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Has this ever occurred to you? You were doing good until you heard one of the Malayalam sad songs on your mobile and, by the end of that song, you feel all sad. It could happen the other way around, too. There are also times when we intentionally listen to a song to make ourselves feel even sadder. It's kind of ironic, but have you ever thought about how songs influence our moods? If not, this is the best chance to understand how songs evoke emotions in our minds. Saregama offers a Malayalam sad songs list that can be downloaded and curated as per your wish.


Music has always been something that we can all relate to. It is pretty hard to explain why these songs make us feel the way they do. We all listen to songs for a variety of reasons. Some of us are happy and love to dance while listening to songs while others listen to Malayalam sad songs when they are feeling down about something. Songs have a huge role to play in influencing our mood. If not, consider listening to one of your favourite old Malayalam sad songs. Saregama provides a large array of Malayalam sad songs ranging from the golden era of the Malayalam film industry. If you're a lover of meaningful Malayalam sad songs, Saregama already has made a list of Malayalam songs that can be downloaded at just 4rs for the MP3 version and 10rs for the HD version.


A lot of Malayalam sad songs are usually about heartbreak or lost love. The old Malayalam sad songs are a perfect combination of lyrics and music. Since they were mostly written targeting a lost lover, people could relate and find it even more soothing to listen to. One of the most popular songs in the Malayalam sad songs list includes “Mizhiyoram Song” from the blockbuster movie Manjil Virinja Pookal. It is one of the old Malayalam sad songs that people of almost every generation look up to as the music composition makes one feel nostalgic, especially about losing a loved one. Another fun fact about the movie is that it is Lalettan’s (Mohanlal) first movie. Another old Malayalam sad song, ‘Tharame Tharame Song’ from the blockbuster hit, Laila Majnu also comes under the same category of tragic lovers who could not be together.

Listening to old Malayalam sad songs is actually very soothing. This happens mostly because the lyrics of the Malayalam sad songs are able to capture what the listener feels and usually take us to that one memory that we cherish. Download Malayalam sad songs mp3 on Saregama and live through those nostalgic days once again.


Another popular Malayalam sad song is “Maanasa Maine Varu Song” from the movie, Chemmeen. This song is considered one of the greatest hits of Salil Chaudhury. The god-given voice of Manna Dey is considered to be a blessing by many who hear this song. An interesting fact about this song is that the Bengali version of this song was sung by KJ Yesudas. This could be seen as a symbol of cultural exchange.

Another Malayalam sad song that could be considered a mix of cultures is the song “Vezhambal Kezhum Song” from the movie, Olangal. It is a Malayalam movie with a Tamil music director, and the main lead is a Hindi star.


Saregama has an extensive Malayalam sad songs list starting from the 60s till the current decade. One of the recent Malayalam sad songs include ‘Nagaram Song’, ‘Yamuna Song’ and ‘Manassinte Song’ from the tragedy, ‘Ore Kadal.’ Vineeth Sreenivasan, Swetha, Sujatha and Venugopal gave voice to these beautiful sad tracks in which superstar Mammooty acted along with Meera Jasmine. All you have to do is download Malayalam sad songs mp3 so that you can listen to them at any time of the day.


Sad songs, especially, old Malayalam sad songs, hit us differently when we hear them after a long time. Some of us tend to go back to those painful memories of losing our loved ones. At times, these Malayalam sad songs help you recover from your mood swings and also make you calmer. At times, we don’t even need words to understand the pain behind each song. One such Malayalam sad song includes the instrumental music titled ‘Love’ from the movie, Abhiyude kadha Anuvinteyum. At times words don’t do justice to the emotions evoked in a song and this one tops the list for that category.


Saregama offers a wide array of Malayalam sad songs to choose from and the best part is you can download and carry it around whenever you feel like listening to a song from your playlist. You’ll get to hear Saregama’s collection of Malayalam sad songs anywhere in the world, especially if you decide to purchase the Carvaan Malayalam. You can download Malayalam sad songs mp3  in your Carvaan and carry it around wherever you wish to go. Saregama's Carvaan mini Malayalam is a music player with a collection of 5000 handpicked songs. Carvaan Malayalam is the perfect gift for your loved ones as you can download as many Malayalam sad songs list as you wish to and it’s almost like gifting a part of yourself to the world outside.


The next time you feel sad or down about something that is going on in your life, Saregama has got your back. Download these beautiful Malayalam sad songs and  make yourself feel better by hoping that all is going to end well. After all, these Malayalam sad songs are a beacon of hope for a better tomorrow.

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