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Sonu Nigam Songs


Sonu Nigam (born 30 July 1973) is an Indian singer whose songs have been featured mainly in Hindi and Kannada movies. He has also sung many songs in other langu... Read More

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Romantic Songs of Sonu Nigam That Make You Fly High In Romance

Love is one of the most beautiful emotions and falling in love becomes more memorable when expressed musically. Sonu Nigam love songs tend to make it's listener want to fall in love all over again. Saregama website offers a complete collection of romantic songs of Sonu Nigam. These songs have a special place in our hearts, and this Carvaan has spun all the soothing and soul-touching romantic songs that will appeal to the lover in you.


Melodies that can make you fall in love

Saregama website has categorically curated this Sonu Nigam romantic songs playlist, which has some of the top love songs like "Rehna hai tere dil mein Song''. This song has the best lyrics that'll make you want to have someone special in your life. "Khamoshiyan Gangunane Lagi" from the Movie One two ka Four was wonderfully received by the audience as well as the critics. "Taal Pe Jab" from Refugee and "Ishq Bhi Kya Cheez Hai" from the movie Kurukshetra featuring Sanjay Dutt and Mahima Choudhary, these movies were also super hit. It was also famous for its soulful romantic songs. These songs are still among the best romantic songs of Sonu Nigam.


While checking Sonu Nigam romantic songs list, Mp3, download, don't forget to check his mesmerising recreation of the song evergreen melody "Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna Song", this song will not just take you to another world. Sonu's velvety voice will make you keep listening to it on loop. Whereas mashup like "Love Is in the Air" is perfect for any romantic dinner you have planned for your loved ones.


Songs that have the power to mesmerise you

Love can be expressed in many different ways; sometimes it can be naughty, sometimes sensuous, and sometimes bold. Sonu Nigam romantic list has all the flavours of romance in it. Soft romantic like "Meri Kahani Song" from the movie Stop, though the movie couldn't do much at the box office, this song portrays the kind of sweet pain every true lover goes through. A peppy song like "Rabba Rabba I Love You" from the movie Arzoo featuring Madhuri Dixit, Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan is also included in this Carvaan.


A sensual song like "Batiya Bujha Do Song" from the movie Khiladi 420 featuring Akshay Kumar and Antra is another Sonu Nigam love song that can still amaze you. These love songs have that mesmerising effect that separates Sonu from others. He is one of very few singers who can sing songs of any genre with perfection.


There are millions of romantic songs of Sonu Nigam which can take your heart away. The Saregama mp3 download collection has got a few of these romantic numbers like "Masoom Chehra" from the movie Ansh, "Pyaar Bhara Geet" from L.O.C Kargil, "Aaina Bata Kaise" from the movie Mohabbat. These are the songs that can pierce your heart and helps you feel the live emotions of love.


Sonu Nigam Love Songs which can still make your heart skip a beat

Saregama Carvaan mp3 download is full of Romantic song of Sonu Nigam such as "Aisa Lagta Hai" and "Mere Humsafar" from the movie Refugee. The film was not just famous as Abhishek and Kareena's debut film, but even for the epic romance, which could not have been possible to showcase without the magical voice of Sonu Nigam.


Love is not just about happy colours all the time; it can also leave you with tears and sadness, and who else can express these complicated emotions better than Sonu Nigam. "Zindagi Is Tarah Song" from the movie Murder is one such song. If not for Sonu Nigam's effervescent vocals, it would be a lesser song.


Sonu Nigam romantic song list is full of lavishly mounted love songs, he has always channelled his inner soul, but at the same time, he has never stopped experimenting with a different genre. He is one of those singers who can create magic in the studio and set the stage on fire. Sonu Nigam love songs have always been melodic, and he is known to have the best vocal range in the Indian music industry.


People have been a fan of the Romantic songs of Sonu Nigam. "Main Kahin Bhi Rahoon Song" from the movie L.O.C Kargil is a soft romantic song. In this song, he expresses a soldier's dedication and duty towards his country and love for his loved ones. This is a typically complicated emotion that Sonu sang with ease. It's hard for the eyes to not well up while listening to this song.


There has been a reason why Sonu Nigam has been referred to as 'Modern Rafi'. In a career span of three decades, the singer has been incomparable when it comes to soulful romantic songs. Sonu Nigam love songs have carved a niche for himself. He has worked with many prominent artists like A.R.Rehman, Roopkumar Rathod, Anu Malik, Nadeem-Shravan, Ehsaan Noorani, Alka Yagnik, and many more.


Sonu Nigam has put his heart into modulating his ebullient voice to emerge soulful music. The romantic songs of Sonu Nigam have created a treasure of tunes for spellbound listeners. The fascination of his melodies has always been overpowering and sensuous. He is one of those rare singers of Indian Cinemas whose enchanting voice has always excelled in creating something original and creative. "Osaka Muraiya'' of One Two ka Four or "Rafta Rafta" in Police Force – An Inside Story, every song sung by him has been epic. He is one of those personalities whose voice suits every actor, be it Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan, or Hrithik Roshan. There is one common thread that binds them all.



Numerous awards have acknowledged the versatile voice of Sonu Nigam. He achieved Filmfare Award in 2003, Filmfare Award in 2004, Filmfare Award - Kannada in 2008, Filmfare Award - Kannada in 2009, IIFA in 2002, IIFA in 2003, IIFA in 2004, IIFA in 2013, Mirchi Music Award in 2017, and National Award in 2003. He is one of the most iconic voices of Indian Cinema. Romantic songs of Sonu Nigam are legendary and unmatched in terms of variety and creativity.


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