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Sonu Nigam (born 30 July 1973) is an Indian singer whose songs have been featured mainly in Hindi and Kannada movies. He has also sung many songs in other langu... Read More

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Sonu Nigam Bhajan - Transcends the Limitation of Time and Space

Bhajan is an integral part of Indian Classical Music; it's like the pearls in the oyster. This genre of music saturates devotion and has been an essential part of Indian society. Bhajan is not just a genre of music or rituals but a tool to derive contentment and ecstasy. Listening to Sonu Nigam bhajan transforms your thoughts and impart serenity and peace, which are priceless and timeless. The significance of bhajan can be comprehended only if one views it in the context of this fantastic culture's religious and social aspects. Bhajan is not mere solo or group singing; it is about the emotional expression of love, a devotion that surrenders to divinity or personal god.



You elevate into a higher realm.

Sonu Nigam bhajan is moving. The positive vibes take you into a meditative state. "Hum Sab Aaye Hai Yaha Oh Maa Song" from album Devi Geet, artist Sadhna Sargam, and Sonu Nigam is a humble tribute to Adhya Shakti, the divine mother. The song shows the steadfast love of the universal mother. You feel her love and affection in your heart while listening to the bhajan. As you hear the name of Adhya Shakti, you elevate into a higher realm where instead of worldly obsessions, the nectar of love exists.


Another instance of soulful, moving Sonu Nigam bhajan is"Buddh Hi Buddh Hi."It is scripted, visualized, and composed by Rajesh Dhabre. The eight effervescent songs in the album is a melodic elucidation of the everlasting universal teachings of Thatagat Gautam Buddha. When you listen to soulful, evocative bhajan, you transcend the limitation of time and space. Bhajan is the tale of devotion encompassed in a heartfelt tune. It helps to stir your heart with compassion and wisdom, leading a path to inner peace and Zen. Bhajan brings strength and power when you listen with awareness, love and forgiveness.



Seeking the ultimate truth!

Bhajans exhibit the evolution of Indian classical music. The underline of Indian classical music was always about seeking the ultimate truth and communicating celestial pleasure. In this context, bhajans composed by Meerabai, Ramprasad, Shankrayachariya, Tulsidas, Tukaram, Guru Nanak preaches the principle of universal brotherhood, respect among sects, and relinquishing worldly pleasure for the divine one. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu spread bhajans and kirtans in the streets, villages of India to spread divine love and humanity. Sonu Nigam bhajan, like "Sheesh Jukha Song" from Oh Ma album, fills your heart with devotion, love to the lotus feet. While listening to these musical verses, as tears roll out, the pain and resentment also wash away. Gradually you learn to forgive yourself and others.


Bhajans and kirtans emerged from Samveda, one of the four Vedas. The melodic lyrics and ragas of Sonu Nigam bhajan from the Saregama website have a profound meditation effecton you when you seek your true self. Bhajan is the effortless way to unite with the Supreme. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu spread spiritual, philosophical values of the Hindu religion and brought the whole community together, dissolving the caste system. People from all aspects of life, irrespective of socio-economic status, followed him in the Sankirtana to recite the name of Lord Krishna. Download Sonu Nigam bhajan from Saregama to get immersed in the ocean of devotion and bliss. When a devotee listens to bhajan, he forgets the surroundings and gets engrossed in the song.



Positive vibration

God-realization is not the sole aim of bhajans. The positive vibration it emits makes the environment blissful as well as calm. When you hear Sonu Nigam bhajan, the lyrical melody resonates in your heart. It imprints divine quality in your mind and soul. The more you repeat the mantra or hear soulful bhajans, the more it gets embedded in your thoughts. Download Sonu Nigam bhajan to listen to it in a quiet place. As your breath to calm down, listen to bhajans to let your emotions settle, to get the pause for introspection, to realize your free will is just a part of universal will.


"Main Sharan Tihari" from the Oh Ma album makes you realize you are just an instrument in his hand. Sonu Nigam bhajan makes you learn to be submissive to His will and to take the onus of your Karma. The divine mother's name removes negative energy from the surrounding and imbibes the surrounding with positive vitalities. After a hectic, stressful day, download Sonu Nigam bhajan in mp3 format from Saregama. Close your eyes to soak the divinity. The music's soulfulness removes your stress and anxiety and brings emotional stability, making you a better human.



Bring harmony

The rhythms in Sonu Nigam bhajan in mp3 format certainly bring harmony in mind and body. The positive vibes align the chakras removing the blockage from them; your mind calms down as you listen to the devotional music. It melts the sufferings and anxiety and energizes the chakras, creating a positive environment for deep meditation. The bhajan or kirtans shake off all your depression, pain and fatigue. It rejuvenates your mind with vitality. Novelty, distinctiveness and radiance are the hallmark of Sonu Nigam bhajan, composed to provide supra –aesthetic effect to the brain.



Cave of solitude

The twenty-two notes in an octave, blended with intricate 5-7-11 beat rhythms in Sonu Nigam bhajan, certainly influenced the listener's mind most subtly. Contemporary composers use 12 European halftone styles in bhajans. This also inspires and adequately aspires listeners. Bhajans accompanied by various musical instruments, or only with percussion apparatus like Mridangas or Karatalas, immerse the listeners and the performers in the sublime state of joy. Another unusual feature of kirtans is that the performers do not get tired but become more enthusiastic. The zeal and passion continue. It is hard to find this continuous prolonged passion in any other vocal genre.




It's time to Download Sonu Nigam bhajan in mp3 format from the Saregama website. Listen in a relaxed way. It gives you solitude and peace. It is your kind of your soul's staple. The doors of the outer world shut when you sit in the cave of solitude. You start treasuring those sacred moments that provide meaning to your life. It certainly redefines humanity and spirituality in you.





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