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Old Songs Bengali To Cherish Over The Years

The Bengali culture has been depicted through Bengali films over the years. From the black and white films to Eastman colors and now the Dolby digital ones, Bengali old songs have been heavily used to portray different moods, ideas, and severe movie sections. However, over the years, the highly enriched list of old Bengali movie songs is getting lost. For this reason, Saregama has come up with a unique idea to revive those memories of old songs Bengalis love to hear all the time.


There are numerous reasons why Bangla old songs are getting faded away. However, Saregama is here to present the old beauties in a new frame. Few Bengali old songs like "Tar Aar Par Nei Song", "Kato Din Pare Ele Song" have charismatic words, the music, the voice mesmerizes every generation. Starting with initial low notes and increases gradually, overall taking a balanced approach. That is when the famous quote "old is gold" comes into play. These are the songs many added to their list.


Bangla old songs have turned out to be evergreen. 'Jibone Ki Pabo Na Song' has been one of the cult songs delivered in the Bengali movie 'Teen bhuboner pare.' The song demonstrates the youth's idea and shows how to enjoy life by learning the art of letting go. The song's tune has been one of the cult classics with proper rhythm to make people sway to it. It is still considered a must-play Bangla old song for many Bengali parties.


Role of Rabindrasangeet in old Bengali films

When we consider the Bengali culture, we cannot keep Rabindrasangeet out of it. The only Nobel laureate for Bengal's literature is that he has composed several songs, plays, stories, etc. His songs have been incorporated into many films over the years. Saregama Carvaan has correctly understood such emotions and has included many Rabindrasangeet in their list of Bangla old songs. For example, the Rabindra Nrityanatya Chitrangada has been used in many movies. It is a beautiful play that has been shown in several theatres in addition to its depiction in Bengali movies.

Some of these old Bengali songs mp3 include 'Ichche Ichche Shei Toh' and 'Jogi Hey, Ke Tumi Hridi-Asane.' People of all ages download old Bengali songs like "Hothat Bhishon Bhalo Lagchhe", "Katodin Lekhini Tomay", "Rimi Jhimi Ei Rrabane", "Ke Jeno Go Dekechhe Amay", "Hazar Takar Jharbatita", "Ogo Kajal Nayana Harini" etc.


Why do people love to hear old songs in Bengali?

When it comes to old songs, Bengalis hold a special place in their heart. They have several memories associated with them. They think of their old days with their loved ones when they listen to old songs in Bengali like 'Phul Dite Jodi Bhul Hoe Jae' or 'Kajal Nadir Jole.' They feel nostalgic with 'Matir Pradip Jwaliye Dite' and 'Mahua Bone Bonpapiya.' They still cry their heart out when they listen to old songs in Bengali like 'Jibone Je Dip Paroni Jwalate.' Evergreen songs like 'Ei Raat Tomar Amar' still linger in the voice of many Bengalis now.

When it comes to Bangla old songs, people can also not forget about the legendary Anup Ghoshal. He has created several masterpieces and has been closely associated with the legendary movie director Satyajit Ray. Their collaboration has delivered several old Bengali songs mp3 like "Bhooter Raja Dilo Bor Song"." He has also created a separate album in his friend's memory by the name 'Satyajit Smarane.' If you like Mr. Anup Ghoshal's melodic tune, you can download old Bengali songs from the Carvaan website and make a separate list of them.


Different forms of Bangla old songs available on the Saregama website

Saregama website has a different genre of Bengali songs mp3. Old Bengali songs mp3 covers legendary songs like "Ei Shahar Theke Aaro Onek Dure", "Lal Neel Sabujeri Mela Song", "Nan A Jeo Na Song" by singer Manna Dey. They have a good collection of Asha Bhosle's old Bengali movie songs like "Jodi Hoy Chorkanta Song", "Gunjane Dole Je Bhramor", "Amar Swapna Tumi Ogo" etc. Even here, you have the option to download old Bengali songs of legend Hemanta Mukherjee – "Khirki Theke Singhaduar", "Duranta Ghurnir Ei Legechhe Paak", "Pather Klanti Bhule", "Ogo kajal Nayana Harini" and many more.

If you are skeptical about choosing the right songs for your playlist, Saregama has introduced a new idea to their website. You can be unsure about the type of songs as well as their quality. To be sure about the songs you select, you can hear them for 90 seconds before choosing them. You do not have to pay anything for listening to 90 seconds of the song. After hearing the song and deciding on the quality, you can then add them to your list. The consideration for several old songs in Bengali is being conducted in this manner from this website.

Every Saregama Carvaan has a fixed number of songs that you can store. Although the storage space is vast, it is beneficial to consider having a setlist of songs. This will help you to jump to any songs that you want to hear at any moment. Therefore, you must buy and download old Bengali songs correctly and enrich your list with them.


How to find an old Bengali movie song from the Saregama website?

Old songs and Bengalis can never be separated. Whenever they get time, they prefer to tune into the Saregama website and play some old Bengali songs. If you wish to find any particular old Bengali song, you need to type the name of it in the search bar. You can also search for it from different lists pre-made on the Saregama website. Once you find your desired song, you can listen to the 90 seconds free song or download old Bengali songs mp3 or HD.

People consider old Bengali movie songs as the best way to relinquish their mood or reminisce their old days. If you wish to make a list of old songs in Bengali for yourself, use the Saregama website for the right sources and have the experience of a lifetime.


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