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Tune In To An Omnibus Of All Tamil Songs Readily Accessible At Saregama

Music has always been a constant, faithful companion in life, but even more so during the difficult, isolating pandemic - helping us through the various ups and downs; the many hours spent alone or among loved ones; through productivity and play; waking us up or even lulling us into sleep. The Tamil songs admirer has much to celebrate because Saregama has got you covered with its vast collection of Tamil mp3 audio songs. Take a trip down memory lane by downloading Tamil movie songs composed by household names like T.M.Soundararajan, M.S.Viswanathan, Ilayaraja, and A.R.Rahman to name a few. Old is said to be gold for a reason as you’re sure to see with the Tamil MP3 songs that will leave you wanting more. So grab your belt a.k.a. ‘Naan Anaiyitaal’ style as we dive into this Tamil MP3 song download list!


Has life got you feeling down or burdened with troubles? Fear not, for Tamil songs will always come to the rescue. Thought-provoking hits like ‘Ennathaan Nadakkum’, ‘Kann Pona Pokkile’, and ‘Ennadi Mayakkama’ are sure to rejuvenate your spirit, while Tamil mp3 song downloads of ‘Varavu Ettana’ and  ‘Maadimele’ will not fail to bring a smile to your face. Sometimes, Tamil songs are like a long-lost childhood friend who suddenly appears to remind you that things will be okay and that they empathize with you. Download Tamil mp3 audio songs so that you can re-visit the incredible feeling of being heard and understood by musicians during, as well as before your time, over and over again.


In this day and age where we are finding it increasingly easy to connect digitally to the people around us, it’s quite easy to lose hope in forming meaningful attachments. That’s the perfect time to play these Tamil songs that convince you that true love exists like, “Kadhal Sadugudugudu’, ‘Swasame’, and ‘Vaseegara.’ The classic instrumental renditions of Tamil movie songs such as ‘Thotaal poo malarum’ and ‘Penn ondru Kanden’ prove that one doesn’t always need to depend on words to convey a feeling too. Saregama allows one to download a single Tamil MP3 song or an entire album too if you’d like. And for those of you who are getting more serious in your relationship, blasting the Tamil song ‘Mangalyam’ from Alaipayuthe should serve as a good reminder to your significant other!


At Saregama, the unmistakable melodious voice of S.P.Balasubramaniam lives through his immense contribution to the Tamil music industry with songs like ‘Naan Unna Nenachen’ bringing you to tears, while upbeat numbers like ‘Andhi Mazhai Pozhikaruthu’ and ‘ Aayagaya Ganagai Indru’ will have you tapping your feet to its rhythm. In fact, why not reminisce with the late singer’s innumerable Tamil MP3 songs available on Saregama as you read your morning paper or drink your evening tea? Or better yet, start your morning on the right note with the Tamil Mp3 audio of his exceptionally divine ‘Om Chanting’, or ‘Saranam’ that are sure to give you a meditative feel and leave you feeling peaceful.


A Tamil song list would not be complete without a few songs from our Superstar Rajinikanth’s movies such as “Namma Ooru’, ‘Podhuvaga En Manasu’, and ‘Naan Pollathavan.’ His songs instantly bring to mind his screen presence and his style that cannot be replicated even today. It leaves you feeling star-struck, and also makes you want to practice catching things while slapping your hand the way he seems to do so effortlessly. Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan’s Tamil songs are equally incredible. To download Tamil MP3 audio of ‘Yennadi Meenakshi’, ’Manmatha Leelai’, and ‘Vizhiyil’ look no further because Saregama provides all these songs.


The best hits of your favourite Tamil songs have also been compiled into albums so that you can access them with ease. Saregama allows you to listen to a Tamil mp3 song sample before you download it. Build your Tamil mp3 song playlist so it can be ready on the go! Wouldn’t this extremely helpful when you’re hanging out with friends or family? Besides, what is a party without music? But the real question you have to ask yourself is if it really isa party without some dappankuthu? ‘Siva vechitanda Kaala’ can get everyone on the dance floor trying their best to match their energy to the beats. Nothing brings people together on a dance floor like a Tamil song where the beat drops as hard as your moves! Add Tamil audio MP3 songs to your workout routines at the gym or at home to sustain your energy, or skip the gym to sweat it out to a few Tamil audio songs for a few days!

However, when it comes to partying it up, the classic Tamil songs are no stranger to it. ‘Adho Andha Paravai (remix)’, and ‘Adi Yannadi Rakkama’ are a few upbeat Tamil songs that make you dance the blues away. Don’t be fooled by the slower tempo of Tamil Mp3 audio songs like ‘Andru Vanthathum’, with its catchy cha, cha, cha, and ‘Senthamizh Thaenmozhlyal’ with its lilting tune can be as fun to dance to!


It’s a joyful experience to listen to songs you already know as well as discover new songs and artists that you might not know. The most beautiful thing about music is how it permeates through time. The sounds and melodies bring pieces of memories along with each note they play. The distinct melodies and style of the classic Tamil music take you right back to when you were a child listening to them, or when you were listening to your parents sing them. The Tamil songs you listened to as a child when you were happy, can be used during difficult times to inspire you too. Right from classical instrumentals to film audio music and everything else that comes in between, you will find it all at Saregama. You can listen to all these evergreen collections of Tami songs even without the internet from Saregama Carvaan Tamil. Make sure you rediscover your music, along with your beautiful memories, here!


Q. Where can I download high quality Tamil MP3 songs?

A. If you are looking for high quality Tamil MP3 songs, there couldn’t be a better option than saregama. Here you can download Tamil MP3 songs at Rs 4 each and enjoy music on your device. If you are looking for a better quality, you can download HD quality songs at Rs 10 each.

Q. Which is the best app for Tamil song download?

A. The best app and website for Tamil songs download is Saregama as it has listings of songs based on the artists as well as alphabetically. Finding your favourite song online is now very easy through such simplified listings.

Q. What is a safe website for downloading Tamil songs?

A. If you wish to download your favourite Tamil songs to your smartphone without the risk of viruses, choose saregama as the safe and affordable option for song download. Invest Rs 4 for each Tamil MP3 song you download. If you are ready to shell out a bit more, you can enjoy HD quality Tamil songs at Rs 10 per song.

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