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Gujarati Songs - The New Look with The Same Soul

No matter how hard we try to convey our feelings or define the word 'love,' it is never easy to say it all. Fortunately, we have Gujarati romantic songs that can help us express what's running on our minds. The best thing is that more often than not, there is one Gujarati love song that connects with our hearts in absolutely no time, and you can listen and download thousands of Gujarati romantic songs at Saregama.


Let us have a close look at some of the most beautiful Gujarati love songs and fall in love with a melodious Gujarati romantic songs list of our own.


If you are a die-hard fan of Gujarati romantic songs, you cannot miss out on "Ke odhni odhu ne udi jaye" from Meru Malan. This song became an instant hit among people of all ages. Alka Yagnik and Praful Dave's voices and Kanti Ashok's beautiful lyrics gave us a lovely song that captivated all hearts with poise. The movie featured Naresh Kanodia, Snehlata, Kalpna Diwan, Manzoor Hussain, Narayanrajguru, Nayan Bhatt, Padmarani, and Firoz Irani.


You can even download the Gujarati romantic - "O roop raseela chora Song" or the famous "Jaag re malan jaag" from the same album. The 1985 Gujarati romantic drama film became the most successful film of the year and the song "Ke odhni odhu ne udi jaye" is still played in social gatherings and weddings.


How about listening to the popular Gujarati love song "Ek Patan Sherni Naar Padamani Song" from Lakho Phulani? Sung by the legendary duo of Asha Bhosle and Mahendra Kapoor, this Gujarati romantic song is soft and melodious. The lyrics of this Gujarati love song will make you feel and appreciate the beauty of love within no time. You can even listen to and download the hit Gujarati love song "Gau sau saathe" and the Gujarati romantic song "Maniyaro te halu halu" from the same album.


If love ever had a vocabulary, it would have included the Gujarati love song "Maro Sonano Ghadulo Re Song" from Bhathiji Maharaj. Sung by Harshada Rawal and Praful Dave, this song is the beauty of Gujarati music at its very best. This film is about a saint who didn't think twice before sacrificing his life to prevent cows' killing. The Gujarati farmers still worship Bhathiji Maharaj to safeguard their livestock and cattle against diseases and death.


Diva Dandi is one of the most popular Gujarati movies, and rightly so! The popular Gujarati love song "Tari Aankhno Afini" sung by Dilip Dholakia, is an amazing number that has stayed with generations for years. You can also listen to and download Gujarati love songs "Vagada vachhe talavadi" and "Kajal kali raatladi" from the same album.


One of the most beautiful Gujarati romantic songs in possibly every special Gujarati romantic songs list has to be "Poonam Ni Pyari Pyari Raat Song" from Khamma Mara Vira. Sung by Usha Mangeshkar, the song has deep lyrics and highlights the beautiful desire for togetherness and the exquisite power of love. "Poonam Ni Pyari Pyari Raat" is unarguably one of the most romantic Gujarati songs ever.

If you are into Gujarati songs and a die-hard fan of Lata Mangeshkar too, you just cannot miss out on "Mehndi Te Vavi Malave" from Mehndi Rang Lagyo. Sung by the melody queen herself and Pinakin Shah, this song has love written all over it. The song was an instant hit among the masses, primarily because of the simplicity with which it brought out emotions felt by and within every heart. You can also download songs like "Pandadu lilu ne rang rato" and "Mehndi rang lagyo" from the same album.


The mention of the popular Gujarati love song "Chhanu Re Chhupun Kain Thay Nahi" is enough to send shivers down the spine of everyone! Dipped in love and sung by Asha Bhosle, this Gujarati romantic song finds a place in literally every Gujarati romantic songs list for sure. This romantically beautiful song indeed presents the basic idea that it should be the heart that must do all the talking without saying anything. It undoubtedly reinforces the belief that falling in love with the most special one in our life is a life-changing moment.


If there is one song that can soothe the soul of even the most fed up of failed Tinder dates' souls, it has to be "Mari Mehndi No Rang Udi Jayre Song" from Meru Mulande. This Gujarati romantic song, served with purity and love, is an ultimate treat to the heart. This Gujarati love song will take you to a completely different era of love when honesty, dedication, and affection were uncomparable and existent everywhere. Download this mesmerising song from Meru Mulande and listen to it any time of the day or night when you are missing the most special one of your life. No wonder Gujarati romantic songs again make us believe in the magic of love.


Are you still searching for the Gujarati romantic songs list? Straight head to Saregama and download the most beautiful and romantic Gujarati songs of all time. For instance, download the Gujarati romantic song "Maniyaro Te Halu Halu" from Lakho Phulani. Sung by Praful Dave and Suman Kalyanpur, the Gujarati love song is from one music album in which literally every song is better than the other. However, "Maniyaro Te Halu Halu" is close to many hearts when it comes to romantic Gujarati lovable songs.


Are you looking for the best Gujarati love songs? Visit the Saregama website or download the Saregama app now to enjoy the top Gujarati romantic songs list of all times. With Saregama, you can listen to and download more than 5,000 songs from some of the most famous music albums. The best thing is that you will never be tired of hearing the fantastic collection of Gujarati love songs that will touch every vein of your heart and soul to make you believe in the magic of love again and again!


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