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Reminisce Your Past With The Old Malayalam Songs Collection At Saregama

If at all there is a debate about Malayalam old songs vs new songs, I’m pretty sure old songs would win the cup. Let me tell you why. Imagine you are travelling by bus to your native place after so long. Suddenly, you hear one of those old Malayalam film songs playing on the bus. It is one of those songs you grew up listening to and all of a sudden you are filled with emotions of all kinds. Running across paddy fields with your parents or grandparents and bathing in the ponds and coming back home to a platter of food that includes everything you love. Towards the end of the day, you listen to lullabies sung by your mother and fall asleep to wake up to yet another beautiful day. What you read right now is a nostalgic memory of almost every Malayali brought up in Kerala. The best way to cater to all these nostalgic memories is by listening to the list of Malayalam old songs curated by Saregama. The old Malayalam film songs in Saregama bring out the long-gone nostalgia of the time. It takes you back to those memories you cherished.


If you are a lover of Malayalam old songs, these are some of the beautiful, lyrical songs on Saregama that should be on your playlist. Also, if you don’t have them, what are you even doing with your life? This would be the question asked by people who download Malayalam old songs. A major portion of the old Malayalam film songs is sung by K.J Yesudas, Kamukara Purushothaman, P. Jayachandran, S. Janaki, Unni Menon, Sujatha, Vani Jayaram and P. Susheela. One of the notable things about Saregama is that the site has curated a Malayalam old songs list. This would help anyone find an old Malayalam film song of their choice by simply searching for it in the search bar. It can be searched alphabetically or even with the help of artists who have acted in those films.


K.J Yesudas, who is also referred to as the Gaanagandharvan (celestial singer) has sung over 80,000 songs spanning over six decades. One of his popular old Malayalam songs mp3 classics include ‘Onnanam kunninmel Song’ from the movie, Air Hostess starring the one and only Prem Nazir sir. These Malayalam old songs have passed the test of time and are often like the finest wine as each year pass by. There is an intrinsic essence in his singing, one which enhances the composition like no other singer. Download Malayalam old songs on Saregama at just 4rs for the MP3 version and 10rs for the HD version.


Another notable singer since the golden era of the malayalam film industry is S Janaki, lovingly called by everyone as Janakiamma. Janakiamma never fails to mesmerize her listeners with her beautiful childlike voice. One of her most famous Malayalam old songs includes ‘Thumbi vaa Song’ from the movie Olangal. You can easily download these old Malayalam film songs on Saregama at just 4rs for the MP3 version and 10rs for the HD version.


One of the key reasons that old Malayalam film songs are considered the best is because of their powerful and poetic lyrics. The meaningful lyrics by O.N.V Kurup gave us beautiful songs such as ‘Madapraave vaa Song’, ‘Kuliraadunnu manath Song’ and many more. Saregama also offers songs by Bichu Thirumala, Gireesh Puthenchery, Vayalar Ramavarma, Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri and a lot more. Download Malayalam old songs of these legendary lyricists and treat your ears to some mesmerizing songs.


At times, it is not just the lyrics or the composition which makes the Malayalam old songs stand out. Often times, it is the cast which helps the song stand out along with its lyrical beauty. Jayan and Seema was one such popular jodi in the Malayalam film industry during the 80s. A lot of the emotion behind the Malayalam old songs is seen through the chemistry between the couples and this gives the audience an experience they can’t forget that easily.


One of the main reasons why Malayalam old songs are considered exceptional is because of the way it makes the unknown familiar with its musical composition. When you start listening to an old Malayalam song mp3, you tend to relate to it some way or the other. The whole credit to making the listener feel like this goes to the music directors. Some of the well-known music directors since the 60s include G Devarajan, Salil Chowdhury, Ilaiyaraaja and Johnson.


From the 60s till the 80s, songs like ‘Mele poomala Song’ and ‘Sandhye Song’ were considered the evergreen hits. It is a very nice way to relive the memories from the past while listening to these Malayalam old songs. If you have never tried listening to old songs from the golden era of Malayalam film industry, this is the time to do so. Download Malayalam old songs composition by the directors on Saregama and try going back to those old days free from the workload and not a care in the world.


It is not always easy to listen to old songs, especially if you’re a daily commuter. Also, if you are a person who believes in or loves listening to songs the old way, download Malayalam old songs on Saregama and make a playlist for yourself with the help of Carvaan Malayalam. Saregama's Carvaan mini Malayalam is a music player with a collection of 5000 handpicked songs. Carvaan Malayalam is the perfect gift for your loved ones as you can download Malayalam old songs mp3 and it’s almost like gifting a part of yourself.

After all, how can you call yourself a Malayali, if you have not heard these iconic Malayalam old songs? These songs can help you re-live any mood of yours. It can be romance, sadness or even a happy memory.

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