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Bengali Romantic Songs For Your Loved Ones

When it comes to showing their romantic nature, Bengalis have been using songs for several years. They have associated their emotions, love, and affection with the lyrics of the songs. Many of these songs have become instant hits after their release. Many people love to express their emotions by singing these songs to their loved ones. Other languages have also taken their lyrics and tune from these Bengali romantic songs. All these Bengali romantic songs have been listed on the Saregama website. Let us look at some of these Bangla romantic gaans.


Old evergreen Bengali romantic songs by renowned singers

The time between the 1960s and 2000s is considered to be the golden period of Bengali romantic songs. Renowned singers like Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar have rendered their voices in evergreen Bangla romantic gaans like 'Ami Je Ke Tomar Song' People consider this song to be of the gold standard since both Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar have sung it. Their voice for this song takes it to the next level.


'Ei Raat Tomar Amar Song' is another song that deserves a notable mention from the list of Bangla romantic songs mp3. This song is from the movie 'Dwip Jele Jai.' The film features Basanta Chowdhury and Suchitra Sen in the lead role. The song's fantastic tune and the meaning of the lyrics linger in the heart of every Bengali. You will often find romantic couples humming its music at the time of dusk.


When it comes to the portrayal of romance in Bengali movies, who can forget about the dream pair of Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen. They are so popular amongst the Bengalis that people used to use them as the standard of love pairs. They have several memorable Bengali romantic songs used in their movies. 'Ei Poth Jodi na sesh hoe' is one song that people use to express their love on a long drive. This evergreen song from the movie Saptapadi is amongst the best Bengali romantic songs ever sung in movies. If you wish to download Bengali love songs such as these, visit the Saregama website and click on the required buttons.


Rabindra sangeet romantic songs

Rabindranath Tagore has been the magician to reintroduce romance in the life of every Bengalis. His words felt like honey in their ears. Renowned artists worldwide have sung his songs for different movies by keeping the original or producing their own renditions. For example, 'Ami Chini Go Chini' is a song that is sung by both young and old. This song has several connotations. It speaks about the feelings of a person for his beloved one who lives far, far away. The way this person waits for several days and nights, enjoying the beauty of every moment of this wait, is the theme of this song.


Kishore Kumar has sung this song for the movie 'Charulata.' The film itself is a masterpiece of the great Oscar-winning Bengali movie director Satyajit Ray based on the novel Nastanir by Rabindranath Tagore. Soumitra Chatterjee and Madhabi Mukherjee, two of the most talented actors in Bengali movies' history, have acted in this film.


Bengali rendition of Hindi romantic songs

Romance has been one of the sources of exchange of ideas between different languages. Just like several Bengali romantic songs have been remade into Hindi similarly, Hindi romantic songs have been converted to Bangla romantic gaan. For example, you can find the Bangla romantic songs mp3 of the movie 1942-A Love Story on the Saregama website. Some of these songs include 'Raag Na Koro To Tomake Boli Song,' 'Rimjhim Rimjhim Song,' and 'Na Bolo Na Kichchu Bolo Na.' Some of these songs are sung by the original singers. Like Kumar Sanu and Kavitha Krishnamurthy have sung the Bengali version of 'Rimjhim Rimjhim' too. You can download Bengali love songs like these from the Saregama website.


Why do people want to express their love through Bangla romantic gaans?

Since Bengalis hold a lot of knowledge in different subjects, they cannot contain their emotions to a few words. You will hardly find a Bengali who will restrict themselves to just 'I love you' to express their feelings. They associate their feelings with different aspects of nature, abstract, or a mixture of their emotions. Along with the words, they feel that a melodious tune will add the cherry to the cake.


Such Bangla romantic songs mp3 have been included in the Saregama website. People can learn the lyrics and tunes of these songs and sing to their loved ones. They can also make them feel special when they sing their favourite ones in the middle of a party, thus putting all the limelight on their beloved. Their love life becomes beautiful with such wonderful gestures, and these memories will be etched for a lifetime.


How to download Bengali love songs from the Saregama website?

For all the romantic couples out there, Saregama has made a separate list of Bangla romantic gaans. The list is vast, with more than 200 Bengali romantic songs. You can first listen to 90 seconds of every song that is present on the list. Then you can download Bengali love songs from given options according to your taste. You can download good quality Bangla romantic songs mp3 without hassle. You will also get the HD version of the songs if you wish to enjoy them in high definition. All you need to do is opt for the HD version option available on the website. The process of enlisting all the songs you want to play in your Saregama Carvaan is also very smooth. Considering the mood, choose the different versions of different songs so that your list becomes diverse.


Bengali romantic songs have always been the vital cog for many Bengali movies. Many Bengali directors use these songs to portray different themes and moods of the story. These Bengali romantic songs have become evergreen over the years. If you wish to have these Bangla romantic songs mp3 in your playlist for your Saregama Carvaan, you must download Bengali love songs from the Saregama website.


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