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There are several touching Punjabi sad songs that deserve a place in your collection. Many of these songs have excellent lyrics and great music that combine to stir your sentiments. If you are looking for Punjabi sad song gane with great sound quality and recording, visit Saregama’s expansive collection. You can hear a 90 seconds’ preview of the Punjabi sad song mp3 version and assess the quality before you download Punjabi sad song. These gloomy songs are sung by the best singers in Punjabi and Hindi film world. Pick the best old Punjabi sad song and listen to it when you wish to get some me-time with your emotions.

Some movies are popular as musical hits. The Punjabi sad song gane in these movies are equally remarkable. An example of such a movie is the film ‘Laung Da Lishkara’. The song ‘Eh Mera Geet Kise Na Gana’ from this film directed by Chitra Singh is a classic example of old Punjabi sad song. The lyrics of this song was written by popular lyricist Shiv Kumar Batalvi. Another popular Punjabi sad song from the same film and by the same music director-lyricist duo is ‘Main Kandyali Thor Ve’. Take your time to listen to these Punjabi sad songs gane before you decide which Punjabi sad song mp3 deserve to be in your collection.

You can also download Punjabi sad songs from the film ‘Gall Taan Bandi’. There are many remarkable Punjabi sad songs in this film. The song ‘Ghahian Judaian’ is a sad duet song from this film directed by Gurmeet Singh. The singers Balkar Sidhu and Rani Reep have presented the sorrow and pain beautifully in their voices. The lyricist of this song is Sardar Babu Singh Maan. Another old Punjabi sad song from the same film is ‘Gam Mainu Kha Gaya’ by the same lyricist-music director duo. This Punjabi sad song is sung by Balkar Sidhu.

The popular singer from Bollywood, Asha Bhosale, has also sung several beautiful Punjabi sad song gane that you must listen to before you download Punjabi sad songs to add to your list. The song ‘Chal Meri Jindri’ from the film ‘Do Posti’ is a classic example of this kind. This song is written by lyricist Manu Dilber and directed by Sardool Kwartz. The song ‘Pher Teri Yaad Aundi’ from the film ‘Pappi Tare Anek’ is another classic example of old Punjabi sad song in Asha Bhosale’s voice. This song was penned by Inderjit Hassanpuri and directed by S. Mohinder.

Another veteran singer known for his Ghazals in Bollywood has contributed some excellent Punjabi sad songs that you may enjoy listening. Jagjit Singh is a popular name even in the Punjabi music world. His song ‘Ghamaan Di Raat Lammi Ae’ from the film ‘Laung Da Lishkara’ is sure to touch you. This is one song you cannot afford to miss when you download Punjabi sad songs. It is written by lyricist Shiv Kumar Batalvi and directed by Jagjit Singh’s better half Chitra Singh. The couple Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh have contributed greatly to the music world. Their songs will ever be remembered by music fans.

Mohammad Rafi, the popular singer and sweet male voice of Bollywood, also sang several Punjabi songs. He proved his versatility in music by singing songs from Hindi and Punjabi with equal grace. Some of his popular Punjabi sad songs gane are ‘Asi Han Papi Pap Karande’ from the film ‘Fauji Chacha’, ‘Dukh Bhanjan Tera Naam’ from the film by the same name to name a few. You can take time and listen to each of the listed Punjabi sad song mp3 options and pick the best for your list.

When we are in a sad mood, we wish that someone understands our true emotions and intense feelings. It can be difficult to describe these feelings in words. The best way to give vent to your emotions is to isolate yourself and listen to some Punjabi sad song gane sung by prominent singers. The music is soft and the words are relatable. When we hear songs in similar situations like ours, we tend to feel cared for. It is a great way to relax your mind and your sense. It is known to most music lovers that old Punjabi sad song has a healing effect on our mind.

We often remember Punjabi songs that are lively and energetic. We tend to forget that several good Punjabi sad songs are beautifully written and directed. You should check out the multiple Punjabi sad song mp3 options available on Saregama. You will feel extremely pampered. You may even get confused about the choices you need to make. All the Punjabi sad song gane will sound equally touching. You may even feel like adding all of these to your collection. Apart from the beauty of the songs, the excellent sound quality and recording available at Saregama will be another tempting factor.

When you plan to download Punjabi sad songs, it is always a great idea to listen to the preview first. This will help you create a small playlist of songs to add to your collection. If you feel that all songs are equally good and you want all the Punjabi sad song mp3 options in your collection, you can do that too. There are special discounts when you purchase multiple songs or albums.

It makes sense to invest some money in good quality Punjabi sad songs. It is not always possible for you to vent your emotions with friends or dear ones. It is important that you do not block your emotions. This is where listening to sentimental Punjabi sad song gane can help you. Even if you have a close friend who is sad or upset, music can play a magical role in healing them. Invest in the best quality songs by the top singers of Punjabi music. You can then listen to beautiful Punjabi sad song gane whenever you want. The songs are available in MP3 as well as HD versions and you can take your pick.

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