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Find the perfect remedies for your love life with Tamil Love songs

People usually say that love is in the air, but during these troubled times, is it possible for it to infiltrate the literal and figurative masks we’re all wearing?

Love can strike you as suddenly as a bolt of lightning, or it can grow slowly and beautifully like a  blossoming flower. Although love is a universal feeling, it is unique and different for each person, so move to the tempo of your love with Tamil love songs like ‘Endrendrum Punnagai Song’, ‘Nenjai Poopol Song’, or ‘Haiyo Paththikkichchu Song.’ Set the mood right with Tamil romantic songs such as ‘Anubhavam Pudumai Song’, ‘Kandukondain Kandukondain Song’, or ‘En Iniya Pon Nilave Song’ which adds an element of nostalgia that will surely elevate your strong feeling of love. Get your swag on and get ready to discover and play some background music for your own love story!


You know that moment when you’re overtaken by the intensity of the feelings you have for a person? You really want to let them know exactly how much they mean to you; you want to compare them to the sun and the moon or even the whole universe, but nothing you say actually feels like it is grand enough. When confessions of an ‘I  love you’ aren’t enough to convey your heartfelt love, turn to Tamil love songs to help you express yourself. You’re sure to win bonus points if you pen your own Tamil romantic songs, but in the meantime why not let Saregama’s Tamil mp3 love songs do all the talking for you with Tamil love songs like ‘Mudher Kanave Song’, Un Perai Sonnale Song’, ‘Kaalangalil Aval Vasantham Song’, or ‘Pesuvathu Kiliya Song’ to win your significant other over?


Those of you lucky ones whose romance has led to a fairy-tale happy ending, in marriage or a long-term relationship, deserve Tamil love songs to celebrate! Why do you think all our wedding festivities invariably include music? Make sure to download Tamil love songs that are fun numbers to dance to or will help you declare your undying love for your significant other! Choose Tamil love songs MP3 like ‘Andru Vanthathum’, ‘Yaro Yarodi Song’, or ‘Manjakkaattu Maina Song’ as your special couple song. Get all your friends and family, including the older people to shake a leg on the dance floor, and join you in honoring love when you play Tamil love songs like ‘Oho Endhan Baby Song’, ‘Paatu Paadavaa Song’ and ‘Ponmagal Vanthaal Song.’


Not every story has a happy ending, and if you’re awake at night unable to fall asleep, download Tamil love songs to keep you company through the difficult times. Pay close attention to the lyrics of Tamil love failure songs MP3 like ‘Yengae Yennathu Kavithai Song’, ‘Venmathiye Song’, ‘Aval Paranthu Ponale Song’, and ‘Malarukku Thendral Song’ which will take you by surprise because of how in-depth their understanding of pain is. These Tamil love songs will help you realize that sometimes in life things don’t work out, but that doesn’t mean you should lose all hope. Give yourself time to grieve, but just like the protagonists in your favourite Tamil love songs, you’ll also gain the courage to get up, dust yourself off and start all over again one day! Do you need a little more external encouragement? Listen to Tamil love songs like ‘Ponaal Poggatum’, ‘Odum megangalae Song’ which will teach you the art of letting go. However, make sure to follow up the Tamil love failure songs with ‘Verenna (Ivan Yaro) Song’, “Katrin Mozhiye Song’, ‘Un Perai Sonnale Song’ and ‘Vizhigalil Vizhigalil Song’ because these Tamil love songs MP3 will fill you with newfound hope and confidence that there is someone special out there for you.


But what about all the single people, you say? We’re so accustomed to thinking only of romance, that we must remind ourselves that romantic love is not the only type of love that exists in this world. What about growing up surrounded by a family who love and dote on you, or friends who would jump through hoops just for you? Take a minute to reflect on and appreciate all the incredible people who have stuck by you through thick and thin. After all, isn’t unconditional love the purest form of love? Tamil love songs that praise love in all forms like ‘Andanaal Nyabakam’, ‘Engalukkum Kaalam Varum’, and ‘Naalai Namathey’ are the best to turn on when you are spending quality time with your loved ones. Download Tamil Love songs from Saregama at the best prices so you are always ready with a relatable playlist of Tamil love songs MP3.


However, make a note to ensure that you don’t take the most important person for granted - You! Self-love is not only significant but also quite necessary too. Only when we truly love ourselves, can we be happy and enjoy relationships with the people around us. Make yourself a priority and hype yourself up by dedicating Tamil romantic songs like ‘Olimayamaana Ethirkaalam Song’, ‘Ninaitthadhai Nadatthiyae Song’ and ‘ Naam Aani Ittal’ to yourself so you can radiate positive vibes. Once you understand yourself better, there won’t be any more space in your life for people who don’t see the amazing human being you see inside yourself!


One doesn’t really need a specific reason to listen to Tamil romantic songs. Any time the clouds turn grey, or the blue skies are super clear, all one needs is a soodana cup of tea or coffee and a great playlist to match this incredible mood. Saregama makes life easy by providing ready-made albums of Tamil love songs MP3 that you can be entertained by instantly if you’re too tired or don’t have enough time to create your own playlist. Give a listen to ‘Love blooms - Tamil Romantic hits’, ‘ Couples Retreat Songs’, ‘Musical Journey - Love Collection - Tamil’ which are a few albums that you can play on repeat. A cute and enjoyable addition to the Tamil romantic songs playlist is ‘Chocolate boys - Madhavan and Prashanth.’ So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey of love right away with Saregama by your side!

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