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Enjoy Gujarati Hit Songs That Serves the Poetry In Music

The Gujarati community is principally known for its business acumen. They believe in fulfilling all worldly pleasure before attaining Nirvana. They work hard to achieve the pinnacle of luxuries, but the unknown facet is their passion for music and dance. The state boasts of its rich Gujarati classical folk dance, musical heritage, and plush culture. But nowadays, the latest Gujarati hit songs are creating a buzz in the society.


Soulful lyrics with a melodic voice

 "Zat Jao Chandan Har Lavo Song" "Tari Vanki Re Paghaldi Song" makes Gujarati people go gaga. Singers like Veljibhai Gajjar, Kamal Barot, and Asha Bhosle make people frenzy with their melodious voices. The soulful lyrics and music composition are of absolute high quality. Gujarati classical music profoundly influences contemporary music. The notes of Gujarati hit songs show signs of the rich tradition. The spectrum of classical Gujarati music is vivid. Saregama website has a great collection of Natya Sangeet, Garba, sugam sangeet, bhajans, and ghazals.


Legends like Manna Dey, Asha Bhosle, Usha Mangeshkar, Alka Yagnik, and Mahendra Kapoor have sung many Gujarati hit songs and have won many hearts with their mesmerizing voices. You can listen to these tuneful songs on the Saregama website. The company published the first studio-recorded song way back in 1902. Then it continues to cater to the demand of music-loving Indians through physical and digital mediums such as USB-based thematic music cards, CDs, iOs, and android based apps. You can just tap your feet with the catching melody. The exquisite composition of Gujarati hit songs through the Saregama caravan is an extra advantage. The portable music player has ultimate Gujarati songs that you can enjoy with speakers. 


Gujarati ghazals- a saga of pain and pleasure


Gujarati ghazals have their own flare, which is next to Urdu and Hindi counterparts.  Gujarati superhit song has a storyline of intense emotions. These are the saga of romance and devotion, sometimes a narrative of women's pain and pleasure. Through these Gujarati hit songs, the lyricist delivers heart-touching message. This is not only to the older, rural population but also to the spirit of the cosmopolitan tech-savvy generation. The poetry in the music in the distinctive dialect is music to ears. It is the food for the soul and mind. The lyrics and tunes are equally significant in Gujarati hit songs. You have to lend a keen ear, an open mindto understand the spirit and the essence of the music.


"Mane Tari Yaad Satave Song" by the legendary Mukesh in January 1949 is still trending. You can easily listen to such evergreen retro with Gujarati hit songs free download. The soulful voice of Mukesh is still lingering in the minds of the Gujarati people. The contemporary singers are trained in classical music to revive the rich musical tradition of the state. The new passionate composers are penning lyrics with simpler words. If the audience is receptive, interested, they will continue their effort for a larger audience.


Fusion music is buzzing.


Just like Indian philosophy, Indian classical music is always open to embrace a new culture. Fusion music played a pivotal role in the tremendous popularity of the Gujarati superhit song. Singers like Nisha Upadhya, Dhruvi Chitroda, Riya Shah, and Salim Sulaiman have re-created some of the old gems in modern fashion. The contemporary Gujarati music composers are infusing traditional classical and folk elements in their notes. With the fusion of tradition and contemporary, the bond between East and West has instantly captured millennials' hearts.


Gujarati hit songs have encouraged the singers, composers to be more daunting where they have started to experiment more. They are thriving to keep the quintessence alive, the legacy lively, while presenting in a new mint fashion.


Folklores in contemporary fashion


Saregama aims to provide the latest Gujarati hit songs to the listeners. The music composers are trying to reintroduce traditional classical music in new tastes to the new generation. The playback singer Bhagwati Kumar Sharma in Manas song has added a unique vibe to the song. Garba is an integral part of Gujarati music that remains the most popular genre.


Garba originated from folklore, stating the bravery, spirit, and passion of the region. The new musicians are adding new twists to make it more appealing. Traditional Garba is mostly played in weddings and festivals. Artists like Nisha Upaydhay, Falguni Pathak have taken Gujarati music on the international platform.


Ragas -the soul of classical Hindustani music


Gujarati music has deep roots; it has a rich heritage. Several rags originated from this colorful state. Sorathi, Bilaval, Ahiri, and Lati, Gujarati Todi are the names of a few. These are the few gems that the state has contributed to classical Hindustani music. Gujarati superhit song is the lineage of the musical heritage, which is the pride of Gujarat. From the Saregama website, you can go for Gujarati hit songs free download to enjoy Gujarat's glorious culture.


Rustic instruments with captivating notes


Instruments used in Gujarati songs to craft a beautiful balance between modern and classical music are unique. They are different from other instruments of the country. The collection of Gujarati superhit songs are soothing to the soul. Contemporary music does not follow classical music's strict rules. But it infuses an upbeat, light mood with meaningful lyrics. Once you go for Gujarati hit songs free download, you will find the notes have the melodies of instruments like Sundari, Morchang, Bhorrindo, and Surando.


Morchang is one of the rarest refined folk instruments of Gujarat crafted out of iron or brass. This instrument was used in the shepherd and nomad community but nowadays played in contemporary music. Surando is another marvelous string instrument that originated from the Kutch region; it fills the air with a melodic vibe. One needs years of practice to master this widget. Contemporary music directors are using this exquisite musical instrument in Gujarati superhit song. Osman Jat was a maestro, and his deft fingers created the magic that filled the arid land with melodies that still hung in the desert of Kutch.


Gujarati songs are famous for the foot-tapping melodies and drum beats. The dynamism is infectious. There are songs to redefine every occasion, every mood. The continuum of Gujarati hit songs is extensive. You can play it for weeding or housewarming either in a pensive mood or a joyous state. On the Saregama website, you can have the option to download a variety of Gujarati songs from different genres.


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