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Sadness is one of those emotions experienced by each of us at some point in life. Sadness is something that we all long for at times. When we are experiencing it, we don't want it to end because the feeling of being sad can be hauntingly beautiful. We may not be equally happy while sharing a joyful experience. Still, we are always filled with sorrow while expressing an unfortunate happening because sadness is something that engulfs us and puts us in a space where it's dark but quite comfortable. Tragedies give birth to stories; it gives life to melancholy. A weeping heart always whistles the saddest yet absorbing melody. Some melodies that steep within us and sprouts the most beautiful feelings.

One such way of venting our emotions is through songs and music. When we are sad, we tend to listen to sad songs and feel comforted by it not because it lets you connect with sorrow, but because it ensures that you're not alone in this and definitely not the only one experiencing mournfulness. There have been so many people who've had the same experience and have gone through the same. And have been able to put their feelings out in words and music. Research suggests that "By identifying with the lyrics of a sad song, a listener can empathize with the vocalist and understand that others have shared experiences of rejection, loss, unrequited love, misfortune, or other themes characteristic of sad songs" which makes a lot of sense.

The colours of happiness or a happy experience may fade with time, but Melancholia has the power to captivate everyone it touches for a lifetime.

Sometimes we experience that we are drawn towards being sad, mainly because every time we feel sad, we tend to listen to sad songs. Not only because it comforts us and balms our wounds but also because it makes us feel that we are not alone in this world. Others have gone through tragic times or are in a dark space, but it shows that each one of us has gone through this feeling at some point in time. Some people have been able to put their sad feelings out in the world beautifully through words through melody and different regional expressions.

One such example is of Sad Marathi songs.

Some of the Sad Marathi songs have made its listeners weep their hearts out and have given us a tremendous wave of the emotional deluge, which is a feeling beyond words. One such emotional Marathi song is 'Kashi nashibane thatta aaj mandali' by Sudhir Fadke from the superhit movie Pinjara, which is more than a 50 years old film, is still tuned in by many and leaves a significant impact on its listeners. Another sad emotional Marathi song called 'Tuzya sathi pranacha mee' sung by Anuradha from the movie 'Maai Baap' leaves you with a mournful feeling and lingers in your ears for days. Old sad Marathi songs bring back the long lost emotions and old memories which we have kept safe in our hearts but never visit them.

Sad Marathi songs and emotional Marathi songs are recognized for their great music and equally tremendous and rich lyrics. A popular break-up song "Deva tujhya gabharyala' from the movie 'Duniyadari' beautifully sung by Adarsh Shinde and Kirti Killedaar has captivating lyrics, which connects with the listeners almost instantaneously. This song majorly hits the youthful audience who have experienced a beloved's separation and heartbreak at least once in their lifetime.


The Marathi music industry has a varied and profound understanding in terms of sadness and melancholy and lyrics which are so relatable that makes you feel like it's about your own journey and your own story.

Marathi emotional songs lyricists like Mandar Cholkar, Sachin Pathak, Kshitij Patwardhan, Vaibhav Joshi etc. have done marvellous jobs when it comes to writing.

Likewise, Marathi sad songs and Marathi emotional songs have great music that will give both contentment and excitement. The fabulous duo, Ajay-Atul have created magic with their work both in Marathi emotional songs and Hindi songs. The clever use of the chorus, exotic instruments and a fantastic sense of Juxtapositioning every beat leave you quiet in awe and amazed.

Sad Marathi songs whenever and wherever played make you feel like a friend embracing you and wiping your tears, making sure everything will be fine in life. The amazing voices in sad Marathi songs go straight into hearts and live there forever rent-free. Heartbreaking melodious Marathi sad song 'Dur Dur' sung by Adarsh Shinde, Bela Shende & Swapnil Bandodkar from the movie Mitwaa starring Swapnil Joshi, Sonalee Kulkarni & Prarthana Behere, directed by Swapna Waghmare Joshi and music by Amit Raj is a beautifully sung and exceptionally well put a song. 'Maagu Kasa Mi' from the Marathi movie Bhikari featuring Swwapnil Joshi is an enchanting song sung by Ajay Gogavale which leaves enchanted and spellbound.

Sad Marathi songs, emotional Marathi songs in the recent times like 'Roz Mala Visrun Me' from the film Classmates, 'Deva tujhya Gabharyala' from Duniyadari, 'Jeev ha sang na' from the movie Tu hi re, 'Saang na' from classmates, 'Dayaghana' from Shree partner, among others are a great source of aid for the ailing hearts.

Emotional Marathi songs are shot in a way, and with such actors, every character feels like one of our friends. Characters which are easily found around us someone we know already. The beauty of Marathi sad songs is that it encapsulates so many different aspects of love, betrayal, hatred, separation, belongingness, faith, and hope that one can easily find themself singing these songs.

Marathi sad songs mp3 download connects with every listener so well that we feel every emotion wrapped in it even though some of us don't even know or understand the language.

Such is the power of great music and such is the power of Marathi emotional songs.

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