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Marathi Romantic Songs - An Era of Love

The Marathi cinema industry is one of the oldest forms of Indian cinema. It has given us many gems to date but let’s not forget the one that got us the most honour and praises for the first time was Prabhat Film Company’s Sant Tukaram.

Sant Tukaram was the first Indian work to win the Best Film Award at the Venice film festival in 1937.


Though we credit the start and rise of the movies to the Marathi film industry, Marathi music dates back even further. Music and art have been part of our culture for decades, and Maharashtrian culture boasts a wealth of such gems. A discussion about the Maharashtrian music will be incomplete without the mention of Natya Sangeet, folk song and devotional songs by the Saint Poets.

Folk music like Lavani and Povada are the most famous forms of folk music whereas Bhaleri being a favourite to the farmers of Maharashtra, they enjoy singing this song in the field to cheer each other up.


Here we will talk about the Romantic Marathi songs given to us by the legendary singers like Lata Mangeskar, Asha Bhosle, Suresh Wadkar to name a few without whom this Marathi romantic song list will be incomplete. You can download Marathi love songs and make your playlist on Marathi love songs mp3 not only resonate with Maharashtrians, but people across this country have fallen for Marathi love songs classics and hits like Apsara Aali, Kadhi Tu, Yad Lagla, Pahile Prem.



How it all started


India is a country of love, and Indians are huge believers in love. In India, a movie is not complete without a happy ending, and that means the boy gets the girl, and they live happily ever after. So how can any movie be complete without its fair share of romantic Marathi songs? Marathi movies were no different, Marathi films catered to the need for romantic Marathi songs for its audience. Marathi love songs have been filled with loads of emotions and meaning.


Marathi veteran musicians gave people some timeless Romantic Marathi Songs like Saang Kadhi Kalnar Tula, Swapnat Pahle Je, Dhundh Madhumati to name a few Marathi romantic song lists.



The Golden Era


If we are talking about Romantic Marathi songs, how can we not talk about the Mangeshkar sisters? The legendary Lata, Asha and Usha Mangeshkar took Marathi music to a different high. Asha Bhosle gave numerous hits with Suresh Wadkar. You can listen to the songs of the gone era on Carvaan Marathi. 1980s Marathi love songs mp3 are still dearly loved, here are short Marathi romantic song list from the 80s:

Sanj Ye Gokuli (Vazir), Pahile Na Mi Tula (Gupchup Gupchup), Aga Aga Mhashi (Bin Kamacha Navra), Ha Sagari Kinara (Mumbai Cha Faujdar), Navi Navi Preet Hi (Mumbai Te Mauritius), Aflatoon Title Song (Aflatoon), Nakalta Ase Oon (Aapli Mansa), Jhunjur Munjur (Bin Kamacha Navra), Sahajivanat Aali (Mumbai Cha Faujdar), Ritu Hirawa


Now listen to all these beautiful Marathi love songs compositions uninterrupted on Carvaan mini.



Lata Mangeshkar, the nightingale of Bollywood and the queen of melody, has also adorned Romantic Marathi Songs with her magical voice. Lataji gave us Marathi love songs like Sunya Sunya Maifilit Majhya, Mendichya Panavar, Chimb Paavsana Raan Jhala, etc.…


Romantic Marathi songs singers Suresh Wadkar and Anuradha Paudwal also gave us Marathi love songs mp3 like Drushta Laaganya Joge Saare, Paahile Na Mi Tula, Tula Pahile Mi Nadichya Kinari, Raja Lalkari Ashi De, Talvyavar Mendicha, Shukra Taara, Nishana Tula Disla Na, Gandha Phoolancha Gela Sangun, Diste Majla Sukh Chitra Nave, Udhalit Ye Re Gulal Sajna, Ratra Aahe Reshamachi Ye Na and many more that are an integral part of the Marathi romantic song list.


Carvaan mini offers you all these and so many such beautiful Romantic Marathi songs without any interruption.



Modern Times Romantic Hits


With the new generation, Marathi love songs got its new definition of love. This love was fierce, childlike yet mature and perfectly relatable by the youth. The brother duo Ajay-Atul won a National award for their contribution to the Marathi music industry. They brought with them the superhit album of so many movies like Natarang, Jogwa, Mauli, Sairat, etc. Sairat did not just give us Marathi Love songs mp3 but also gave the youth something so relatable that they just latched onto it. Actors like Swapnil Joshi gave us romantic Marathi songs like Chand Matala, Chimani Chimani, Jeev Ha Sang Na, Tik Tik Vajate, Navri Ni Navryachi Swaari, Usavale Dhaage, and so many more. No doubt they call him the King of Romance of the Marathi film industry.



Swapnil Joshi’s Mumbai - Pune - Mumbai also gave good to download Marathi love songs.

While we are at it, romantic Marathi songs are incomplete without talking elaborately about Sairat and the sheer genius of Ajay - Atul. The soundtrack includes Western classical music recorded at Sony Scoring Stage in Hollywood, California, a first for an Indian film. The movie’s music is “Rustic” and “Addictive” , said Mihir Bhanage of The Times of India. Sankhyana Ghosh of The Hindu was quoted saying, “With joyous melodies and stirring orchestral touches, Sairat is an example of old-fashioned film music done right.” The Indian Express’s Lalitha Suhasini wrote that the score was "audacious" and "makes you laugh, cry and want to fall in love.” and we totally agree with that.


Sairat has given people Romantic Marathi Songs like Yad Lagla, Sairat Zaala Ji; two Marathi love songs that perfectly capture the nuances of being newly in love.



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