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Gujarati Songs - The New Look with The Same Soul

Gujarati songs and dance are an integral part of the rich, vibrant tradition of this colourful state. Works of famous poets like Narsingh Mehta and Baiju Bawra still have prominence and influence on modern Gujarati songs. Ragas have always been the soul of Hindustani music and remain to breathe of present-day melodies. Songs like "He Chandliya Song", "Indhanan Vinavan Gayiti Song" lore over those same traditional ragas. The passionate, skillful singers like Nikita Patel, Geeta Rabari, Amit, and Bhoomi Trivedi mesmerize the audience with soulful songs and melodious voices.


Live concerts

 The live concerts of Gujarati singers in different cities are an instant hit. The electrifying ambiance, the crowd's madness, and the famous lyrics are just about celebrating Gujarati music. Suppose you cannot be present at those thrilling live concerts. In that case, you can just download lots of Gujarati songs from the Saregama website. The company has been serving music lovers since 1902. Whether you are in the concern or your drawing room, you can dance and sing along to be in your own paradise, creating memorable moments of your own.


Captivating drum beats

 The appealing drum-beats of popular Gujarati songs like "Hutu Tu Tu Song", "Zat Jao Chandan Harr Lavo" remind the vivid, flamboyant lifestyle and the culture of the land. Dandiya style and drum beats play a pivotal role in Gujarati songs thatconvey a spectrum of emotions, from joyous, upbeat moods to melancholy, sad feelings. The chorus behind the principal singer brings a new dimension. Drum-beats effectively create magical moments to the essence. You can immerse in the rhythm; all you need to do is download Gujarati songs from the Saregama website.


The influence of Gujarati folk in Bollywood is evident. It's quite natural when you listen to these Gujarati songs; you tap your feet and start dancing, getting out of the divan. The history of Dandiya and Garba dance is rich in tradition and magnificence in culture. The monarchs of the state were principal patrons of traditional, classical Gujarati songs. Ustad Faiyaz Khan, a musician in the Maharaja of Baroda's regime, is a respected and memorable name in the music of Gujarat.


The heart beats faster with strong, intense emotions, be it joy or sorrow, expectations or apprehension. The drum pound of Dandiya and Garba in Gujarati songs is akin to human heartbeats. They synchronize perfectly with the emotions. The rhythm of the drums speaks the feelings in the most harmonious fashion. Just plug in your headphones, download Gujarati songs and listen to the music of the soul. Carvaan is a device by Saregama constructed with seamless design, with a 14.2mm sound driver for an unparalleled music experience.


Universal language

 Though many people do not understand the Gujarati language, they still enjoy every bit of it. The spirit of Gujarati songs is universal. The thumping of drums, ticking off Dandiya, expresses the passion like the rustling of the leaves, the burble of a river. We all know the language of love and music is universal so that anyone can relate to it effortlessly. Download Gujarati songs to enjoy old retro as well as the most recent ones.


Gujarati songs are always known for their soulful melody and heart-touching lyrics. You can easily download Gujarati songs mp3 from the Saregama website. Men and women, old and young, even toddlers dance and sing to the recurring beats of the Gujarati songs. Even young tech-savvy people from all over the country listen to such songs. Acid rocks have a keen ear for the melodies of Gujarati songs. Gujarati musicians and singers are redefining and recreating traditional songs through jazz, rock, or reggae. Gujarati songs mp3 by Saregama are the perfect fusion of classical and modern music. These are flourishing and trending in the Gujarati music industry for years.


Acid folk

 Folk music may lack sound quality or a zealous presentation. Still, earthly tone and flowing simplicity are devoid of artificiality. While folk retains the simplicity and pristine tones, the modern composers are reinventing it, applying it to contemporary music, making Gujarati songs more engrossing. Gujarati musicians make these traditional folks more impressive. Feel the vibe by just downloading Gujarati songs mp3 from the Saregama website.


Folk Gujarati songs are characterized by simplicity, with the unmatched beauty of traditional style. A modern composer's sole goal is to make these traditional songs more engaging to the modern audience by infusing a feel of contemporary music. In Gujarati songs mp3, you will surely be able to feel the cult of folk.


The recreation of the songs, infusing some jazz elements, makes Gujarati songs mp3 among the top download list. Jazz up folk is no longer a saga of valour and romance, singing or music techniques confined to the rural region. It is a new trend reaching the heart and ears of the audience. The famous Gujarati folk song "Mehandi Te Vavi" featuring in a film is a classic example of the revival of the traditional Gujarati songs.


Enjoy the trendy twist.

When classic folk songs like "Nayan Ne Bandh Rakhi Ne", "Tari Ankh No Afini Song", "Mai Tari Chunariya" reach the elite urban audience, they create a nostalgia. These Gujarati songs mp3 make a sophisticated touch, marketed and presented in a mint form that immediately appeals to any cosmopolitan audience. The Gujarati mp3 alsocreates the jazz and tango with a combination of desi and western touch that they have never experienced before. Contemporary music directors like Amit Trivedi, Maulik Mehta, etc., have taken Gujarati folk music to new heights and popularity.


Bollywood chartbusters

Dandiya and Garba have inspired many Bollywood chartbusters. The foot-tapping "Kamariya" from Jackky Bhagnani and "Lal Bhamariya" from Mitron is motivated by Gujarati songs. Gujarati films are featuring new faces and themes to cater to the growing needs of the audience. Gujarati mp3 tracks of these movies are quite contemporary with a beautiful cosmopolitan touch. Till 2010Gujarati movies revolved around rural- socio plot, where the hero used to wear a kedia and dance Garba. But with the new age, the new face of Gujarati cinema contrasting with Gujarati mp3 is spell-bounding. There are new debutants, songs, directors, and scriptwriters.


Many innovative technologies have been introduced in Gujarati cinema. With the budget increasing significantly, young and sensational playback singers also contributed with spice and life to Gujarati songs. Once you listen to Gujarati mp3 from the Saregama website, youwill surely enjoy the folk touch with great voice texture.


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