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A to Z Gujarati Songs - A Delighting Collection

Gujarati music is on an all-time high, with the entry of some of the most eminent names in the world of Indian music joining the Gujarati movie industry with every passing day. The genres of romance, rock, pop, ghazal, folk, and classical music in the segment of Gujarati music are more dynamic today than ever. If you have good taste in music, Dhollywood songs are just for you. The best thing is that you can explore a wide range of Gujarati movie song A to Z list at Saregama.


If you are into soulful songs that can pack a punch, you must try out "Aa Duniya Dukandari Song" from Paiso Bole Chhe. It will take you no time to get musically lost in the lyrics of this Gujarati song. This song embodies the depth and vocal range of singers Mahendra Kapoor and Anuradha Paudwal, who have sung this song with unmatched finesse. Get this song while searching for the best Gujarati movie song A to Z list at Saregama, the best app featuring Gujarati movie song A to Z lists.


How about listening to the beautiful "Aave Chhe Aave" by the legendary Mahendra Kapoor while scrolling through the Gujarati movie song A to Z list with Saregama? This mesmerising melody has made a big name for itself ever since it was released. The rich vocals of Mahendra Kapoor are amazingly exemplified in this Gujarati song, and it can easily capture your heart within no time. If you are a fan of Mahendra Kapoor, you should also not miss "Prabhu Ten Aa Duniya Banavi To Lidhi" from Nanhi Vahu, a movie that depicts quintessential family values.


When it comes to beautiful Gujarati music, "Prem Nagar Na Pankhi Song" deserves mention in any A to Z Gujarati film MP3 song list. This song from Putravadhu is an excellent addition to every Gujarati song A to Z list. Soulful, effervescent, and mesmerising, it is one of the best Gujarati songs of all time. This piece is undoubtedly more than just a song as it connects deeply with you in absolutely no time.


Whether you are thinking of finding the perfect song for your next date or thinking about some beautiful moments of the past, you can get definitely get the melody of your choice at Saregama. Thankfully, Saregama has a collection of more than 5,000 songs, and the Gujarati movie song A to Z list keeps on getting longer. If you are looking for the top A to Z Gujarati film MP3 song list, you can download the Saregama app or simply visit their website; and fall in love with the different genres of Gujarati music.


One thing is for sure; you will always find that there is a special song for you that would strike a chord with your soul and heart when you have the Saregama app or on the Saregama website. For instance, listen to "Saiybo Maro Gulab No Chhod Song" from Garvo Garasiyo, sung by Damyanti Bardai and Usha Mangeshkar. Connect with countless Gujarati songs while exploring the A to Z Gujarati film MP3 song list at Saregama.


If you want to get connected to the higher power, you should listen to "Mane Chaakar Rakho Ji Song" from Mein Bairagan Ho Gai. You can even tune in to "Jo Tum Sunahu Jasoda Gori Song" from the same album. Sung by Asha Bhosle, the song "Jo Tum Sunahu Jasoda Gori" is ab absolute treat for your ears.


"Maa No Garbo Re Song" by Usha Mangeshkar is one song that can belong to any Gujarati movie song A to Z list. Listening to this beautiful Gujarati song will leave you with countless waves of nostalgia. Many have tried to cover this song, but the magic of Usha Mangeshkar's voice in the original version, cannot be replicated. The best thing about this song is that you can listen to it with everyone. This go-to-song for everyone leaves everyone overwhelmed; get it by exploring the Gujarati song A to Z list at Saregama.


You should listen to "Mari Aankhe Kankuna Suraj Song" from Kashino Dikaro if you want to compile a Gujarati song A to Z list. This song by Rasbihari Desai can instantly steal your heart. This song is best enjoyed with your loved ones and cheering yourself up when you need your loved ones the most. Explore this song with the Gujarati song A to Z list at Saregama.


If you love to hear songs with deep meanings, "Mehndi No Mane Rang Lagyo Song" from Sachu Sukh Sasariyaman is just the one for you. When you start listening to this song, you will realise that no one could have sung this song better than Usha Mangeshkar. This song is quite impactful, and you will feel full of love and peace after listening to it. Turn to the best Gujarati song A to Z list with the Saregama app. The Gujarati movie song A to Z is sure to leave you asking for more every time!


If you want to compile your Gujarati movie song A to Z playlist, you should include "Dikri Chali Sasariye Song" by Mahendra Kapoor. The sound is a pure melody, and it is so mesmerising that you will probably want to frame it and keep it in a safe place at your beautiful home. The same goes for the magical and evergreen song, "Dilne Lagyo Thai Ne", which has S.D. Burman written all over it. This song is exciting and charming in every sense of the words and makes you feel like something magical is about to happen every single second from now on.


Compile your own Gujarati movie song A to Z playlist with Saregama now. Trust us; you will have countless melodies to treasure in your Gujarati movie song A to Z list. If this is not all, you can explore more regional language melodies from different genres by simply downloading the Saregama app or exploring the Saregama website.


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