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Fans of the latest numbers in Telugu cinema are in for a treat on Saregama. You will find several impressive Telugu new mp3 songs awaiting you on Saregama’s expansive collection. You can download the latest Telugu songs of your choice here. Surf through the new Telugu songs list here and find the songs you would enjoy listening to during your solitude. These songs are also ideal for parties and get-togethers. You can show off your Telugu new songs download playlist in front of friends. They will be impressed by how updated you are with the Telugu latest songs.

You may go for Telugu new movie songs from the film ‘Bow Bow’. The music director Marc D Muse has come up with some interesting songs for this film. Different Telugu playback singers like Rahul Nambiar, Jeffrey George Biju, Suchith Sureshan, Madhu Balakrishnan and Baby Jennifer have sung the songs for this film. These Telugu new songs are best for your private collection of happening songs. You might have already heard the song ‘Hey Kuchi Kunamma’ and ‘Inky Pinky’ from this film while surfing through Telugu new mp3 songs in the online lists.

The film ‘Mogalturu’ also has some classic hits worth adding to your collection. Hear the previews of Telugu new mp3 songs like ‘Thana Thana-Ganda Deepa’ and ‘Oke Oke Kannu Choopu’ from this film. You will surely observe the vast variety of Telugu new songs in this film. The superior music direction by Jose Franklin and heart-touching lyrics by Yaadi Pathkula is responsible for this heavenly perfection in Telugu new movie songs. The songs are available in HD and MP3 versions. You may even enjoy special discounts if you plan to download the entire album and add it to your collection.

Another new Telugu movie with some interesting numbers is ‘Chennai Chinnodu’. The film has some truly modern music and songs. You can’t afford to miss out on them when you download the latest Telugu songs. The singers who have sung songs for this film are Malavika, Deepu, Sampath, Sai Madhav, Mounika Reddy and Anurag Kulkarni. The music direction for these Telugu new movie songs is done by G.V Prakash Kumar. Some of the popular Telugu new mp3 songs in this movie are ‘Locality Boys’ and ‘Gum Zaire’. Hear the previews to get an idea about the tune and music of the song. You will be instantly tempted to download these songs and add them to your collection.

The movie ‘C/O Surya’ also has some beautiful songs. You can listen to previews of Telugu new mp3 songs like ‘ Yechacha Yechacha’, ‘Mudalothonda’ and ‘Takkari’ from this film. You will then get a fair idea about the music of this film. The top singers of our times have contributed to this musical creation. The Telugu new movie songs from this film are sung by Shreya Ghoshal, Pradeep Kumar, Hariharan, Sharanya Gopinath, Aditya Rao, Hemachandra and Benny Dayal. The music direction of this film is done by D. Immam. The songs are available in HD and MP3 versions.

Telugu movie lovers may also like listening to the Telugu new movie songs from the film ‘Anando Brahma’. Malgudi Subha and S.V. Jananie have sung songs for the film. The movie has songs as well as theme music. The Telugu new mp3 songs for this film have been directed by K. The lyrics for the Telugu new songs have been written by Mahi. V. Raghav. The previews of songs as well as instrumental music are available. You can hear them and choose which of these Telugu new mp3 songs deserve a place in your playlist.

A thriller action film of 2015, ‘Dr. Salim’ also has some great Telugu new songs. Singers Santhosh, Mahalingam, Prabhu Pandala, Hemachandra and Supriya Joshi have sung songs for this film. The music direction for this film is done by Aksha Pardasany. When you download the latest Telugu songs, don’t forget to add these to your Telugu new songs download list. The feel of these songs is quite different from those of old Telugu songs. The superior music direction further adds to the feel. These are ideal picks for your playlist which you can listen to when you are alone and wish to relax.

Fans of Telugu new movie songs cannot afford to miss the movie album ‘Rowdy Fellow’. The film has a whole new Telugu songs list worth checking out. The film has songs sung by Nakash Aziz, Arijit Singh, Aditi Singh Sharma, Armaan Malik, Sunny, Jennifer Abraham, Harishka Gudi and Natasha Pinto. The music direction for the film is done by Sunny M. R. The songs ‘Eekshanam Swayamvaram’ is a modern romantic number from the film. People with a modern taste for music will be tempted to download the latest Telugu songs like this one.

You may also check the movie album ‘Naa Rakumarudu’. The film has songs sung by Achu, Karunya, Pranavi, Revanth, Sri Krishna, Sri Chitra and Srivaani. You can download the latest Telugu songs directed by ‘Achu Rajamani’ and add them to your collection. Songs like ‘Hey Girl’ and ‘Hey Listen’ are truly lively and happening. If you go for these Telugu new songs download, you can listen to these songs and feel active. These songs are ideal as dance and party numbers in your mother tongue. There are so many good songs awaiting the Telugu new movie songs’ fans that you may find it hard to select the best out of the lot.

When you download songs from Saregama, you can be assured of the best quality recording and sound. The quality differs slightly in MP3 and HD versions. That is why the MP3 version of the song costs you Rs. 4 per song while the HD version costs you Rs. 10 per song. Go ahead and listen to the previews. Decide and shortlist the best songs to add to your collection. Enjoy special discounts when you download the entire album. Invest money to download latest Telugu songs and be assured of the best music at your disposal.



Q. Which is the best website to download a Telugu MP3 song?

A. If you wish for a risk-free Telugu song download, you should go for Saregama website. Saregama has maintained its image over the years in providing quality music to the audiences. The site allows you to download Telugu MP3 songs at Rs 4 each and HD quality songs at Rs 10 each.

Q. What are some of the best Virus-free websites for downloading Telugu MP3 songs?

A. Saregama website is ideal for download of Hindi songs as well as regional songs. The vast collection here includes Telugu songs of different decades and by different music directors and singers. Listeners can enjoy a 90-secs preview of the song of their choice before deciding which to add to the cart.

Q. What is the number one site to download Telugu MP3 songs?

A. The number one site for Telugu MP3 songs is surely Saregama as it has an extensive list with all songs arranged alphabetically based on the lyrics. The collection includes songs of all eras and all genres. Selection is easy as you get a 90-secs preview of the song to assess the quality before buying the song.

Q. Where can I download Telugu songs?

A. Saregama is the best website to download regional music and Telugu music lovers will find the best songs compiled online on this site. Listeners can buy Telugu MP3 songs or HD quality songs online by adding their favourite songs to the cart and making the payment. Enjoy endless music at the most affordable prices.

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