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More Reasons For You To Listen To Sindhi Songs

If you ever travel to the western parts of Rajasthan, you will learn about the Sindhi culture. You might think that it is indigenous to that place. However, the culture has spread to other parts of the country as well. One of the primary reasons for the spread and diversification of the Sindhi culture is the Sindhi songs.


Sindhi songs are very popular amongst different people. Some of them are absolute fans of these songs. Therefore, they prefer to maintain a complete and exhaustive Sindhi songs list and keep them within their access. This allows them to listen to their favourite songs whenever they want.


Not many websites offer authentic and original Sindhi songs. Download options are also not available on some of those websites that offer these songs. However, if you wish to download Sindhi songs, the most recommended website will be the Saregama website. This website offers the best quality Sindhi song you will ever find. Download different songs and make a Sindhi song list from this website.


Different genres of Sindhi songs

Sindhi music is a versatile music Gharana that includes different genres. The tune and the words of these songs can be applied for different moments; people have used these songs for various purposes like marriage, devotional, etc. Several eminent singers of other languages have also sung several Sindhi songs. You will find all these genres of the Sindhi song list on the Saregama website. Let us look at some of these genres individually.


Sindhi songs for marriage purposes

There are several folks traditional and modern Sindhi songs that are sung at Sindhi marriage ceremonies; these songs accentuate the mood of these occasions. There is a separate album for marriage songs available on the Saregama website. This album is the result of the collaboration of several stalwarts of Sindhi songs like Murli Manohar Swarup, Kamala Keswani, etc. In fact, all the songs include Kamala Keswani behind the mic.

The Lado Lad Wendo is a famous song belonging to the album. It has a wonderful folk touch to the tune and lyrics. Kamala Keswani has sung the song, aptly supported by the chorus artists. The song speaks about the turn of events taking place at the marriage ceremony. The music director ensures maintaining the mood by using all the traditional instruments to produce the background score. This song is hugely popular amongst all Sindhi song lovers.


However, marriage songs are not always about fun and happiness. There are several nuances of marriage that leave a lasting sad impression at heart. The Dil Dije Dil Waran Khe song, sung by Kamala Keswani, clearly reflects that mood. The song might use a fast table beat, but the tune and lyrics portray the sadness associated with marriage. The soulful voice of the singer complements the mood of the song. If you want to listen to this Sindhi song, download it from the Saregama website.


The Devotional side of Sindhi music

Sindhi music also includes the devotional genre. If you want to listen to some of the devotional songs of Sindhi culture, you can listen to those sung by Azad Sufi. He is one of the stalwart singers of this music, and his soulful voice garners a lot of appreciation and fan following in several places. Saregama has a separate album by the name Sindhi Devotional Songs-Azad Sufi.

The Om Jai Shankar Bhola song can be considered one of the most famous songs on this album. This song is dedicated to Lord Shiva, where the worshippers place their offerings to him. This song is commonly sung in several temples and religious ceremonies dedicated to the Lord. The Hindi song, Om Jai Jagdish, is based on this song. The makers of the Hindi version utilize the tune of this Sindhi song. You will find that the Hindi version is used in several movies.


Another song dedicated to Lord Shiva is the Wahde Wah Mahadev song. Azad Sufi delivered a solo performance for this song. This song is different from the previous one since this one is composed of a faster beat. However, the singer has skillfully demonstrated the belief and faith in the Lord in both songs.


Apart from these two songs, Azad Sufi has also sung other devotional songs. Some of them include Thar Mata Thar, Moga Mulrha Matho Na Mar, Jod Jutiae Jo Nahiyan, to name a few. All these songs are quite popular amongst fans of Azad Sufi. So if you like his Sindhi songs, download them from the Saregama website.


Sindhi songs delivered by the famous singer, Runa Laila

Runa Laila is a famous singer from Eastern India and Bangladesh. She is an internationally acclaimed singer who has delivered songs in several languages. She even showed her skill for Sindhi songs as well. Saregama has included the entire album named Runa Laila Songs Of Talib Ul Maulla on their website. Let us talk about some of the notable songs in that album.


The album includes some slow romantic songs in the form of Sajan Tokhe Khabar Kehri, Suhneu Ankheon, and Kahin Je Darde Mohabbat Khe. These songs are based on a slow beat so that every tune and word is highlighted. Runa Laila is an excellent classical singer, and the songs have a tinge of classical touch to them. People love to hear these songs sung by Runa Laila.


However, Runa Laila is not only about slow, soulful songs; she shows equal dexterity for fast-paced songs and groovy tracks. The Monjho Han Bhanbhor Men song is the best example of this topic. Another song is Mohabbat Men Machandi Wanje. Even in this fast beat, Runa Laila manages to show her prowess with tunes and words skillfully. All these songs are quite famous amongst all Runa Laila fans.


Wrapping up

The Sindhi culture is an integral part of the rich Indian heritage. Sindhi songs are one of the best representations of this culture. Many eminent singers have sung these songs in various genres. And Saregama provides you with a Sindhi songs list for all your moods and occasions. If you want to listen to such Sindhi songs, download them from the Saregama website. 


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