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Romantic and love songs only bring out simple emotions of love and infatuation. The core emotions are reflected only through sad songs. If you are a fan of Telugu sad songs, you have ample choice in Saregama’s sad songs in Telugu list. The different emotions of sorrow, pain, anguish and loneliness are clearly expressed in the emotional songs of Telugu. You may be able to instantly relate to some of these songs because of the sentimental lyrics to go with the melancholic tunes. This website is the best place to download Telugu sad songs. The songs are available in MP3 and HD versions allowing you a choice in quality.

If you are searching for the top 10 love failure songs Telugu mp3, the song ‘Kalai Poyenu’ should surely top the list. The musical hit film ‘Sakhi’ has presented this wonderful Telugu sad song that listeners will enjoy each time they listen to it. The song is sung by Swarnalatha and directed by the veteran music director A.R Rehman. When the Telugu sad songs mp3 audio presents the same emotion as the actors present on-screen, the song becomes a perfect creation for the audiences. The song ‘Kalai Poyenu’ is a classic example of such a song.

When we think of good music direction in emotional songs of Telugu, we remember A.R Rehman. Another popular sad song directed by him is ‘Yemi Cheyamanduve’ in the voice of Shankar Mahadevan. The song is from the film ‘Priyuraalu Pilichindi’. It is yet another sad song related to love. Budding lovers and those going through a breakup may enjoy listening to such Telugu sad songs mp3 audio. It may help them feel understood. It will also help to reduce the pain of the situation they are going through.

There is no dearth of beautifully sad songs in old Telugu movies as well. The song ‘Ee Jeevana Tharangalalo’ is the title song for the film Jeevana Tharangalalo. When you download Telugu sad songs, this song must be included. The music director for this song was J.V. Raghavulu. The song lyrics were penned by C. Narayana Reddy. This is one of those Telugu sad songs that make you sit back and think about life and its course. There are situations in life that cause people to think beyond themselves and experience life from a deeper perspective. This is a speculative song that will inspire you to do so.

The old film ‘Parivartana’ also had some classic sad songs like ‘Velugu Needalu’. The melancholic feel this sad song creates is remarkable. Mohandas and T. Chalapathi Rao are the music directors of the song. This song deserves a mention when you make sad songs on Telugu list. The lyricist Anisetty has made sure that the lyrics perfectly complement the emotion being portrayed in the film. Listen to this song preview and you will surely want to download the sad song immediately. It will bring back the magic of the bygone era in music.

Lovers of old Telugu songs and fans of K. V. Mahadevan’s music direction should listen to songs from the film ‘Anthasthulu’. The song ‘Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene’ from this film is sure to impress all ‘Telugu sad songs mp3’ fans. This song is in the voice of a popular female singer of those times, P. Susheela. Acharya Athreya has written the touching lyrics for this song. It is one of the memorable emotional songs of Telugu. Add it to your playlist if you enjoy the song just like other Telugu sad song lovers.

Fans of P. Susheela know the immense contribution of this singer in the Telugu sad songs niche. The singer has sung countless songs and has done equal justice to Telugu sad songs and happy songs. The film ‘Aaradhana’  has some impressive numbers like ‘Nee Chelimi Need Korithini’ in her beautiful voice. She has also sung the popular sad song ‘Neevuleka Veena’ from the film ‘Dr. Chakravarthy’. S. Rajeswara Rao did the music director for this film while the lyrics were penned by ‘Acharya Athreya’. Just play the preview and in 90 seconds you will know the magic spell cast by these emotional songs of Telugu.

S. P. Balasubhramanium is another popular singer from the Telugu film world. He has also sung several songs for Bollywood. This singer also has some beautiful numbers that deserve a place in your top 10 love failure songs Telugu mp3 playlist. The song ‘Chakkanaina Oh Chirugali’ from the film ‘Premasagaram’ is a classic example of his lovely singing. The same film also has the song ‘Hrudayamane Kovelalo’ but in the voice of M. Ramesh.

Saregama has an expansive list of Telugu sad songs spanning over decades. You will find many prominent music directors and their top 10 love failure songs Telugu mp3 from several different movies listed on Saregama. Singers like P. Susheela, S. Janaki, S. P. Balasubramaniam, Ghantasala and Vani Jairam have sung Telugu sad songs for movies that stay memorable over the years. The sentimental song lyrics touch the souls of the listeners. Renowned lyricists like C. Narayana Reddy, Chiranjeevi, Rajashri, Sri Sri and many others have written lyrics that instantly make an impression on the listeners. You can now download Telugu sad songs by these top singers and lyricists on Saregama. A 90 seconds preview is available. Just pick the song you like and listen to the preview. It will help you assess the sound and recording quality of the song.

The story and the acting stay in the minds of viewers only for a short period. Music is eternal. Even when people haven’t seen the movie, the music is still enjoyable. People download Telugu sad songs and add them to the playlist so that they can listen to these songs whenever in a bad mood. The sad songs make you feel that your emotions are being heard. Invest in some good quality music as you buy MP3 songs at Rs. 4 each and HD quality songs at Rs. 10 each. Be assured of soothing and emotional songs of Telugu at your fingertips.

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