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An Exciting Collection of Old Punjabi Songs Await You at Saregama

Fans of Punjabi music will be thrilled by the vast range of Punjabi old songs that await them on Saregama. You will find old Punjabi song mp3 options to suit every mood and every emotion of the listener. Download the best Punjabi old sad song mp3 on Saregama. Be assured of best sound quality and recording. You can listen to 90 seconds’ preview of each song before you decide which of these Punjabi old songs you are going to add to your list. The songs are available in MP3 and HD versions.

If you are a devotional person, you should select songs from the album ‘Dukh Bhanjan Tera Naam’. The movie has some excellent Punjabi old songs like ‘Dukh Bhanjan Tera Naam’, ‘Dar Ma De Th Ae Darbar’ and ‘Jo Tud Bhave’ in it. These songs are sung by renowned singers of the time like Mohammed Rafi, Asha Bhosale, Manna Dey and Sunil Dutt to name a few. These old Punjabi song mp3 downloads will create a positive aura when you listen to them. The preview is available so that you can assess the sound quality and recording.

Listeners who enjoy the regular movie songs with a little bit of romance, drama and emotions should consider listening to songs from the movie ‘Daaj’. There are some truly memorable songs in this movie like ‘Sohnio Makhno’, ‘Gore Rang Ne Sada Nahi Rehna’ and ‘Ni Kurie’. Listen to these Punjabi old songs and become nostalgic. Singers like Narinder Biba, Mohinder Kapoor and Mohammed Rafi have contributed to this album.

Many movies have been musical hits. They have become popular among the viewers because they had wonderful Punjabi old songs. The movie ‘Nimmo’ is a classic example. This movie has songs like ‘Balle Balle’, ‘Yaad Karegi Pyaar Nu Mere’, ‘Chamka Ne Pendiyan’ among others. Hear each of these Punjabi old sad song mp3 previews on Saregama and instantly you will know which of these songs you wish to download. Top singers like Anuradha, Salma Agha, Suresh Wadkar, Mahendra Kapoor and Veerindra have sung songs for this movie. Kamalkant is the music director for the film.

Another popular old Punjabi movie with some interesting songs is ‘Roop Shukhinun Da’. The music direction of Charanjit Ahuja and the singing of Kuldeep Manak has brought to life some memorable Punjabi old songs. You can enjoy these songs anytime you want once you go for old Punjabi song mp3 download to add them to your collection.

Top singers have also sung songs for the film ‘Sarpanch’. The movie has several beautiful old Punjabi song mp3 options that you may enjoy. Songs like ‘Yaar Mere De Tor Anokhee’, Suno Bharavo’, ‘Ja Meri Dhiye’ and ‘Ek Kothi Banwade’ make this film memorable. Popular singers Gurmit Bawa, M.S. Sodhi, Anwar Hussain, Ranjit Kaur and Narendra Chanchal have sung songs for this film. The music direction for the film was done by popular music director Kamalkant.

Fans of music director S. Mohinder should check out the movie album ‘Santo Banto’. The album includes popular songs by this music director. The duet ‘Dhol Vajda Tali Vajdi’ in the voices of Mohammed Rafi and Asha Bhosale is a classic example. Lovers of Punjabi old songs will also enjoy ‘Tere Yaad Nu Kaleje Naal Laleya’ from this film. The song in the voice of Asha Bhosale was written by lyricist Inderjeet Singh Tulsi. The lyricist has added life to the words while the music director S. Mohinder has added depth to those words by directing the perfect music.

Fans of Punjabi music cannot miss out on the movie ‘Rano’. The movie has some remarkable Punjabi old songs for its listeners. The songs in this movie are sung by lead female singer Ranjit Kaur. The male voice for the duets is sung by Suresh Wadkar, the popular singer from Bollywood. Mohd. Siddique has done music direction for the songs in this film. Jagdish Khebudkar and Babu Singh Maan have written the lyrics for these Punjabi old songs. Each song is in a different style and creates a different mood. Listen to the previews of these songs. You will know which of these songs you will want to hear again. Just shortlist them to add them to your collection later.

If you are looking for some typical Punjabi old songs, listen to songs from the movie ‘Daku Jagat Singh’. There are some very interesting songs for listeners. The songs ‘Aaiyan Mast Baharan’ and ‘Mere Sajan’ are female solo songs that listeners are sure to enjoy. The film also has romantic duets like ‘Main Dil Tenu’. It is sure to create a romantic mood for music lovers. The popular singers of those times like Usha Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale, Shailendra Singh and Chanchal have sung songs for this movie.

Fans of Pushpa Chopra should check out the album ‘Chaman’ as there are several splendid songs. Listen to songs like ‘Phir Kisi Da Yaad Ayi’, ‘Sari Sari Raat Takni’, ‘Galiyan Vich Phirde’ and several others listed in this album. Aziz Kashmiri is the lyricist responsible for writing such beautiful lyrics. The music direction for these Punjabi old songs has been done by Vinod. The songs of Chaman movie reflect the music of a different era. Punjabi music has seen a drastic change over the years. This is the result of the changing tastes of listeners too. You must savour the changing trends of Punjabi music by listening to some of these Punjabi old sad song mp3 previews. It will broaden your perspective about Punjabi music.

Many of the popular names from old Bollywood music world also have left their mark on Punjabi old songs. Singers like Mohammed Rafi, Shamshad Begum, Salma Agha, Shailendra Singh, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale and Usha Mangeshkar have all contributed to Punjabi music. It is not surprising that many of the Punjabi old songs seem familiar when we listen to the singing. Take your time to surf through the different options and choose the best for your private Punjabi old songs playlist.


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