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Poets never die because of their words. The renowned playwright, Shakespeare has always mentioned in his poems how words are immortal. It is the same with some songs, especially when it comes to Malayalam remix songs. The lyrics and the music composition linger on in our hearts for too long that some songs become immortal. These Malayalam remix songs are easily available on Saregama. The best part about this site is that you can curate these songs as you wish and listen to them any time of the day.


We all have heard the phrase, “change is the only constant.” While some of us may not actually enjoy songs getting a new look in the form of remix, it sure does help to look at Malayalam remix songs from a different perspective. After all, Malayalam remix mp3 songs are similar to how you get your favourite drink in a new package. The taste is almost the same or even better and the packaging resonates with the times we live in so that we can connect with them. So, what are you waiting for? Download Malayalam remix songs at just 4rs for the mp3 version and 10rs for the HD version.


It's a smart move to select Malayalam remix songs from Saregama to download Malayalam remix mp3 hits. It helps you to get the best of old songs in their latest, innovative style. Many of these Malayalam DJ remix songs were composed by adding beats that make it easier for you to groove to its rhythm. Another Malayalam remix song that has stood the test of time is “Kannum Kannum Song” from the movie, Venicile Vyapari starred by Mammooty and Kavya Madhavan. The original version of the Malayalam remix song was starred by Jayan and Seema. This romantic number surpassed people’s expectations when the remix version was released. Every other reality show in Malayalam had a comedy version of this song during its programs. The song became viral and was considered at par with the original.


Often people complain about losing the originality in songs, but “Kannum Kannum” has stood the test of time. The original and Malayalam remix song has been accepted by people equally which is quite rare when it comes to remix versions. You can also see these Malayalam remix songs while people celebrate retro nights. These remixes are a very common occurrence during such occasions. Especially when someone’s wearing the iconic Jayan costume which consists of the bell-bottom jeans with large collared shirts, you know that you are in for a musical treat with these Malayalam DJ remix songs.


One of the recent Malayalam remix mp3 songs includes “Midukki Midukki Song” from the movie, Cappucino. It is a reinterpreted version of Prem nazir's super hit evergreen movie, Unniyaarcha which was released in 1961. If you prefer to download Malayalam remix songs of your choice, you have that option on Saregama. One of the best ways to listen to these songs is by gifting yourself a Carvaan Malayalam. Saregama's Carvaan Malayalam is a music player with a collection of 5000 handpicked songs. Whether it is a party or a picnic, you can always carry around your Carvaan Malayalam and play Malayalam remix mp3 songs whenever you wish to dance around to some tune.


Another Malayalam remix mp3 song which you can listen to is ‘Kalyani Kalavani Song’ from the album, ‘We are the One’. The song is sung by N.C Roshan. The original version of this song was released in the 70s in the movie, ‘Anubhavangal Paalichakal’. The young, energetic and good looking KPAC Lalitha takes all of us to an entirely different world with her Kalyani Kalavani song which was sung by P. Madhuri. Listen to these Malayalam remix songs on Saregama and sing along to the new version.


Listening to Malayalam songs is more of a sentiment that cannot be put into words. It is even better when listening to a Malayalam remix song as it gives us a different perspective about a song we have already listened to growing up. It is almost like forming a new, and better identity for yourself. Make every second of your life count by hearing these beautiful Malayalam DJ remix songs on Saregama with your loved ones. Download Malayalam remix songs at just 4rs for the MP3 version and 10rs for the HD version and make yourself at home.


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