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Rekindle Romance Listening to Punjabi Love Songs from Saregama’s Collections

There is a vast collection of Punjabi love songs available for download on Saregama. The songs are available in MP3 and HD versions. There are songs from several popular Punjabi films. The collection also includes Punjabi romantic songs by several popular artists from the Punjabi music world. You can create a whole Punjabi love songs list by selecting the best songs available on Saregama. You will be able to download Punjabi romantic songs of best quality sound recording and add them to your private collection. Just invest some time to pick out the best Punjabi romantic mp3 song to add to your playlist.

Several Punjabi films have also been musical hits. You can choose Punjabi love songs from these to add to your playlist. The song ‘Aaja Sonie’ from the film ‘Santo Banto’ is a beautiful love song in Mohammed Rafi’s melodious voice. This beautiful love song was written by Inderjeet Singh Tulsi and S. Mohinder is the music director. Mohammed Rafi was a versatile singer from Bollywood who had also made his impression in the Punjabi music world. Another popular musical hit with several beautiful romantic numbers is ‘Ranjha Ikk Tey Heeren Do’. The song ‘Mere Babu Surdas’ sung by Dilraaj Kaur is a Punjabi romantic song that you may enjoy. A Punjabi romantic song that combines the skills of these two popular singers is seen in the film ‘Walayati Babu’. The song is ‘Aaja Ni Baliye’ directed by S. Madan.

It is never easy to select and download Punjabi romantic song that you like most. These songs are all equally enjoyable and you could be tempted to listen to more. The superior sound quality and recording of the Punjabi romantic mp3 song will tempt you even more to download all the songs you hear. Take time to choose your favourites and add them to the collection.

Fans of Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh will find an entire Punjabi love songs list by these veteran singers. The song ‘Main Teri Aa’ from the film ‘Diva Bale Sari Raat’ is a song sung by Chitra Singh. The music direction for this song has been done by Jagjit Singh. Another Punjabi movie popular for the songs by Jagjit Singh is ‘Laung Da Lishkara’. The song ‘Ghamaan Di Raat Lammi’ is a sad Punjabi love song that clearly expresses the sorrow of separation. The song is sung by Jagjit Singh and directed by Chitra Singh.

Fans of old Punjabi songs will be in for a surprise. There are several beautiful old Punjabi love songs available on this website. You can enjoy songs like ‘Ghut Ghut Karke Pi Mitra’ from the film ‘Saidan Jogan’. The song is sung by Mahendra Kapoor and Dilraj Kaur. The music direction for this song is done by Mohd Siddique. The song ‘Aakh Lade Te Ladai Ja’ from the film ‘Lambardarni’ is another beautiful song to add to your Punjabi love songs list. This song is sung by the veteran singer from Bollywood Usha Mangeshkar.

Surinder Kaur is a popular name in the Punjabi music world. If you are a fan of her music, several choices are awaiting you on Saregama. You can choose songs like ‘Asi Tere Pyar Vich’ from the film ‘Jindari Yaar Di’, ‘Ek Toon Howe’ from the film ‘Mawan Thandi Chawan’, ‘Largai Largai’ from ‘Ranjhan Mera Yaar’ among the many songs that Surinder Kaur has contributed. She is a very talented person who has sung, directed as well as acted in movies. You should surely pick her best Punjabi romantic mp3 songs to add to your private list. You can savour these songs in private while creating the perfect romantic mood.

Charanjit Ahuja is a very popular music director in the Punjabi music world. He has ensured the perfect music direction for most of the loved Punjabi romantic songs. You can listen to all his songs and then shortlist the choicest picks. You will enjoy the song ‘Aa Chal Soniye’ from the album Punjabi Variety Songs’. You will also enjoy ‘Aa Mil Ranjhan Yaar’ from the album ‘Hans Raj Hans Jo Gian De Kanwich’ by the same music director. The Punjabi love songs list by this music director have a traditional bend to the music. That is why it is usually preferred by traditionalists.

If you are the kinds who enjoy modern and hep kind of music, go for songs by pop stars and DJs. You may like the song ‘Taaza Taaza News Hai Yaaro’, ‘Ganne Diye Pariye’ and ‘Tora Tora’ by Baba Sehgal. You may download Punjabi romantic song that you like most from these after listening to the 90 seconds preview offered. The preview helps you assess the sound and recording quality. You understand where you are investing your money while purchasing these modern love songs.

Lovers who enjoy Desi Pop Punjabi Music should also check the album ‘Desi Pop Blast Punjabi Pop’. It includes songs by different singers. You may like the Punjabi romantic mp3 song Pyar Di Booti’ sung by ‘Jagvinder Benning’. The lyrics of this song are written by Guddu Siddhwa Wala and the music direction is done by Sukhpal Sukh. If you wish to show off your Punjabi love songs list to your friends and family, take some time to pick the songs of your choice. It is worth listening to the songs before deciding which are the best.

Sometimes, Punjabi romantic mp3 songs can help to create the perfect mood for a date. Sometimes, listening to these beautiful Punjabi love songs can bring back nostalgic memories from your life. Sometimes, these songs may just help to get rid of stress. Music has a great effect on the mind. It helps you get rid of the stress and be completely relaxed. It does not matter what your reason is for choosing these love songs, you are making the perfect investment. You should download Punjabi romantic songs from Saregama if you wish for the best recording and sound quality.


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