Happy Birthday song – The most familiar English song

Happy Birthday song is a traditional melody over a hundred twenty years old, often sung to celebrate one's birthday. It is the most familiar English song according to the Guinness Book of World Records; 1998. The original lyric of this song is "Good Morning to All," composed by Patty Smith Hill in 1893. It is widely believed the American sisters' Patty Smith Hill and Mildred Jane Hill orchestrated this song. The former was the principal of a kindergarten in Louisville, Kentucky, and the latter was a pianist and lyricist. This famous English Happy Birthday song has been translated into over eighteen different languages. A part of the teaching process Though this song was in the public domain for a long time, Warner Chappell Music was entitled to the copyright of this song in the US. On account of the patent, this company amassed $14 million, but in 2015 this patent right was declared void, and Warner Chappell Music returned the entire sum. The original lyric of the Happy Birthday song was like the following; Good morning to you, Good morning to you, Good morning dear children, Good morning to all. This song was a part of the teaching process, designed for children with limited cognitive ability. The straightforward lyric, effortless tune made it easy to learn for those children. The simple, flowing words were penned down by Patty; the wonderful melody was set by Mildred. The duo published this everlasting song in the Songs Stories for the Kindergarten in 1893. But it is ambiguous how the lyrics changed into the Happy Birthday song. This song emerged in 1912 in a songbook of a piano maker. Following it was in print in 1915, at the Golden Book of Favorite Songs published by Hall & McCreary Company. After Mildred's demise, this song was again published in Robert H. Coleman's Harvest Hymns in 1924. The Copyright Fight Happy Birthday song again surfaced out in the Broadway musical; The Band Wagon in 1931; after two years, it also appeared in As Thousands Cheer. The song was popular among millions. Jessica, Mildred and Patty's sister, filed a lawsuit in 1934-1935 for patent right of this song, Clayton F. Summy Company copyright, and published all six variants of Happy Birthday song, acclaiming the demised sisters to be author, composer of this song. For years the matter was disputed in court. In 2013, a New York filmmaker filed a petition challenging the copyright of the Happy Birthday song. The legal battle came to an end in 2015, when the judge proclaimed the Happy Birthday song's patent to be void. Download Happy Birthday song from Saregama to make the birthday party memorable; it is the only song sung by people of every age to celebrate a loved one's birthday. This song has become a birthday ritual across religion, age, and culture. Singing the music changes the ambience of a birthday party, as it brings enjoyment to all. This song has become a staple to celebrate one's birthday, along with balloons, cone-shaped hats, cakes, and candles. The moment people gather around the guest of honour and play the Happy Birthday song mp3, downloaded from Saregama, there is always glee on the birthday boy/girl's face. The Tradition continues The Happy Birthday song is the most sung melody in the English language, but it has also become a traditional birthday anthem in many countries ranging from Spain, France, Italy, and Germany to Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, Egypt, India, and beyond. The sister duo unleashed the Happy Birthday song upon the world in 1889, which remains relevant and popular. But birthday parties were not familiar, even among affluent Americans, till the late 1830s. Birthday cakes came into the social domain in the 1850s, and birthday parties involving children of the same age started from around 1870 to 1920. The Swiss were the first ones to add candles to the cake. Download the Happy Birthday song to make the celebration unforgettable. Though the Happy Birthday song is a staple birthday melody, there are alternatives. Some black Americans prefer to sing Stevie Wonder's Happy Birthday song to commemorate Martin Luther King's birthday, which also happens to be a national holiday. Citizens of the Netherland, Poland, Israel, and Mexico have a distinctive tune and lyric instead of the all-pervading Happy Birthday song. To Indians birthday is a special day, celebrated with new dress, parties, dancing, and cakes and of course with Happy Birthday song sung in chorus. Most of the time, the person visits a shrine to get the blessing from the divine, for the love and affection he received from family and friends. Later in the evening, the birthday party is grand. For the old and the young, the party is lavish with delicious ethnic food. The ending course has dessert or rice pudding which is considered auspicious in Indian culture. Most birthdays are celebrated according to the English calendar, but still, some people celebrate birthdays according to the Tithi, the lunar calendar day of the month. A birthday celebration is not about pomp and show, but to express gratitude to God for providing human life to attain Dharma (virtue), Artha (prosperity), Kama (love, psychological values), and Moksha (liberation). The person prays for continuous grace from the Lord for the upcoming years. Celebrating your birthday with the Happy Birthday song and traditional values is the essence of Indian birthdays. The blessing and god wishes from family Birthday is when the journey to become a human being starts, absorbing the nectar of consciousness and love. The blessing and god wishes from family, a friend brings benefits, positive vibe to the person. As family members, friends gather in the evening, download Happy Birthday song and play it to fill the air with joy and excitement. Everyone karaoke with the Happy Birthday song mp3 lingers a deep impression of pleasure in the person's mind. The love, affection, blessing the person receives gradually enriches his mind, subtle body profoundly. An Indian birthday celebration is a perfect unification of traditional Indian rituals with western practices, making it unique. Rice mixed with turmeric smeared on the forehead, rice pudding, and new clothes hearty renditions of Happy Birthday song mp3, with loads of prayer and blessings, makes Indian birthdays momentous and completely joyful both for the person and the guests.

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