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A To Z Punjabi Songs in Best Quality for Download on Saregama

Lovers and fans of Punjabi music can find and download A to Z Punjabi songs of their choice on Saregama. Think of an alphabet and you will find a favourite Punjabi song by that letter on Saregama. That is why this is the best place to go for A to Z Punjabi song download. You could be looking for Punjabi songs for different occasions. You may simply be looking for some favourite Punjabi songs for your private collection. It does not matter what your need is, the A to Z Punjabi song collection will include every song you are looking for.

Listen to the previews of A to Z Punjabi song mp3 versions. It will help you assess the recording and sound quality of the song. There are impressive songs like ‘Aakh Ladi Ve Ladi’, ‘Aag Lage Mehlan Noo’, ‘Aini Gal to Gulabi Galan’, ‘Aakhiyan Ne Suj Gaiyan’ and several more starting from the letter A. Hear these songs by popular singers from Bollywood like Asha Bhosale and Mohammed Rafi. The A to Z Punjabi song mp3 collections are carefully curated to include every song of a Punjabi music lover’s choice.

Punjabi Bhangra is a popular dance form. Punjabi music and film songs also clearly reflect these unique styles in Punjabi music. You can select some such dance songs like ‘Balle Balle’ duet from the film ‘Nimmo’, ‘Balle Balle’ from the film ‘Jatt Punjabi’, ‘Bhangra’ duet song from the film ‘Laajo’ to name a few. Several dance songs make you tap your feet and dance excitedly. You will be tempted to add these to your private A to Z Punjabi song download collection. The 90 seconds preview gives you a fair idea about the music quality. The songs are available in MP3 and HD versions.

If you are looking for some modern numbers that are up to the times, that is also available on Saregama. You can go for songs like ‘Haye Merya Rabba’ from the film ‘Gall Taan Bandi’. The song sounds like a pop song in Punjabi. If you are looking for a diverse mix in your A to Z Punjabi song mp3 playlist then this song definitely should be added to it. If you are looking for some lively duets that cheer you up, you should go for the song ‘Has Baliye’ from the film ‘Saidan Jogan’.

If you are in a devotional state of mind, there are several songs to go with this mood. You can download A to Z Punjabi songs like ‘Jai Ambe Jagadambe’ from the film ‘Patwari’, ‘Jo Tud Bhave’ from the film ‘Dukh Bhanjan Tera Naam’ and several other devotional songs sung by popular singers of all times.

There are songs for many different moods in the vast A to Z Punjabi song mp3. You can feel the festive mood when you hear the ‘Lohri’ song from the film ‘Akhiyan Udek Diyan’. The song creates the perfect mood of the Lohri festival in every Punjabi song lover’s mind.

The followers of Guru Nanak will find several good songs dedicated to him in the A to Z Punjabi song download options on Saregama. You may go for ‘Mitter Pyare Noon’, ‘Mere Sahib Mere Sahib’, ‘Mitti Dundh Jag Chanan Hoya’ to name a few. Several other songs are praising the mercy of Guru Nanak available for A to Z Punjabi song download. Take time to hear each of these A to Z Punjabi songs and shortlist the best. You can add them to your separate collection and hear them in solace.

If you are a fan of Punjabi film songs with a pinch of romance in them, go for them on Saregama. Your A to Z Punjabi song download should include the best romantic numbers. The song ‘Teri Meri Ek Jindri’ from the film by the same name is a great pick in this category. The ‘Mohabbatan’ song from the film ‘Akhiyan Udek Diyan’ is a wonderful romantic number in Shreya Ghoshal’s sweet voice. You may also like the song ‘Mere Babu Surdas Ji’ from the film ‘Ranjha Ikk Tey Heeren Do’, a light romantic duet. Listen to the song when you wish to destress.

When you are in a melancholic mood, some sad songs give you relief. That is why you must add some beautiful Punjabi sad songs to your A to Z Punjabi song mp3 playlist. The song ‘Ek Mera Geet Kise Na Gana’ from the film ‘Laung Da Lishkara’ is a fascinating song with lyrics by Shiv Kumar Batalvi. The song ‘Pher Teri Yaad Aundi’ from the film ‘Pappi Tare Anek’ is another good sad song worth adding to your collection. The song ‘Kithe Wekh Sajan’ from ‘Channa Pardesi’ is also sweet in a female voice.

If you download A to Z Punjabi songs and want it to be perfect, don’t forget to add all-time Punjabi hits to this collection. The A to Z Punjabi song download is incomplete if you have not added ‘Dil Da Mamla Hai’ by Gurudas Maan, ‘Tutak Tutak Tutian’ by Malkit Singh and ‘Lathe Di Chadar Utte Saleti’ to your unique collection. These are all Punjabi songs that are known even to non-Punjabis. These songs may even have been featured in some popular Bollywood films. So, how can you afford to miss them while making your unique A to Z Punjabi song mp3 playlist?

There is a vast variety of Punjabi songs. Punjabi music includes jovial dance numbers like ‘Meri Patli Kamariya’ from the film ‘Do Posti’ and ‘Ghut Ghut Kar Ke Pee Mitra’ from the film ‘Saidan Jogan’. There are also songs revealing the sorrow of separation like ‘Nahion Bhulng Vichora Tera’ from the film ‘Sarpanch’ and ‘Ghamaan Di Raat Lammi’ from the film ‘Laung Da Lishkara’. These songs are highly sentimental and they will instantly stir your emotions. Don’t think twice before adding all these fascinating A to Z Punjabi songs to your best quality collection.


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