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Dance your Way into the Week with Funky Kannada Remix Songs

Karnataka is famous for its lush green landscapes; it’s classical music and fantastic movies. But we bring you the other side of Kannada music which is not classical but sure to satisfy the millennial listeners with its tunes that will make you groove and delighted. Here we bring you Kannada DJ remix songs.


‘Coffee With My Wife’ is a 2013 movie directed by the famous Vidyasagar and features Anish Tejeshwar and Sindhu Loknath. The album of this movie is full of fun and some contemporary music. The remixed ‘Govinda Govinda-Dj Mix Song’ by Revanth and Manojava Galgali is simply amazing. It has bass; it has beat drops and tunes that can refresh any mood. This song is definitely going to make your move on the dance floor. You add this to the playlist of Kannada remix songs and your mornings will never be lazy again. We think this song will be an excellent addition to your list of Kannada remix songs mp3.


Another perfect addition to Kannada remix songs playlist is ‘Kuladalli Keelyavudo Song’ from the movie ‘Sathya Harishchandra-Kuladalli Keelyavudo’ which is a 1965 movie directed by Hunsur Krishnamurthy featuring Rajkumar and Rajshree. The movie is based on the classical poetry ‘Harishchandra Kavya’. The song ‘Kuladalli Keelyavudo’ is remixed by Vijay Kumar that is sure going to make your party nights more fun. This track will surely surprise you because it has traditional lyrics, but the music is contemporary and so much fun. This song is a must-add to Kannada DJ remix songs playlist. It is going to make your playlist super funk.


‘Aidhu Ondla Aidu’ is a 2011 drama film directed by V.K Prakash. Abhijit and Joe Balamurli have produced the album of this movie. ‘Payasa Song’ is a club mix, and it has that quintessential club beats that will make it impossible for you to sit and listen, it will make you move with its club tunes and add a twist to your Kannada DJ remix songs playlist. ‘Payasa club mix’ is what you need after a tiring day at work; it will pump you up. The song is sung by Abhijit Shylanath and Jyothis Balakrishna. ‘Payasa club mix’ deserves a spot in your list of Kannada remix songs mp3.


Hagalu Rathri remix Song’ is a song from the 2014 movie ‘Pulikeshi’ about a cop fighting crimes and underworld featuring Avinash and Rekha. The song is a mix of old and new. It is sung by H.G Chaithra and P. Ravishankar and remixed by Vijeth K. This song is perfect for parties, at clubs or even for a long drive with all your friends. Your Kannada remix songs playlist will be incomplete without ‘Hagalu Rathri remix’ because it’ll make your Kannada remix songs mp3  more engrossing.


The remixed version of ‘Charuthara Shashi Moreyol Song’ from the movie Story Kathe, a 2013 psychological thriller, is as interesting as the movie. ‘Charuthara Shashi Moreyol’ is directed by Satish babu and written by Santhosh Naik. This song has beats that will make your Kannada remix songs playlist a total hit among your friends. This one can add zing to your parties; we are sure of that. You can find it easily at Saregama when you are looking for Kannada remix songs mp3. The song was and still is a rage in the local clubs, and once you listen to it, you will know why! The beats will make you groove and take away all your laze in a swish.


Rasika Rasika Balu Mellane Song’ is a song by L.R Eswari from the movie ‘Bhoopathi Ranga’ in 1970; this song was later remixed for a 2019 action drama film called ‘Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya’. This new version is sung by M.M Manasi and remixed by Christopher. The more recent version is more flirty and catchy with its tunes, and there is no way you will not shake a leg when ‘Rasika Rasika Balu Mellane’ is played at a club. Download it and add it to your list of Kannada remix songs. The song has terrific beats that drop at perfect timings. We highly recommend this song for Kannada DJ remix songs playlist.


All these funky remixes that are a part of our Kannada remix songs playlist will remind you to take a break from your hectic schedules and make dance. These songs that are remixed by talented artists like Manthara Anand, Arjun Janya, Abhijit and Joe, Vijeth K and many others are gems that you will find at one place, Saregama’s Kannada remix songs. We have tried to show some light on the not so conventional part of Kannada Music. We have made sure that the new generation of music lovers listen to these Kannada remix songs mp3 and realize how vast is our music industry. When you look at our list of  Kannada remix songs, you will know that the songs are mixed from older movies, like ‘Bhoopathi Ranga’ is a 1970 movie. And it’s song ‘Rasika Rasika’ has been mixed in the year 2019. So what you have here is golden songs with remixes that will connect with the modern listeners as well as the lovers of the older songs. So the Kannada DJ remix songs playlist is the best of both worlds. These songs are handpicked by Saregama so that you don’t have to look through the internet to find the best of Kannada remix songs. We have it at your screen right when you need it. These songs are the life of parties; we assure you that. Once you listen to these songs, you will not stop grooving; such is its beats and music. Just play it and start dancing!

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