers such as Shyamal Mitra, Sandhya Mukherjee, Geeta Dutt, Hemant Kumar, Manna Dey, and many more. For the Bengali movies, Agnipariksha and Saptapadi, he worked with the gifted artist Sandhya Mukherjee on Bengali hit songs' Gaane Mor Kon Indradhanu' and 'Ei Path Jodi Na Shes Hoy', respectively. Listen and download Bangla hit songs on Saregama, available in mp3 and HD.


For the 1958 movie Indrani, a Bengali romantic drama film directed by Niren Lahiri, Gauriprasanna Mazumder worked with skillful artists like Geeta Dutt, Hemanta Mukherjee, Hemant Kumar for the super hit Bangla gaan 'Neer Chhoto Kshati Nei'. The movie is based on the story of Achintya Kumar Sengupta. Manna Dey also sang the hit Bangla gaan mp3 'Manush Khun Hole Pore' from the song album of the movie Chirodiner. Shyamal Mitra, a versatile playback singer and music director, sang the Bengali hit song 'Amar Shwapne Dekha Rajkanya' written by Gauriprasanna Mazumder for the movie Sagarika.


Other notable lyricists from the Bengali music industry are the expert Pulak Banerjee, Pulak Bandopadhyay. They have worked together and written a few Bengali hit songs. Three of these superhits Bangla gaan, 'Aaj Mon Cheyechhe', 'Ke Pratham Kachhe Esechhi', 'Ja Ja Ja Bhule Ja', are voiced by the proficient artist Lata Mangeshkar. She is the most respected playback singer and music director of the Indian music industry. The first two Bengali hit songs are from the movie, Shankhabela. This last song is from the 1973 Bengali film Sonar Khancha, starring actors Uttam Kumar and Aparna Sen.


One of the hit Bangla gaan mp3 written by Pulak Banerjee and Pulak Bandopadhyay is 'Ek Baishakhe Dekha Holo Dujanay' from the 1970 movie Bilambita Loy. The song was voiced by the talented Indian playback singer Aarti Mukherjee. 'Aaj Dujanar Duti Path' is a superhit Bangla gaan from the movie Harano Sur written by Pulak Banerjee, starring Pahari Sanyal, Smita Sinha, Utpal Dutt, Uttam Kumar, Chandrabati Devi, and Suchitra Sen.


Internationally acclaimed playback singer, music director, musician, and Indian classical vocalist, Manna Dey has given the Bengali music industry several Bengali hit songs. These include superhit Bangla gaan like 'Baje Go Beena Song' from the movie Marjinna Abdulla, 'Jibane Ki Pabo Na' from the movie Teen Bhubaner Party, 'Sharon Raate Jodi' from Rahi Rahi Keno Sai Mukh Pore Mone, and 'Baro Eka Laage' from Chowringhee. Listen and download Bangla hit songs on Saregama to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

A few other Bengali hit songs include 'Chanchal Moyuri E Raat Song' from the 1968 movie Adwitiya directed by Nabyendu Chatterjee and 'Ke Jeno Go Dekechhe Amay' from the 1966 movie Monihar directed by Salil Sen. Both this hit Bangla gaan mp3 are sung by the accomplished singer Lata Mangeshkar and penned by Mukul Dutt.


To wrap up, as you can see, Saregama hai an immense collection of Bengali hit songs that you can listen to. You can even download Bangla hit songs, which are available in mp3 and HD. Saregama Carvaan is also available in Bengali, which would be the perfect gift for your loved ones!


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