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Rajasthani Songs - a Castle of Melodies Around the Ruins and Sand of the Desert

When you think of Indian folk music, melodious Rajasthani Songs folk come to mind. It is appreciated all over the world and is immensely popular. The traditional Gharanas and unique musical instruments make Rajasthani Songs so trendy. This genus of music has captured the hearts of millions of music-loving people all over the world. The string-based musical instruments such as Ektara, Sarangi, Morchang, Rawanhattha, and Kamayacha add a haunting, mellow melody to Rajasthani Songs. The acoustic effect of different percussion instruments ranging from majestic Dhols and Nagaras to tiny Damrus is breathtaking.


Amazing effects of these indigenous instruments


You can witness the extraordinary effects of these indigenous instruments in Rajasthani Songs such as Ghoomar, Bani Thani, Vivah geet, and Pallo latke. In addition, flute and bagpipes instruments like Poongi, Been, Tarps, and Bankia add more sweetness to the tune. These musical instruments are exotic in their own accord, but spells breathe and soul in Rajasthani Songs. Rajasthan is a colourful state with wide diversity, and contribution to Rajasthani Songs comes from every corner of this royal state. But Jogis and Mirasis of Mewat, Langas and Manganiars , Banjaras, Dholies and Kanjars are most prominent. Maach, Tamasa, Nautanki, Kuchamani Khayal, Ramat, and Rasleela are some of the revered forms of Rajasthani music and dance.


Langas and Manganiars are the most prominent Rajasthani Songs; the artisans perform this unique type of music with colourful attire and turbans. Another interesting fact about Manganiyars and Langas Gharana of Rajasthani Songs is that they sing specific raga for a particular season and time. There are different Marwadi songs for various occasions like weddings and birth. 

The lyrics of these Marwadi songs are passed from generation to generation. The folk artists also sing heart-touching devotional songs like Helo Suno Rama peer JI, Baba Ramdev, Keshatiya Balam, and other melodies composed by divine composers like Surdas Tulsidas, Meerabai, and Kabir. A Sufi genus is another intricate part of Rajasthani Songs; Amir Khusro and Latif are prominent names of this sect. 


Manganiyars are masters in playing percussion instruments like Dholak, while Langas have proficiency in playing Sarangi and Murali. These two sects have enriched the Rajasthani Songs undeniably.  The intricate music composition and improvisation have made Marwadi songs famous all over the world. Both these sects have conducted live concerts in all major cities of the world and spread the essence of folk Rajasthani Songs universally.  It is a pleasure to see young musicians are showing interest in folk Marwadi songs. These youngsters are the torch bearers of traditional Rajasthani Songs. Check Saregama Carvaan for some amazing Rajasthani Songs mp3.


Marwari gana are specks of the brightest colours of tradition and culture


What makes Marwari gana more electrifying is the fusion. The introduction of musical mainstream instruments like electro and house music has attracted a younger audience. Marwari gana speaks the language of heart, so it crosses all cultural and geographical boundaries.


The Rajasthani vocalists and musicians create a castle of melodies around the ruins and sand of the desert. They make such Rajasthani songs mp3 that resonates among the dunes crossing the boundary and language. Rajasthani songs mp3 is the fibre that binds the people of Rajasthan; every occasion is celebrated with Marwari gana. Village women hymn folk Rajasthani songs mp3 in a chorus when they go to fetch water. They play a raga in the stringed musical instrument at the crack of dawn and a newborn's birth. The music reverberates everywhere in Rajasthan.


A saga of love and war accompanied with various tribal musical.


The desert songs often are a saga of love and war accompanied with various tribal musical instruments, which is a brand of gipsy music of Rajasthan. The artists are not formally trained to play these exotic instruments with Rajasthani songs mp3 but learned from their forefathers through exposure and experience during dance, music, and folklore. Kamaicha is an indigenous musical instrument made of mango wood; there are fourteen metal strings, supplemented with three strings made of goat intestine. The bow is crafted from horsetail; when you download Mp3 Rajasthani songs, you feel like sitting beside a bonfire in the Thar Desert, and gipsies are singing and dancing around you. 


Kamaicha is one of the oldest musical instruments of the world; Rajasthani folk musician Sarkar Khan made it world-famous. You can download these musical tracks in mp3 format and merge them with the mystic world of Rajasthani songs. Dholak is another exotic instrument of Rajasthan; it is an empty barrel-shaped drum with a simple covering on the right side. The left side of the Dholak is covered with tat, clay, sand, or mud to generate low pitch sound. Khartaals (Khar meaning hand and taal meaning rhythm) are hand-held small wooden or metallic disks to produce a clapping sound. 


The Sindhi Sarangi is another native Rajasthani folk musical instrument with four principal strings with twenty sympathetic strings. Langas mainly play this bowed instrument, and the music produced from it resembles a human vocal. Younger musicians prefer to play more accessible instruments like harmonium in folk Rajasthani songs. To the people of Rajasthan, music is not a mere pastime; it is a lifeline. It is said a toddler of a musical family sings a Marwari gana even before he speaks. From the very childhood, they learn the lessons of music, which shape their future. Groups of children sing various folk Rajasthani songs among themselves; it is a playa way of life.


Rajasthani Songs and community coexist hand in hand. No act, ritual, or festival is complete without Rajasthani Songs. Music cannot survive without the enthusiasm of local people; it has become an integral part of the culture. As rural people are lured by the cosmopolitan lifestyle, it is apprehended that the traditional Marwadi songs will perish. As a result, various efforts are taken to promote Rajasthani songs and dance within the country and internationally. Such an endeavour is Rajasthan International Folk Festival, now known as Jodhpur Riff. The musical carnival is held in Jodhpur, at royal Mehrangarh Court; it is a dawn to dusk performance many local and international artisans take part in it. 



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