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Marathi songs, just like the Marathi culture and literature, have been around for years. Marathi gane smells of the fragrance of the gone era and a tradition of over thousands of years. Marathi gani tells the story of love and has acted as a mirror to every generation of our society.

Marathi gani talks about love, war, victory, devotion, happiness, culture, nation, and everything that our heart can feel. Marathi songs are rich with emotions, and there's always a Marathi song to suit your mood.


Marathi songs have depth, emotions, soul and connect with you on many levels. On Saregama, you will find all the types of Marathi songs you're looking for. For the days you're sad, we've got some classic Marathi Gaani like Abhal Fatale, Nashibacha Lekha, Prem aste andhala. We have Dhundhit Rahu Mastit Rahu, Reshmachya Reghani, Kuthe Kuthe Jayacha Honeymoonla, and many more for the happy days. Also, there's something special for the heart, which is hopelessly in love. For all the lovestruck listeners, we have some of the best romantic songs like Sang tu maza hoshil ka, Tujhi sath havi re roj mala, Hrodayi preet jagate and the list goes on. So let's look at all the top songs we've got for you on Saregama and your Carvaan.



Best of Romantic Marathi Songs


Romantic Marathi songs cast a spell on the listeners with their sweet melody and unique tone. The richness of the lyrics and the beautiful harmony of the vocals and instruments makes you fall in love even more. One such song can evoke such emotions every time you listen to Usha Mangeshkar's Marathi Mp3 song Preeticha Zul Zul Paani. Another song that depicts the pain and the doubt of a lover who is unsure about the other person's feelings or the future of their relationship is legendary singer Asha Bhosle's Maza Hoshil ka from the movie Lakhachi Gosht. More songs that you can add to the Romantic Marathi songs playlist are Ek Lajara Na Sajara Mukhda Song by Javed Ali from Chandnachi Choli Ang Ang Jali, Jeev Jhalay Veda Pisa Song from the movie Ranpakhare, again an evergreen song by Asha Bhosle. Talking of evergreen songs by Asha Ji, how can we not add Chandra Aahe Sakshiila, Ala Ala Vara, Reshmachya Reghani, and the list goes on. With all of these fantastic songs and more, you can download Marathi Songs only on Saregama.


More of such Beautiful Romantic Marathi Songs are Bai Mi Patang Udvit Hote, Ya Ravji Basa Bhavji, Dhundi Kalyana, Gomu Sangtina Mazya, Dhundit Gau Mastit Raahu, Ratris Roj Chale, Sajani Ga Bhulalo Mee, Latpat Latpat, and Geli Kuth Gavana.

Best of Hit Marathi Gane


When it comes to Marathi Gani there is no shortage of hit songs. Marathi gane are not just loved in Maharashtra, but people across the country enjoy dancing to Marathi songs like Gachhi by non-other than Salman Khan from the movie FU - Friendship Unlimited. Another such fun hit song is Kuth Kuth jayacha honeymoon la by Bollywood's favourite Sunidhi Chauhan. Also gracing the list is Swapnil Joshi's Aali Thumkat Naar from his super hit movie series Mumbai - Pune - Mumbai 3.


Also, sharing with you all a few more Marathi mp3 song evergreen hits across genres:

Malyachya Malya Madhi Kon Ga Ubhi, Ek Lajara Na Sajara Mukhda, Aami Thakar Thakar, Andhalo Martoya Dola, Zulato Bai Ras Zula, Aho Dajiba Gavat, Agaa Naach Naach Radhe, Dis Jatil Dis Yetil, Chanda Rani. Another fun song is Labaad Landaga Dhong Karatay, Solava Varis Dhokyacha, Reshmachya Reghani, Gala Varchi Khali Tujhya, Aga Rani, and also Chal Khel Kheloo Dogha.


Best of Devotional Marathi Songs


It is impossible to talk about Marathi Gani and not mention Marathi music's contribution in giving us some of the most soulful devotional songs. Marathi sangeet has always been famous for its Abhangas and Kirtans. The Festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is unimaginable without Marathi Devotional Songs. Songs like Ashtavinayak Tuza Mahima Kasa, Tuj Magato Me Aata, Sukh Karta Dukh Harta are an integral part of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. Similarly, there are so many beautiful songs written in praise of Lord Vitthal. Eminent saints like Saint Dhyaneshwar, Namdev, Eknath, Tukaram have all been major contributors to Marathi literature.


Melodies of Instrumentals Marathi Songs


On Saregama, you can get every type of Marathi Gane. Be it Love songs, old Classic songs, devotional and even instrumental rendition of your favourite Marathi mp3 songs. There's something so sublime about the instrumental version of any song that you just can't get enough of it. Instrumental songs strike the right cord that instantly takes you to a world of peace and calm and makes you want to never come back.


Apart from the devotional and instrumental Marathi Gani, there are so many songs hidden in the well of Marathi literature. You can listen to all these fantastic Marathi Gaani or download Marathi songs on and on Carvaan or Carvaan Mini. So all you song lovers out there, wait no more and get your Carvaan home today. Carvaan offers you more than 5000 evergreen songs.


You can also listen to your favourite Marathi Gaani on Saregama or simply download Marathi songs from our Saregama website. Apart from Marathi Love songs, you can find Marathi Hit songs, Marathi latest songs, and Marathi Old and Instrumental songs on Saregama too.


So, what are you waiting for? Bring your Carvaan mini home today and start your romance with Marathi gane. Kyuki Yeh Carvaan chalta rahega!



Q. Where can I download Marathi MP3 Songs?

A. If you want to download best quality MP3 songs online without any risk, go for Saregama Marathi MP3 song download for Rs 4 per song. It is quick, reliable and completely safe. The collection is vast and you can select the best picks.

Q. What are some of the best websites for Marathi Songs?

A. Saregama has a great compilation of Marathi MP3 songs. The collection includes old songs, Lavnis, devotional songs, patriotic songs and much more listed out in alphabetical order for the convenience of the listeners. The 90 seconds preview offered by the website allows you to choose after listening.

Q. Which is the best website to download Marathi songs?

A. Saregama is the best website to download Marathi songs as it is affordable and safe. The collection is vast and you can enjoy a preview of the song before adding songs to the cart. Each MP3 song download will cost you Rs 4. You can enjoy the same songs in HD quality for Rs 10 each.

Q. Which site is safe for download of Marathi songs?

A. Avoid free song websites as the risk of viruses is very high. Download your favourite Marathi songs online on Saregama at most affordable rates. You can buy MP3 quality songs for Rs 4 and HD quality songs for Rs 10.

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