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Enjoy the Beauty of Himachali Culture Through Their Songs

India is a land of diverse cultures; every state has its own flavour depicted through its culture. There is a different essence in the culture of the Northern states. Himachal Pradesh is one such state that boasts of such culture. The people from Himachal Pradesh love to showcase their talents through their Himachali Lok geet. Although it was mainly confined to the state previously, people from other states were also getting a chance to feel their essence due to modernization and urbanization.

The Himachali language, though it seems to be an offset of Hindi, has a distinct identity of its own. With the spread of the internet to every household, it is now possible to get some Himachali songs. However, these songs are not generally found everywhere. Very few websites include these Himachali gane into their list. One such website is Saregama. If you wish to download Himachali songs, get the mp3 from this website.


The impact of the scenic beauties on the Himachali songs

Himachal Pradesh is a popular tourist attraction due to its plethora of scenic beauties. These sceneries profoundly influence several Himachali gane; there is an entire album, Parbat Ki Goonj, dedicated to these songs. The Music director for this album is the veteran S. Shashi. He is very famous for his renditions of Himachali folk songs. If you ever go to Himachal Pradesh, you will find his albums in almost every household.

S. Shashi knows the best way to present a song. He never prefers to change the lyrics of the original song. He keeps the traditional touch to the Himachali song that he works with. He even considers the traditional instruments of the place for his songs. As a result, his songs get the natural touch of the area and culture. However, he is very picky when it comes to selecting the right voice for his songs.


For example, he considers Krishan Kalia for the song Dharo Deyo Gujro. This is because Krishan Kalia’s voice fits the mood of the song. However, for the Isa Graen Deya Lambra Ho song, he is considered the famous singer Shanti Bisht. He has no favouritism for a particular singer; instead, he prefers to select the singer according to the needs of the Himachali song. Such careful experimentation increases the quality of his Himachali songs.


If you want to listen to Himachali Lok Geet, choosing this album will be pretty rewarding. The songs created by S. Shashi vary in their flavour and genre. Although the previous songs discussed were slower, the Sohni Sohni Shenile Re Sarkan song is made on a fast beat. Therefore, you can understand the prowess of S. Shashi in this album. You can download all these mp3 from the Saregama website.


The contribution of Himachali Lok Geet album to the portrayal of Himachali culture

The Himachali Lok Geet album is another big name when it comes to Himachali culture. Charanjit Ahuja directed this album; he is a known face in Himachal Pradesh. Like S. Shashi, Charanjit Ahuja also prefers to keep the lyrics the same for the songs if he remakes traditional ones. However, he has his favourite singers like Shailesh Srivastav and Piyush Raj. You will find their voice in most of the mp3 in this album.


The Himachali gane Shiv Kailashon Ke Vaasi Song is a classic example of the skill of Charanjit Ahuja. He has included both his favourite singers in this song, keeping the lyrics intact. The song depicts the way of worshipping Lord Shiva. Himachal Pradesh is also a very pious state, and you can find several temples in this place. Therefore, Himachali songs are often considered a means to express oneself to these gods and goddesses. As a result, religion also influences the folk culture of this place.


If you listen to the song carefully, you will find the tunes of several indigenous instruments of Himachal Pradesh. These instruments add the true essence of Himachali culture to this song. The listeners get mesmerized by the soothing and awesomeness of the song they produce. The music director ensures that they hit the right chord at the right place. These instruments accentuate the mood of this Himachali song.

However, this album is not only about religious songs. It also focuses on other moods of the people of that place. For example, the Aya Wo Lalariya song expresses the feeling of a woman when she sees someone coming. This is a traditional song, and the music director focuses on the true lyrics of the song. However, he also introduces several modern instruments like the piano for the background music. Therefore, the listeners can consider this Himachali song as the perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern concepts.


The album Folk songs from Himachal Pradesh by Shiva Prasad

Apart from the previous two albums, you can also listen to other Himachal folk mp3 on the Saregama website. One such album is the Folk songs from Himachal Pradesh. This album is directed by the eminent music director, Shiv Prasad. The famous Himachali songs from this album are Lal Chiidiye Seri Na Jana song, Bhava Roopiye song, Chhakua song, Achha Garu Kandora Chala song, to name a few. Hence, different songs of this album come with a different flavour.


Like other music directors, Shiva Prasad also prefers experimenting with his ingredients. He keeps the lyrics traditional for all his songs. Shiva Prasad also prefers to have Shukla Sharma sing his songs for the album. However, he likes to change the male singer depending on the mood of the song. The result of his experimentations has resulted in some exquisite pieces of art. The spirit of the people and the scenic beauties are his common topics for his songs.



Himachali songs are the right way of expressing the Himachali culture to the world. People get enthralled to see such diversification of this culture even in that small state. They clearly define unity in diversity. If you are a fan of Himachali songs, download them from the Saregama website. 


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